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The Sun newspaper that he plans to bid adieu to meat in 2011. What a good way to kick off the New Year!

He cites wanting to stay healthy for his family as a major contributor to the decision. In the Sun interview he stated, “I think I’m gonna stop eating meat. Eating is probably my only vice. I love great food and I love to eat. So I’d like to see myself comitted to that correction.”

Green then added, “But it’s definitely about being healthy. That’s become a bit of a concern recently for me. I just want to be healthy now.”

The concern comes from the fact that his family is expanding and he wants to be around for them in the future. “I’ve got to live as close to forever as I can. I’ve got to stick around for my little ones,” he said.

On the Chelsea Lately show last week, the singer revealed to Chelsea Handler that his step-daughter just gave birth to a baby boy, making him a grandfather at just 35 years old.

We think it’s great that Cee-Lo is making good on his Green last name and taking pride in his health. Anyone else planning to go veggie as a New Years resolution?

  • Mamba Negra

    When Cee-Lo Green was a kid, he was what he calls “a goon” — and what others call a sociopath. Before he turned 10, he’d made a hobby of torturing stray animals. By high school, he was beating up homeless people for fun and mugging pedestrians. “I was a kleptomaniac, pyromaniac,” the Atlanta rapper says with a rueful chuckle. “Just plain maniac.”