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Move over factory farms and hello green gardens!, in collaboration with consumer strategist Robin Avni, has pinpointed the top eleven trends for 2011 and reducing meat consumption comes in at number 6.

The website writes:

“What’s been bad for the economy has been good for the greenhouse and the self-effacing vegetable is an emerging star.  As general interesting in home-grown, organic and heirloom vegetables continues to soar, this root-bound revelation is not just about growing your own. It seems consumers have taken a shine to veggie delights, and as a result are consciously cutting back on eating meat, too. Even restaurants are getting into the act with popular Meatless Monday offerings. The main consumer motivation is health, but the reality is: it’s good for the body, the bank account and the environment.”

So, why are people saying yes to beets over beef? Here is the breakdown:

1. Health (75%)
2. Cost (35%)
3. Concern with Obesity (32%)
4. Better Recipes Available for Meatless Meals (25%)
5. Environmental Impact (19%)

I’ll admit I’m a bit shocked that concern for animal welfare doesn’t rank on the top five reasons people are reducing their meat consumption, but beggars can’t be choosers. The animals do end up benefiting big time. So, let’s role with it.

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  • Emily Wilson

    I am so happy that more people are becoming vegetarian/vegan. I am also surprised that animal welfare isn’t on that list. That was the original reason that I became a vegetarian. Now I have many other reasons as well but the abuse that the animals go through is still the main one.

  • D’Eric

    I’m a vegan and I have held the belief since I became a vegan that if you want more people to stop eating meat you have to present a plant based diet/lifestyle as a human health issue not an animal rights issue. It doesn’t surprise me one bit that animal welfare doesn’t rank in the top 5. People don’t care about other people let alone animals.

    • Sophie

      I agree. Unfortunately, it is easier to tap into people’s concern for themselves rather than their concern for animals.