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I love when you see a new idea pop up, and know that it’s great, but also wonder how no one thought of it before — but more specifically, why didn’t I think of this before?!

BroadbandTV recently launched a new Youtube channel specifically dedicated to non-profits and social media. VISO Give, compiles pre-existing video content from organizations, sorts it by company name and type of cause, then lets users watch and search through the clips.

In other words, this is a channel dedicated to non-profit content. So, when you log onto the homepage you’ll see celebrity videos, like Joel McHale and Ken Jeong doing a PSA about texting while driving, or Usher urging users to get out and vote. But what’s also nice is that VISO gives equal time to smaller non-profits, like Big Cat Rescue and Inside Disaster, a Haiti water relief fund.

The site is not just welcome news to users looking for new organizations to participate in, but also to the non-profits themselves; as VISO offers exposure and funding.

As the the consumer branch of BroadbandTV, which has more than 1 billion viewers on Youtube already, Viso offers these organizations a social media vehicle that would be hard to come by otherwise. In addition, VISO also provides funding by giving 60% of the ad revenue on each page to the associated non-profits. So, essentially each time you click on a VISO video you are indirectly donating to their cause.

This is a pretty unique opportunity for charity organizations, but also provides an easily accessible way for users to get involved with a cause, whether they click once or multiple times.

At least now we’ll all have a great excuse to watch more online vids!

  • Eva

    Very great idea, indeed! I’d been wondering why YouTube didn’t have a non-profit section before and this is even better!

  • herwin

    i kinda like the idea of everything mixed, i dont like seperation too much, because it also will be more easy to avoid non profit messages if they are seperated in a special category. I mean, lets face it, 98% of the people defenitely will NOT click on any link that is labeled “Non Profit”.