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Ever since her son Evan’s diagnosis of autism, Jenny McCarthy has become an outspoken advocate against vaccines and written books about her parenting experiences. I suppose, then, that the natural progression would be to launch her own eco-friendly bedding collection for kids, right?

The model-turned-actress launched her own line of baby clothing earlier this year, and now she is unveiling her “Too Good” bedding collection; which uses materials that are non-toxic, 100% recyclable, and PVC free. Her designs will be available next spring or summer, and you can expect to find a wide selection of bedding, bath textiles, cotton sheets, blankets, rugs, hampers, room decor, and newborn gift sets, with a price range of $16.99 for fitted sheets to $179 for a nine piece bedding set.

McCarthy certainly isn’t the first designer to take this eco-approach, but according to her the difference in this collection is that it’s meant to be high quality at a reasonable cost. In addition, she has claimed that the eco-friendly offerings available leave a lot to be desired aesthetically, so with “Too Good” you’ll be able to purchase more kid-friendly designs for your little one; like teddy bears, jungle prints, zoo animals, and sporty pieces.

McCarthy admitted that she decided to launch the collection after going through her experience raising Evan. In an interview with Us Weekly she said, “I was psychotic about keeping my house clean, so I wanted items without harsh chemicals.”

Hey, if you can afford to swaddle your children in chemical free products, then why wouldn’t you?

  • Jared Haer

    “Hey, if you can afford to swaddle your children in chemical free products, then why wouldn’t you?”

    Great marketing, exploiting the most basic of human emotions to move some product, very nice. Jenny McCarthy is a bad person.

  • Atlas

    LOL… Are you kidding me? Why would anyone listen to anything McCarthy is pushing? She is a coconspirator to one of the biggest frauds in recent medical history. Her support of Andrew Wakefield is truly pathetic and outright dangerous.

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  • butterfly

    amazing how people are so quick to knock people down ~ jenny mc carthy is truly inspiring!!! dont know what i would have done without her book “louder than words” when i was in my darkest time (son diagnosed with autism)

    good for you jen on making a differnce in this chaotic world!!! more than i can say for most….. u rock!!!!!