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With profits over 1.1 billion for Inception and Shutter Island alone, Leonardo DiCaprio is the man to have in your movie. A list compiled by Forbes magazine shows that DiCaprio was the highest grossing actor of 2010 and will make over $50 million for his work on Inception alone.

While numbers like “billion” always make us a bit nervous, we’re happy that the Hollywood hotshot of the year is someone with such a charitable reputation.

DiCaprio is serious about making the world a better place and has participated in numerous campaigns for issues like conservation, clean energy, and human rights.

Earlier this year, Ecorazzi reported that DiCaprio was planning to give $1 million to the World Wildlife Fund for urgent tiger conservation efforts.

“Illegal poaching of tigers for their parts and massive habitat loss due to palm oil, timber and paper production are driving this species to extinction,” said DiCaprio. “If we don’t take action now, one of the most iconic animals on our planet could be gone in just a few decades. By saving tigers, we can also protect some of our last remaining ancient forests and improve the lives of indigenous communities.”

So a big congrats to Leo D. for being the highest grossing actor of 2010. We’re sure he’s using his gazillions wisely.

  • Nick Breeze

    Totally agree. The fact that Leo uses both his money and his status to stand up for what he believes in is commendable. We need more people like him prospering in the the world.

    Well done.


  • herwin

    holy sh******t ! one billion ! That’s a thousand million dollar ! If i had that kind of money i would quit the acting and start something worthwhile, like opening a vegan donut shop haha !

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