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Sam Branson may have a billionaire celebrity father, but he definitely does not fit the typical “entitled son/playboy” mold. By all accounts actually, he seems kind of normal — with a drive to make a name for himself and escape the shadow of his dad.

“I know there’s an automatic interest in me because of Dad, but what counts is what I do with it,” he tells the UK Daily Mail. “When I was a kid, being photographed at events, I felt like a fraud, thinking, ‘Why are they taking pictures of me? What have I done with my life?’ Now I know what I want to do.”

Much like his father, Sam is interested in making a difference for the planet. “I want to make documentaries about global issues like climate change in a young, funky and cool way so audiences can relate to them,” he says.

After three inspiring trips to the Arctic, Sam setup a production company in 2009 called Current Sponge — designed to “inspire people by delivering powerful messages via imaginative formats and concepts.”

“Going to the Arctic gave me self-belief and made me see the world in a new way,” he says. “I came back from that trip and believed I could do anything.”

While he’s only 25, it’s great to see someone with resources and passion out there looking to make a difference for the planet. In a way, he reminds me of David de Rothschild, another committed environmentalist with deep pockets and a desire to do good. The world could certainly use more of both.

Check out the full interview over on The Daily Mail.

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  • Charlie Peters

    Audit the fed

  • herwin

    i still fail to see why Branson Senior rightfully can be labeled an environmentalist.
    He wants to make global warming docs in a cool and fun way ? sounds great but i have a hinch this goes the same way as his father’s eco island project ; after the ninitial buzz it will be ditched.