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Not that Daniel Radcliffe is trying to tell J.K. Rowling how to do her job, which judging by the Harry Potter franchise she has done very well, but he has an interesting plot twist for any future wizard endeavors.

“At one point in Sherlock Holmes, I remember he retired to the country and started keeping bees. So maybe something really nice and sedate for Harry,” he stated when asked what Potter should do next.

In addition to beekeeping, Radcliffe mentioned another potential hobby based off of the boy wizard’s interest in animals. “Maybe he could start bird watching— he loves owls. Just some kind of nice pastime that doesn’t involve him getting shot at,” he said.

Part of the fun of the Harry Potter films comes from all of the interesting creatures and animals that come into play. We’d be all for some magical bees and more owl action!

The actor made his screen debut in 2001 as Harry Potter, and has starred in every adaptation of the book series since. The last films of the series are just now being released— “The Deathly Hallows: Part 1 and Part 2″, the second of which will be released early next year.

And while Radcliffe may want a peaceful and animal filled life for his wizard alter ego, he has no intentions of settling down himself. The 21-year-old commented, “As for me, I just want to keep acting for as long as I can and for as long as people will employ me. That is my ambition.”

  • Danfansgroup Radcliffe

    beekeeping it is nice for harry..and acting for Dan.because we want to see him more

  • herwin

    i’m all for that, Harry Potter birdwatching, sees some evil people snatching some endangered birds, gets after them, kicks the ***** out of them, end of movie. Hmm, sounds more like Steven Seagall though..