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Make A Film In 48 Hours, Save The Environment

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Last year, the 48 Hour Film Project (HFP) drew in nearly 40,000 filmmakers with 3,000 films being submitted from 76 cities around the world… That’s a whole lot of popcorn to buy! But this year the challenge— which invites teams of filmmakers to gear up for a non stop weekend of filming— is going green.

According to the 48HFP website, “We think that 48HFP filmmakers, the boldest and most creative in the world, are the best people to draw attention to the environmental challenges the world faces. To that end, we have created a new 48HFP competition: the 48 Go Green!”

Awesome! So, what are the deets? Well, the “48 Go Green” project will ask participants to write, edit, and shoot an environmentally themed film over the course of a weekend.  The competition will kick off on Friday, Feb. 18th, 2011, where each team will be given the same jumping off points: a basic character, prop, and a line of dialogue. From those essentials, the group of filmmakers will draw a random environmental theme to base their film off of (which will include animals, energy, the environment, forests, the next generation, the planet, the sea, and water). The theme and essentials must be in place within every team’s film, but the genre is anything goes. So, have an idea for a horror film about deforestation? This is the place for you! A romance about environmentalists? Go get em!

Once the 48 hour time allotment ends and the films have been submitted, screenings take place in local theaters where the judges get to watch and pick the best movies from the bunch (there’s even an audience choice category!). Participating cities include Atlanta, Boston, DC, Houston, LA, NYC, Portland, and San Fran, but if you don’t live anywhere close to those, have no fear— the online competition is here!

Now, if you’re wondering “What’s in it for me?” let me tell you that it’s plenty! The winning team will receive $5K, second place gets $2K, and third goes home with $1K. In addition, your hard work will pay off because winning films will be screened at the Cannes Short Film Corner and at NABShow in Las Vegas.

But if the promise of fame and glory doesn’t appeal to you then think of the impact and power that your film can have. It’s a medium that everyone enjoys— I mean, seriously, what kind of a monster doesn’t like movies?— and to that end it’s highly influential. Imagine the kind of lasting impression your eco film will leave on viewers and what that could, in turn, mean for the environment.

This is a seriously cool competition, and because only 30 teams can participate per city we hope that everyone jumps on this opportunity to get environmentally involved!

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