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There were some great comments here on the site after Tucker Carlson’s exclamation last week that he believed Michael Vick should have been executed for his dog-fighting crimes. I personally thought the Fox News host was out of line, but many of you took some of Carlson’s words to heart, saying that society on a whole was moving to fast to the redemption phase of Michael Vick and glossing over the horrible crimes he committed.

On “Hannity” yesterday, where Tucker was guest-hosting when he made the comments, the former “Crossfire” anchor clarified his remarks saying “of course I don’t think he should be executed.”

“This is what happens when you get too emotional,” Carlson told Sean Hannity. “Anybody who takes time to look into how he mistreated these dogs and personally tortured them to death gets upset, and I overspoke. I’m uncomfortable with the death penalty under any circumstances.”

The two then get into a conversation about redemption, Vick’s work with the HSUS, and society’s infatuation with celebrities in general. And I’m shocked to say that it’s the first exchange between Fox News talking heads that I actually enjoyed. Check out the video after the jump below.

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  • mamun

    I like him so much because I dont know him

    • herwin

      me too, when i judge him by his words he seems pretty okay ; he gets pretty upset about animal abuse, he is against the death penalty. I can relate to that.
      I cant relate though with the president who talks about second changes. Of course, everybody knows and agrees that anybody who served time in jail, rightfully deserves a second change, but that doesnt mean we have to pat Vick on the back, and that anybody who still is outraged about Vicks EXTREME cruel and sick behaviour has to be ridiculed.
      Anybody who thinks that its possible to change that kind of behaviour so easily, is naive, to put it mildly. If all the patting on his back stops fro the president and the HSUS, if he is out of the spotlights one day, sure as hell he would do the same, or at least feel the urge to do it.
      Glad to see people like Tucker Carlson. :-) (at least on this topic, i dont know him on other topics, but of course must be bad because he is “FOX” guy, eh..)

  • herwin

    huh ? did anyone really think that he meant it seriously ? When somebody says such an emotional thing, its pretty obvious that it is said to expres an emotional feeling, not one’s rational opinion.
    Personally me thinks its rather healthy to have SOME kind of emotion, instead of the pres with his rational “give him a second change” speech.

    Rationally, of course he should have (and he has) a second change, but emotionally speaking he is scum and his butt should be kicked faaaar away from here.