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Don’t get me wrong— I love mother nature and all of her green glory, but sometimes she can be a real b word. No one knows that more than Garth Brooks, who headlined nine, sold-out concerts to benefit victims of last May’s devastating floods in Tennessee.

Between December 16th and 22nd the Grammy award winning country music legend performed in Nashville and brought in an estimated $10 million in revenue for the city, according to the Nashville Business Journal. That came from the over 140,000 fans that showed and paid for parking, food, tickets, and other concert necessities. But best of all is that the concerts also benefitted the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee, and proceeds from ticket sales raised more than $3 million for flood victims.

“The feeling is so good that money can’t buy this,” Brooks told The Boot.

Good feelings aside, Brooks did a good thing, and if you weren’t able to make it to the country music capital of the world to catch his live act you might just want to catch the feel good fever yourself and donate online.

  • herwin

    Usual there some human reasons why there is a flood like cutting all the forests which act as natural “sponges” to gently keep the waters, people building in unsafe area’s, rivers that are altered, and of course the changing weather because of Global warming.
    If you use the b word, it might be better to use it for us people, me thinks.