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Leilani Münter is one of our favorite green gals. As a professional race car driver and environmental activist (yes, it’s possible!), Münter spreads her sustainable message to millions of race fans.

“One in every three people in America is a race fan — that’s about 100 million,” she said in an interview with the Green Bay Press Gazette. “So if I even get 10 percent of them to not use plastic at the grocery store, that’s better. They can do something easy, not hard, and that’ll help. I can show them composting is cool, recycling is cool, and I hope that some of them will join me.”

The Huffington Post recently featured the eco racer as part of their Creative Minds 2011 series — a campaign that recognizes exceptional people who they predict will have a big impact in 2011.

During the interview, Leilani discusses a plethora of hot topic environmental issues like alternative energy and food production. She also shares her views on environmental policy and the importance of acting urgently.

Check out the video below to watch Leilani’s entire interview, and stop by to learn more.

  • herwin

    is this racing eco gal a veggie ? yes : cool. No : urm…
    Here is another one ; mr Orihara’s who is a racer, vegan and owner of two tokyo’s Vegan Cafe’s. Here’s the link of his car :

    • herwin

      on the photo of the webpage you even can see on the window of his car ” “Ollie, a vegetarian”. (Ollie is his nickname.)