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Fox News host and all-around nut Tucker Carlson got involved in the renewed drama surrounding Michael Vick; saying that he believed the current Eagles QB “should have been executed” for his dog fighting crimes several years ago.

“I’m a Christian, I’ve made mistakes myself, I believe fervently in second chances, but Michael Vick killed dogs, and he did [it] in a heartless and cruel way,” Carlson said. “And I think personally he should have been executed for that. He wasn’t.”

And before you go off thinking that Carlson just brought the topic up because he really cares, understand that he expressed the sentiments as a way to demonize and ridicule President Obama for calling Eagles’ owner Jeffrey Lurie late last week and commending him for giving Vick a second chance.

“The idea that the President of the United States would be getting behind someone who murdered dogs [is] kind of beyond the pale,” he said.

How about the idea that a President of the United States would stand behind faulty intelligence and start a war with Iraq leading to the deaths of tens of thousands of people? How does that sit with Tucker? No doubt we’ll hear that outrage soon, right?

Let’s not forget that Obama was quick to condemn Vick’s crime before making a gesture of gratitude for the power of second chances — something even PETA has agreed was acceptable. Also, while Tucker would have his viewers believe that the President’s phone call was a giant thumbs up for dog killers, it’s important to remember that the main point of the call in the first place was to praise the organization for their recent announcement that Lincoln Financial Field will be going off-grid with solar and wind technologies.

“He’s some creepy, rich, overpaid football player, I mean, come on,” Carlson added. “If the President said there’s some guy who was dealing crack as a kid, grew up in a poor family, you know the story, and he’s turned his life around, you know, fine. I get that.”

BS. Carlson, as usual, would still find a reason to bash Obama. His convictions are about as tissue paper thin as the network he represents. It will take many more year in my eyes to believe Vick has really turned things around, but I sincerely don’t believe there’s any harm in praising the work he’s done since leaving prison. People just need to place that praise in the context of the crime and not gloss over the cruelty. Second chances are important — calling for the death penalty is just cable network sensationalism from the usual puppets.

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  • Melissa

    Anyone who harms animals knowingly and willingly is a monster. Perhaps Carslon’s comments were “sensationalistic” as you say, but Vick will get his due. Your opinion of why Tucker Carlson would say such a thing is skewed at best. You would have skewered Bush if he had even suggested that Vick deserved a second chance, but it’s ok because Obama said it. You don’t fool anyone. You are just as biased as you blame Fox news for being. Extreme left, extreme right, it’s all the same BS.

    And soldiers have a choice, they go into the military willingly and are fully aware of the risks of war. Dogs that are put into a fighting ring? What choice do they have?

    I don’t usually comment on blogs, but I didn’t like the tone of your post at all. Actually, I find it kind of offensive.

    • Hufingraz

      “And soldiers have a choice, they go into the military willingly…”

      Tell that to all the Americans that got drafted to fight & die in Vietnam.
      Bush knew there were no weapons of mass destruction. He went to war with Iraq for oil. Thousands of his own countrymen died, so companies such as Haliburton could get a little richer, all under the guise of “fighting terrorism”. The final punch in the gut to the American people was when Bush gave all his buddies in the banking industry, multi-million dollar bonuses and then bailed out their companies.
      You can’t blame Obama for not being able to fix an economy in 2 years, when Bush the Jackass spent 8 years destroying it.

  • Mike D.

    Talk about taking two extremes. Comparing what Obama did with what Bush did is lame at best. Wrong is wrong. Yes, there are matters of degrees, and what Bush did was beyond horrible, but Obama also did something very wrong here. People in this country put sports figures on pedestals and will forgive them for anything as long as they throw touchdowns. I’m as liberal as they get, but here in Philly, if you are a sports fan and don’t support Vick, people in the African American community call you a racist on the radio. It makes me sick. Reverse racism is no better than any other form of racism. And personally I would throw Sarah Palin in the same group as Vick. She kills wolves for money in Alaska. Less wolves = more caribou and moose = more money for hunting fees. So I guess I hate women too. Killing animals for blood sport is wrong if you are black, white, male or female, period. Tucker might have been extreme about calling for an execution, but he did make one very valid point. People serve longer sentences for cheating on their taxes. Vick did get off easy and to say he served his time is an understatement at best.

    Mike D.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    well said Michael (not Michael vick :)

  • BanTheFurTrade

    I’m not a fan of Carlson (or Fox News) AT ALL, but I have to agree with him somewhat about Obama. I’m extremely disappointed in the President for going out of his way to show his support for Vick. There’s an excellent new book out called “The Lost Dogs” by Jim Groban. It gives details about the brutality that Vick’s dogs were forced to endure. They weren’t just killed in a barbaric manner, they were severely beaten beforehand. Only a psychopath could torture animals that way. I really wish Obama could be convinced to read the book. I doubt he would be so supportive if he did.

