Looks like the Royal family has really ruffled some feathers this holiday season. Queen Elizabeth II and her daughter-in-law Camilla Parker Bowles stepped out on Christmas day to attend church services, wearing what can only be described as gaudy fur hats. (Check out the actual images here)

Her Majesty donned a fox fur hat and a wool coat trimmed with fur cuffs, while Camilla wore a similar Russian-style hat reportedly made from a piece of her mother’s “vintage fur.” A rep for the Queen said she couldn’t confirm whether or not the hat and coat indeed contained fur, but experts are reporting that they are convinced the pieces are real fur.

Animal Aid, a British animal rights organization, had some strongly phrased words for the pair. And Director Andrew Tyler stated, “This strikes me as an ostentatious display of cruelty. To parade fur in 2010 says something unpleasant about the person wearing it.” Unpleasant indeed.

PETA also weighed in on the royal family’s decision, remarking, “We hope that Her Majesty will choose to wear something more humane in [the] future, that better reflects the values of the British people.”

Of course this isn’t a first for the British crown-holders, as Camilla attracted criticism for wearing fur twice on a visit to Canada last year, and weekend fox hunts are a celebrated family tradition (now banned in Britain — thank goodness).

As one of the most visible families in the world, they should be aware that they set an example for others to follow and we think wearing fur is not appropriate. Duh!

To see pictures of the fashion faux pas, visit HuffingtonPost.com!

  • crumpets are yummy

    Well Camilla looks like an annus horribilus.

  • mister jingles

    these tasteless unpleasant fur hats may hide some dark secrets! lady diana is the queen of my heart forever!!!

  • BanTheFurTrade

    Fashionable?? Those hats look utterly ridiculous! And I don’t give a damn if it’s “vintage” or not, it’s still wrong to wear it. Wearing any fur encourages others to think it’s okay. Personally, I don’t even like fake fur. How is anyone going to know it’s fake or recycled just by looking at it?