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Although we love going to the cinema, making a movie can be super taxing on Mother Earth. In the upcoming film Somewhere, however, director Sophia Coppola made a serious effort to make the production process as green as possible.

“We had a small crew. We did what we could not to make waste, didn’t use a lot of lights, and we all had our own water bottles,” says Coppola. “In my own life I try to be aware as much as I can, you know, recycle, and just learn more about what you can do.”

The film centers around an emotionally adrift movie star, played by Stephen Dorff, who goes through some big life changes thanks to his teenage daughter.

For Dorff, being eco-friendly is a big deal and something the actor tries to focus on in his personal life.

“I believe in doing a lot for the environment. One thing we can definitely do is limit some of the carcinogenic smoke that comes from some of these vehicles,” says Dorff. “Another thing is, obviously, recycling and doing the basics.”

Somewhere opened yesterday in limited release and will hit more cities this January. Check out the video below to see interviews with Coppola and Dorff.

  • Tiffany Joy

    I want to see this film even more now. Great job, Sofia! I worked on a short called Mother’s House whose producer/writer supplied us with water bottles, encouraged recycling and fed the hungry vegetarians.

    • Tiffany Joy


  • Remy Chevalier

    Dorff’s character starts following Angela Lindvall around in the Hollywood Hills, but she just pulls into a driveway, never says a word, never to be seen again…