    • herwin

      well said.
      i was disapointed to read about Obamas remark. I understand he is the president so he has to be careful what he says , but he could have chosen for no commenting on Vick, instead of saying something nice about this crazy mentally sick and disturbed person called Vick.
      The remark from Tucker Carlson is simply refreshing, even what he says about a crack dealer who turned his life around would be “fine”, shows that he distingishes between non violent crimes and extreme violent sick crimes like Vick’s crimes.
      I am in the lucky position that i dont know Tucker so i dont judge the guy but i only judge his words.

    • Michael dEstries

      Thanks, BTFT — I’ll be sure to check out that book.

    • BanTheFurTrade

      Correction: Author’s last name is Gorant.

  • snowisfun

    Mr. Tucker Carlson is against the 2003 Iraq War, so unsure why this is raised. As to Michael Vick, yes he should’ve gone to prison for life because what he did was horrible-dog fighting. Incidentally hunting animals humanely for food is 1 thing but it’s wrong to hunt for sport. Has Michael Vick changed? Hopefully he has. The U.S. Humane Society President Wayne Pacelle believes he deserves another chance & Michael Vick has done work to end dog fighting.

    Of course, there will be those who won’t care & won’t forgive Michael Vick even if he has changed. But if his work with the U.S. Humane Society ends dog fighting, then it’s good. Many of us (incl. this poster) would be more forgiving of Michael Vick if he had killed a person. Finally, Tucker Carlson did the right thing in 1985 when he & his friends beat up a homo who was trying to abuse him in the public restroom. Homophobic violence often happens because homos try to abuse men in public restrooms, etc. & then complain when they get beaten up while trying to commit a crime.

    • BanTheFurTrade

      Um, okay, I was with you up until the last couple of sentences there. That statement is completely uninformed and ridiculous.

  • Rachelle

    Tucker Carlson is a hypocrite. Where was his outrage when Sarah Palin killed that caribou in cold blood on her telly show? She did it, to use Carlson’s own words, “in a heartless and cruel way” and in front of cameras even.

    Personally I don’t like Michael Vick–but I hope he HAS changed and I hope he never goes near any animals again. But I get what President Obama was TRYING to do here–it’s the end of the football season and Vick has done well for his team and has shown, whether sincerely or not–I don’t know what is in his heart–that he felt remorse and sorrow for killing those pit-bulls. He served prison time for his heinous crime of torturing and killing dogs, but it is not a crime that warrants death.

    Vick can be an example to other black males (dog-fighting is quite rampant in the culture)…I’m an ethical vegan who probably wanted to kill Vick myself when his story first broke–but I understood where that emotion came from–from my love of animals–and we can’t always react based on our emotions.

    Tucker Carlson can’t preface something with “I’m a Christian BUT…” and then speak of doing something totally opposite the idea. He just wanted to take a jab at President Obama…I’m an atheist and I still would think long and hard before rolling out the death penalty card. I’m sure there are hunters who have done worse than Michael Vick as far as the number of animals they have killed needlessly. Is Vick’s crime different because he killed dogs rather than deer or wolves? Because one animal is considered a beloved family member while the other animal is not? Sticky issues.

    • Merc

      Tucker isn’t a hypocrite Rachelle, you’re simply too enamored with Obama to see straight.

      I don’t condone sport hunting and I’m no fan of Sarah Palin. The woman’s policies have killed hundreds of wolves in an attempt to manage wild animals (caribou and moose) as if they’re domestic cattle. And people who hold varmint hunts where they shoot every coyote they can find disgust me beyond reason. You shouldn’t kill anything that you’re not going to eat….and, you should do always strive to kill the animal with ONE shot. Most of the animals we raise for consumption don’t die that quickly. And yes, that is wrong.

      We have a social contract with any animal we raise for food. It should have humane living conditions (not being raised in a crate or a cage) and humane slaughter. Read anything by Temple Grandin and Dominion, by Matthew Skully.

      Rachelle, you scare me. If you can’t tell the difference between hunting for food and the continuous, methodical, torture of animals…including pulling their teeth, electrocution, having the female dog forced into a rack so that she could be raped over and over by his male dogs because she wasn’t violent enough…drowning, hanging and throwing a dog against the ground repeatedly until it was dead…and then only stopping your vile behavior because you were CAUGHT…then you’re useless.

