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Oh, sure, there are plenty of talking puppets already in the White House, but this one is really famous, red, bug-eyed, and adorable. Elmo, of Sesame Street and Tickle Me doll fame, made a visit to the White House kitchen this week to talk about the Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act, which President Obama passed in order to amp up the nutrition and taste value found in school lunches.

A video was released of the furry red cutie chatting about his anxiety over school lunches with Sam Kass, the extremely likeable assistant presidential chef. But “Mr. Sam,” as Elmo starts to call him, reassures the Sesame Street muppet that every school day will be yummy.

“Oh Elmo, there’s going to be great food at school and because of this new law that was passed, we’re gonna make sure that all food in school is healthy, nutritious, and delicious,” Kass said.”Do you wanna see some of the food that you’re going to have at school?”

Kass then puts a much appreciated emphasis on the green options that school lunches will be offering by displaying a vegetarian burrito with veggies, rice-and-beans, and an apple and carrot garnish. Elmo becomes instantly excited, and explains that eating lots of colors is important.

It’s pretty cool to think that vegetarian kids will have healthy and reliable options at school, and with more than 31 million U.S. children participating in school lunches it’s more important than ever. But aside from catering to a variety of lifestyle choices, including veggie options may also help to reduce childhood obesity (1 in 3 youths are considered obese, pretty frightening).

We’re hoping that this video— which is below and will brighten your day— and the new legislation will inspire kids to make healthy choices, because as Elmo explains eating vegetarian can be just as tasty and fun as the other options.

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  • herwin

    i hope the emphasis not also will be “healthy” and “green” but especially on “delicious” since veggie food really is more delicious than regular “meat and something else” kinda food.
    vegan foods include “pancakes with jam and fruit” , “soy icecream” and “french fries with burger” !

  • whitney

    “Oh, sure, there are plenty of talking puppets already in the White House..”

    Dohoho~ I see what you did there. Keep up the good work.

  • herwin

    Elmo i know like my shirt, but who’s mr Kass ? Here’s a nice link with a detailed and interesting bio of mr Kass and his work on the White House