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I never knew Santa was such a badass, but this definitely proves it! At an aquarium in Shanghai, Santa Claus was recently spotted taking a swim in the shark tank in his red and white suit.

Okay, so this Santa wasn’t in any real danger because he just so happens to be Zhou Zhanhong — an aquarium employee. But the dive was meant to draw attention to the issue of ocean protection.

“We have a lot of different species living in our aquarium. Some of them are specially protected and others are rare or endangered species,” Zhanhong said. “We are taking this opportunity to let more visitors and guests care for and protect them.”

The dive has created a stir among guests and highlighted the necessity of curbing China’s growing shark-fin trade, which has caused a sharp decline in the numbers of shark populations (about 20% of all shark species are now endangered).

And while this issue won’t be solved by a holiday spectacle and certainly has no easy fix, the swimming Santa is evidence that there is a growing sentiment to stop these practices and really examine what’s going on with the state of our oceans.

Zhang Manna, an visitor to the aquarium, responded to the swimming Santa by saying, “I think this is a great idea, and it’s something we all should do. I just saw the shark photo exhibit and I was so deeply moved, as it firmly showed that we shouldn’t eat shark fin. We should start from ourselves… our every little action can help.”

The hope is that this message has a similar effect on a wide audience and forces attention to this growing issue so that not only us humans, but also the sharks, can have a safe and happy holiday season.

Check out the swimming Santa in the video below.

  • crumpets are yummy

    People should just ban Christmas altogether.

  • georgina

    I have a friend, she is Chinese and used to eat shark fin soup, but one day while in college someone showed her a video of how the fins are collected…she was horrified and never had the “delicacy” again to this day.

    I think people react to strong images and if Mr. Zhang Manna was moved by the photo exhibit then such exhibits should be brought across countries that enjoy shark fin. It could change people’s hearts.

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