      Vick isn’t an example for anyone. He’s not a changed man because he got caught. What he did to those animals shows how deeply disturbed he is. He didn’t even finish his sentence in prison. As far as I know, he hasn’t donated any money to the organizations who stepped up to help these dogs find homes. You “get” what Obama was doing because you’re one of those people who worship him. He wasn’t using a lick of sense when he commented on this disgusting human being.
      Now the idiot says he wants to own a dog again. No Way.
      How about this? Would you let a convicted child molester who’s served his time adopt a baby?

  • snowisfun

    The last statement is not uninformed & ridiculous. If a homosexual is going to grab another man’s groin against his will, then that is a crime-minimum abuse & battery if his intent isn’t sexual to something more serious such as sex abuse & even attempted homosexual rape. If the man reacts or overreacts to beating up or even killing homo who is trying to abuse him, then his reaction is in response to abuse.

    Have personally talked to men who’ve beaten up homosexuals. 1 case was a man who was in a park. When he was there a homosexual man who was bigger than him grabbed his butt & demanded sex. The man then told 2 of his friends who were bigger than the homo & brought the homosexual man to the victim. The man then beat up the homo & told the homosexual to keep his hands to himself.

    That homosexual was a bully & yes, many of the ‘homophobic’violence incidents happen because of this. Tucker Carlson beat up a would be homolester & don’t understand the empathy over a homosexual who gets beaten up while trying to homolest. Yes, men also abuse women & straight abuse must be punished by the law as well. Sometimes innocent men have been prosecuted for rape-2006 Duke case. Homosexuality is bad in & of itself & whether it’s voluntary or forced, it’s best that science seek the cure for homosexuality.

  • snowisfun

    Hunting animals humanely & swiftly for food is 1 thing. Hunting for sport is bad. Former Alaska Governess Sarah L. Palin (this poster did not vote for her) hunts deer such as caribou for food. If the deer hunted is humanely killed, then don’t understand why people are going after her. Yes, it’s better for all to be vegatarians, but understand that most people eat meat & don’t pass judgment on those who hunt for food-just make it humane.

    Hunting for sport is wrong. For population control-unsure, but @least eat the animals hunted. Hopefully Michael Vick has changed for the better though he should’ve gone to prison for life. Finally, Tucker Carlson in the mid 1980s did the right thing beating up a homosexual who was trying to homolest him in the public restroom & people must sympathize with men who get abused in public restrooms, not homosexuals who get beaten up after they try to homolest in the bathroom. The bathroom is the place to use the toilet & wash up, not to have sex.

  • Kelly Cowan

    First of all Carlson didn’t say that he wishes Michael Vick had been executed, Carlson said. “And I think personally he should have been executed for that. He wasn’t.”
    Perhaps while Tucker is up there on his soap box, he might want to call for Sarah Palin’s execution for shooting that defenseless animal on her TV show.
    This is a racial dog whistle to the base of the Right, no more no less.

  • Debbie Levine

    Is Tucker Carlson a vegan? Before we condemn Vick to death, why not assess our own crimes against animals? Millions and millions of animals are slaughtered every year to feed our fat American bodies.

  • Roxanne Delgado

    nOT A fan of Tucker Carlson but am glad finally someone spoke on behalf of those poor dogs. STill can’t believe the President of the United States calls to congratulate the hiring of a dog abuser and killer. Stikc a fork in Obama because he is done.

  • snowisfun

    Some here have discussed former Alaska Governess Sarah Palin. Now this poster did’t vote for Mrs. Palin & doesn’t agree with her on topics such as abortion, but Gov. Sarah L. Palin hunts deer incl. moose & caribou for FOOD. While it would be better if people were vegetarians, hunting animals humanely & swiftly & eating your kills is 1 thing. It’s 1 thing to mercifully kill a sick or arthritic dog, cat or horse who is in pain. It’s also 1 thing to hunt pythons & monitor lizards in the Everglades to protect endangered species there.

    HOWEVER, what Michael Vick did was heinous-he killed pit bull dogs after they took part in brutal dog fighting & lost the fights. Hopefully Michael Vick has changed & if his work with the U.S. Humane Society ends dogfigthing, then that is good. Mr. Tucker Carlson did not say that he was an animal rights advocate & you don’t need to be 1 to see the brutality of dogfighting. Columnist Patrick J. Buchanan also wants humane treatment of animals & @least as of 2007, he wasn’t a vegetarian. Patrick J. Buchanan & Mr. Tucker Carlson both believe the same thing-hunting animals such as deer for food is Okay as long as the deer is humanely killed & thus isn’t animal brutality, but dogfighting is bad because that is animal cruelty. Incidentally, while in some parts of China they eat dogs, most Chinese won’t eat dogs because dogs they often say are too adorable.

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