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He knows when you are sleeping, he knows when you’re awake, and he knows when you’ve been very bad about eating animal products.

Or, at least this Santa does in a hilarious spoof video from Ciddy Fonteboa (Youtube user profoundvegan). In the vid, Santa is stuffing presents under a Christmas tree until a little girl (played by Ciddy) offers him milk and cookies. As soon as Santa understands that this home is not animal friendly— he looks around and sees a leather jacket, fur coat, and a whole roasted chicken from Popeyes— he throws a Public Enemy style tantrum.

The “naughty” little girl has to watch as Santa takes back her gifts, knocks over the tree, and reveals a “Vegan 4 Life” message on the back of his suit. Towards the end of the clip we see the message, “Don’t be on the naughty list. Don’t buy Meat, Dairy, Leather or Fur” flash across the screen.

You don’t see too many vegan-themed holiday treats— so enjoy “Santa’s Secret” on us! Check out the video below!

  • georgina

    Haha…it definitely made me giggle. Who doesn’t love a badass Santa?

  • BanTheFurTrade

    If Santa is a vegan, shouldn’t he be a little thinner?

  • Ciddy Fonteboa

    Thank you soooo very much Erin La Rosa for bringing more attention to my Vegan Santa video. I know that some will not understand the true message because they will find it offensive. My true intension with this video was to encourage laughter but also make sure to stay true to the message of NOT supporting animal suffering during the holidays. Thank you from the deepest part of my heart for representing my video in a positive light. You ROCK with compassion. xxoo

  • Minoo

    Please share this video with as many people as you can! Such an important message of love and kindness to other beings, packaged in such a fun way! Here’s to a more compassionate world – not just during the holidays but throughout the year!