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For many activist groups the power of images seem to be the most potent in garnering needed attention. Actor George Clooney is banking on that idea, in fact, as he hopes violent images from the Sudan will bring public awareness to prevent potential violence and possible genocide after a critical referendum there next week.

We have told you about Clooney’s Satellite Sentinel Project Site, which gives people all over the world an exclusive look at exactly what’s happening on the ground in the Sudan. But this morning he took his efforts a step further by sitting down in an exclusive interview on “This Week with Christiane Amanpour.”

He did this because on Jan. 9th the Southern Sudan will vote on whether to break away from the northern part of the country, a region saturated with violence.

The Satellite Sentinel Project, backed by Clooney, the United Nations, Google, and various human rights groups, provides high-resolution images of the border region between the north and south in hopes that they may be able to highlight any violence that occurs after the referendum.

“First of all, if you see actual evidence of those kind of attacks, that’s something … that the U.N. can actually work with,” Clooney said in the interview. “But for the most part, our job is to say that these things have been happening in the dark for a long time.”

Raising awareness to the project and the situation is crucial, so make sure to re-tweet this and pass along to those who might be interested in helping to spread consciousness of this issue!