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While the details are not yet finalized, the UK Daily Star newspaper is reporting that Paul McCartney has been asked by Prince William and Kate Middleton to perform at their wedding reception.

The famous singer and animal activist, who recently asked the Indian Prime Minister to consider creating a National Vegetarian Day, is said to feel “privileged” after receiving the invitation several weeks ago.

A source said: “William and Kate have chosen their wedding list and Paul McCartney is their number one choice to perform. They can’t think of anyone more perfect to kick off proceedings.”

The source added that the couple chose McCartney because they believe his music to have universal appeal.

Well, at least we know there will be one vegetarian option at the reception! When contacted by the paper, a royal spokesperson refused to comment saying that “nothing has been finalized”. Stay tuned.

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  • xMGB

    I hope he won’t do it. And why?
    Because the royal family likes to hunt and are supporters of hunting! I can’t believe in this day and age that royal families think they can do anything, hunt wild animals and what not, it is disgusting.
    I hope Sir. Paul McCartney shares his opinions on this to the royal family.

    Oh right and royal families everywhere should also take the responsibility of NOT being a commercial for animal cruelty and set aside their likes of wearing REAL animal fur. It is not “fancy”, “flattering” and it doesn’t really carry any other message across than them being cruel, heartless and brainless so it seems. YUCK!