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Anne Hathaway has felt compelled to get a lot off of her chest recently. In her latest film, Love & Other Drugs, it was her pesky clothing, and now it appears that she’s coming clean about being a “commitment-shy vegetarian.”

The actress and upcoming Oscar-host revealed in an interview with the UK’s Metro that she has been struggling to maintain a vegetarian diet since the age of 12. But that the real push to go full-blown came during the filming of her upcoming movie One Day, where she said I don’t know what happened but I just didn’t want to eat meat any more.”

Hathaway admitted that while giving up meat was relatively simple, her addiction to sushi and fish remained an obstacle— that is until she read Jonathan Safran Foer’s book, Eating Animals.

“I read it and that was it for me in terms of being able to eat fish – which is a shame because I really enjoy the taste but I just can’t support the way fish are farmed and caught,” Hathaway stated. “So when my friends say ‘do you want to go out and have sushi’, I go out with them and order my cucumber rolls and they’re, like, ‘really?’ No matter how tempting it is to have a delicious piece of sushi, I just can’t.”

Anne, baby, trust me when I say this— vegetarian sushi rolls with avocado will always be delicious. Always. Keep up the good work!

  • Abby Bean

    She mustn’t be looking hard enough if the best she can find are cucumber rolls. Anne, get thee to Soy & Sake, Shojin, etc., STAT!

  • herwin

    Good for you, Anne !! :-P

    I remember same for me, giving up meat was pretty much simple, not much of a fight. ;-)
    But, oooooh boy, giving up the cheese was a big and nasty fight.

    “Eating Animals” is just a great unique book. After so many years of being a vegan and “seeing it all”, I was very surprised that this book really did something to me. This book is a GREAT book especially for regular people.

    Thanks, Jonathan, for documenting and writing such a detailed, updated, and gripping account of animal factories , and all the inteviews that you gave to talk about it. :-)

  • Alternative clean energy

    I have always admired Anne – she’s a real class act. I also admire her honesty about her struggle to become a committed vegetarian and how she’s overcome that. I hope she’ll inspired many of her fans to follow her suit.