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We’re a little late to the game on this story, but it’s the kind of good news that we just have to share!

Norway made history earlier this month when the country announced they would ban fur from Oslo Fashion Week in February. This decision makes Norway the first country to ban fur at the popular biannual runway event.

Thanks can be given to fur-free designer Fam Irvoll and the Norwegian animal rights group NOAH, which organized a candlelight vigil back in November against the fur industry. Along with peaceful protests, the group also gathered signatures from over 200 designers, models, and photographers who all refused to support the brutal industry.

“It has been a very natural choice for us because we do not want the OFW to appear as an arena in which to promote products based on the treatment of animals [as] prohibited by animal welfare concerns in several countries,” said Paul Vasbotten, the general manager of OFW.

We are totally impressed with Norway for this fashion-forward decision and hope that other countries and cities jump on board soon. To get the fur look without all the gross violence, visit It is without a doubt our favorite faux fur line!

  • Eva

    That is fantastic news!! Late or not, I wouldn’t have seen this if not for you so thank you so much! I wish everyone else would follow suit.

  • m4rk0

    Why not leather too? What’s the difference?

    • senator

      Leather comes from food animals… for example a cow. Cows are raised as a food source. Fur comes from animals grown for no other purpose.

      • lisa

        Hi i just wanted to correct the women who left a comment saying that leather is a byproduct of the meat industry.Its is not.I thought the same until i brecame more intersted in the subject.Most leather is from india where their are certain cows used for leather.As you could imagine its an awful industry.So the best you could do for animals is to not wear them at all.You seem like a caring women so i just wanted to let you and others know about that popular misconception.Thanks

  • BunzOfCinnamon

    Such great news! Yay!

  • Polyglossus

    It is great news. I hope other fashion weeks will follow. It sets a great example. But most people outside of Norway don’t really know what has been going on the last couple of years in Norway and other scandinavian countries. The public perception of fur is changing and a lot changed the last few years in the traditional ‘fur countries’. Animal rights groups exposed both danish and norwegian fur farms, veterinarians in Norway turned against the fur industry,… If you want more background information, you can find it here: