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According to Erik Marcus’ blog, Howard Stern just might be considering following his co-host Robin Quivers over to Team Veg!

On Stern’s December 14th show, the shock jock got into a conversation with his employee Richard Christy about Christy’s life growing up on a farm, including a story about his father killing a doe.

“I could never shoot a deer,” said Stern. “He kills his own food. I admire that, I need someone else to do that for me.”

The conversation continued and Richard shared a childhood story about raising a calf that he named, appropriately, Calfy. In order to have meat for the winter, Richard’s parents had the animal killed and he was devastated.

“I don’t wanna know my food,” said Stern. “I need to get involved eventually in this vegan shit, like Robin, cause this is killing me.”

And…there it is! Howard just might, we repeat, just might be looking to veganize his lifestyle in the near future. Do you think Howard should go vegan? Leave a comment and let us know!

You can check out the whole transcribed conversation on

  • georgina

    Absolutely! Awwww, he has a heart :)

    His radio show is listened by idonotknowhowmanypeople and he would be great at making veganism seem cool. I mean, i already KNOW veganism is the ultimate cool, but, with a person that can reach millions of people on a daily basis “on our team” would be absolutely great.

  • Toodles

    Howard always seemed a lot more gentle than his persona. Sometimes when listening to his show, I’d see signs of his integrity showing through the entertainer’s veneer.

    I remember listening to Howard talk about his chronic back pain being linked to stress. I only bring this up because, for me, being a vegan lowered my stress a lot because I was no longer feeling so conflicted about what I was doing to animals. It was like a threw a million pounds of guilt off of my shoulders on the first day that I identified myself as a vegan. I could never go back!

    If you are an animal lover, being a vegan is the greatest gift you can ever give yourself, because peace of mind is more valuable than gold.

  • herwin

    Looks like he already thinking about it, so maybe it just takes some time, lets wait for the follow up news here on the Razzzi. :-0

  • Carissa

    That would be amazing if he went vegan! Think of the outreach potential. Something tells me most of his listeners probably aren’t overly exposed to veg and vegan messages in their everyday lives.

  • Peter

    Of course Howard should go vegan. He is no stranger to common sense.

  • Bob

    It would bring him closer to his repertoire of fart jokes.

  • ash

    Howard does have a huge heart, he loves animals. His wife Beth is a huge supporter of North Shore Animal League and promotes adoptions of pets. Howard and Beth took in a cat called Apple, which had a ton of health problems but now is thriving in their care. I love Howard and have been a listener for 15 years. I’m so glad he just signed for another 5 years!!

  • dan

    ba ba booey!!

    been vegan for 7 years, listening to howard for even longer. 5 more years and to hear they may be more veg friendly years?!?! it must be christmas!!!