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British fashion designer Dame Vivienne Westwood is saving the rainforest one cup of coffee at a time.

And you can too, thanks to environmental charity Cool Earth‘s coffee campaign, which has the goal of saving a specific section of highly endangered rainforest by raising desperately needed funds.

The Cool Earth coffee will be stocked in over 600 Tesco stores, and every jar bought will protect a tree in the Peruvian Amazon from being logged (which, in turn, locks down 1 ton of C02 for the rainforest and gives YOU the power to protect the environment— pretty great!).

At the launch party, Westwood said she decided to back the brand because, “It’s really important we do our bit to help fight climate change, drinking Cool Earth Coffee is going to help us do that, which is really good because we can all do it.”

Support is crucial to the campaign, and the directors are hoping to get 1 million supporters so they can, in turn, grab the attention of the government and policy makers.

Stop by their website to grab some Cool Earth Coffee and see which parts of the rainforest Westwood is sponsoring.

Bottoms up!

  • herwin

    how about buying the cheapest coffee in the supermarket and donating the diference to a rainforest protection org directly ?

    Shopping and buying consciously is very good, but how about if the “green” alternatives are also much more expensive ?

  • Sonia

    The reason they’re more expensive is because they don’t exploit the people and the land the coffee beans come from or the countries they’re importing from. Sure you can save money buying cheap coffee, as well as other things, but you have no idea the practices they use to bring those products to us.

    • herwin

      It really isnt that simple. The price that growers get is only slightly above the normal price. The people who get the big bucks are Starbucks, and the western companies,importers,small or big, advertising bureaus, and the supermarkets. Fair Trade coffee is significantly more expensive, but only an insignificant part finally ends up as a bonus for the grower. All the extra money you pay, most go to the west, not the grower.
      It’s a typical case of a great idea (Fair Trade) developed by great and visionaire people, that has been kidnapped, exploited and watered down by the bad guys, just the same as “organic” in the supermarket these days really don’t mean that much anymore, the whole “organic” labeling has been legally watered down very much.
      Buying local on local markets, even when not “organic” is soooo much more environmental friendly.

      Shopping = Power, so i try to do my best.
      For me, when i buy coffee, i buy local coffee (i live in Thailand) and not exotic coffees like “Blue Mountain Coffee” from Jamaica. Big fuel footprint.

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