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On Tuesday night’s episode of The Colbert Report, host Stephen Colbert took a stand against Matt Damon and his organization

The comedian sat at his desk and checked emails, saying, “I received an actual email from Matt Damon… let’s see what he says here.” He then read the email, “‘Hi Stephen, I’m writing to ask you for your voice to help stop the global water crisis. If you would help by tweeting a message or two, I would really appreciate that.'” Colbert looked up and responded, “Wow, a big hollywood star emailing me to help with this thoroughly worthwhile cause.”

Of course, Colbert was doing Damon and the non-profit a bigger favor by featuring it on his show, which receives on average 1.5 viewers each night and which, undoubtedly, will be tweeted by is viewers. “I will not exploit my 1.9 million Twitter followers to plug, which aims to provide clean, safe, drinking water to over a billion people. I’ll talk about it on my show right now, because it allows me to point out that Matt Damon is begging me to tweet about, and I am saying you go to hell Matt Damon.”

The foundation is not only relying on celebs to spread their message, they are also partnering with applications like FrontierVille, (an online Facebook game which has roughly 30.5 million players) to raise awareness and funds. If you are familiar with the game and the virtual world, just $5 can buy you a Water Bison to live on your homestead, and all of the proceeds go directly towards— that’s some well spent time online and one way to justify all those hours logged on Facebook.

Check out Colbert’s hilarious video after the jump.

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