by Michael dEstries
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For the BBC’s new nature documentary “Polar Bear: Spy on the Ice”, producers created a small array of various spy cams to get up close and personal with the animals.

Well, perhaps a little too close. Most of the cams, like “Ice Bear Cam” and “Blizzard Cam” all met untimely ends at the paws (and weight) of these adorable goliaths. Check out the unfortunate destruction in the clip below.

via Gizmodo

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  • frytoy

    Somehow that still reminds me of a scene from The Empire Strikes Back. :)

    Brilliant, beautiful animals.

  • Eva

    I watched this the other day – they really hate those. I thought they’d at least just play with them, but nope! The devices that are on ground move super fast. Reminded me of Star Wars. :)

    Happy new year to all of you at ecorazzi – thank you for a great website!!

  • herwin

    saw a similar scene with a bunch of lions smacking a similar spy camera a couple of decades ago in a similar BBC doc with D. Attenborough. :-)
    Eva + 1, Merry New Year to all ya Razzi folks and thanks for this great and unique website, keep it rocking !

  • frytoy
  • herwin


  • frytoy

    That bear is a jerk
    Im sure that equipment wasn’t cheap