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Various sources are reporting that billionaire Richard Branson has sold off Mosquito Island (also spelled “Moskito”) in the British Virgin Islands for the sum of $20.5M. The sale apparently happened back in August but only recently came to light.

This is the same island that Branson originally pledged to turn into a model sustainable resort — with 20 villas and a beachfront restaurant powered entirely by wind turbines and solar panels. He purchased the 124-acre beauty back in 2007 mainly because he was worried that someone else would destroy its natural beauty. The island sits only a mile offshore from Necker Island, Branson’s home in the Caribbean.

The billionaire said at the time: “I was terrified Moskito would end up in the wrong hands and be ruined. I want to start from scratch and create the most ecologically friendly island in the world. Come back in five years and you’ll find a mini-Bali with a rainforest in the Caribbean.”

According to the accounts, the buyer, Split Holdings, has reimbursed all of Branson’s development costs to date. Let’s hope they continue the 66-year-old’s vision for a sustainable resort; though something tells me he never would have sold to someone thinking differently.

UPDATE: The rumors are false! Branson is not selling the island, check out our updated story here.

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  • herwin

    Ha ! so much for this “hero of the green movement” ! i bet ten bucks his financial advisors told him it would be more wise to spend his money in comercial space travel than in some dumb eco resort !
    anyone out there who can explain to me that comercial space traveling is “green” ? pllllease.
    can we scratch mr Branson of the green list, yes ? yes ? put him on the Environmental Bad Boy list ?

    • jeff

      Until you can provide data to back up your claim Herwin, you might want to slow down a bit. Hostility will get you nowhere fast.

  • herwin

    i am sorry, Jeff, did i say something wrong ? all i say is that promoting and developing space tourism isnt green, quite the opposite, and doesnt deserve a guy to be labelled as “green hero” or something.
    If you have a diferent point of view, or have facts that i have missed and show mr Bransons green side, please share them with me.

    As for data, here’s the webpage from Mr Bransons Virgin Galactic space travel busines, with oportunity to book a flight, if you have some spare millions and you dont want to donate to a clean water project, that is.

    Facts are , Mr Branson ditches his eco project and concentrates on his not-very-eco-space travel busines for the filthy rich. So, pointing that out is called hostility ? I fail to agree with…

  • k

    Being that Jay Z just bought Beyonce an island for $20 million, I’m guessing Mosquito is all theirs.

    • Michael dEstries

      From what I heard, Jay-Z’s purchase is somewhere off the coast of Flordia and nowhere near as large as Mosquito.

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  • Alberto ONeill

    I believe that Mr. Branson share his vision for a sustainable resort with the new owners of Mosquito Island. Therefore, if the new owners need ideas and solutions for renewable energy. They can come and check us out. We offer off-grid solar and wind power, LED Lighting, UV(to kill pathogens) rain water capturring systems, and green home building.