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Everyone has their own very special holiday traditions that they share with family and friends, and for certain high-profile and very public celeb couples, they just can’t help themselves when it comes to sharing what they’ll be doing over the weekend.

Case in point: Katy Perry revealed her plans for this holiday in Grazia, an Italian magazine. She discussed her marriage to comedian turned pseudo rocker turned actor Russell Brand and laid out what the coming days will hold for them.

“There will be me and Russ and a pink Christmas tree and a tofurky. We’ll open one present the night before because that’s the tradition in my family. And we’ll do something new. We’ll start our own new tradition because we are a family now,” Perry said.

What’s that? A tofurky for the California Girl and her Tempest hubby? It’s not just for show— the couple has also given up dairy and both are focusing on eating a diet of plant-based proteins like tofu and raw veggies as part of an effort to get in shape.

The improved diet is said to only last until the end of the year for the two, but eating tofurky for Christmas sounds like a potential holiday tradition that could translate into how they eat for years to come!

Anyone else having a very merry veg holiday?

  • Jane

    This is nice to hear, as a Vegetarian :)

  • BenCat1000

    “The improved diet is said to only last until the end of the year for the two”

    Is this for real?