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While promoting her new book “Roseannarchy: Dispatches From the Nut Farm”, Roseanna Barr let it be known that she really did purchase a nut farm.

The 58-year-old says her investment in the nutritious hard-shelled fruit holds “the promise of a brilliant future for this planet”.

“I have a nut farm. I’m growing macadamia nuts… I’m serious about it,” she said during an interview on “Good Morning America”. “This is not a joke. They’re the perfect protein. They don’t have any carbohydrates and the only fat they’ve got, which is a lot, but it’s the good kind (sic). So it’s better than beef. No greenhouse gases. Nice nuts.”

While Roseanne didn’t specifically say where her farm is located, a macadamia cookie recipe she offered to readers of the Chicago Tribune back in May points to Hawaii.

“Can you believe it: I ended up on the nut farm!,” she writes.” OK, no wise comments. I’m talking about a real nut farm in Hawaii, where my five kids and five grandkids can ramble around, work up an appetite (I don’t have to work at it), and then enjoy some of the luscious macadamia nut cookies that I’ll be making for them on Mother’s Day. (I know that’s backward — they should be making them for me.)”

“Mac nuts are the best — pearly and buttery, with just the right texture and so easy to crunch. Everybody loves them. Of course, that includes the wild pigs that have grudgingly agreed to let Granny (that’s me, I still can’t believe it), the kids and their pals share the place with them and the wild turkeys. The gorgeous greenery, the ocean in the distance, the sound of the rain that keeps it all lush and fragrant: It’s a sweet slice of heaven, and I hope everyone can find their own little slice of that, wherever they are.”

Sounds like a sweet spot to us. For an excerpt from Roseanne’s new book, jump here.

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  • merbau decking

    Yes. Roseanna is right about macadamia nuts. they are full of proteins.

  • russ

    Mac nuts would be a green alt to meat if after being grown hundreds of miles away shiped via cargo ship, trucked from port, then to warehouses, then stores. The miles something travles to get to you changes the nature of its “green-ness” fruits and veggies year round in our stores means they were grown in the tropics, then shipped here negating any eco benifit it might have. Not to mention the land being used not to feed the local population but that of a distent lands. Totaly not a benefit to the ecology.

    • herwin

      think again, meathead, about what (and how much) your factory animals (cows, pigs, chickens) eat :

      foods based on soybeans from cheap producing countries who did cut their forests to grow these animal foods. so instead of a bag of nuts for us veggies, a cargo ship with soybeans for the piggies have to be shipped from south america. After that, piggies are transported to the slaugherhouse, after that the meat goes to the shops. Sounds like a lot of miles to me and a big co2 footprint.

      To turn vegetable food into meat (by feeding it to factory animals) is very waisteful. If instead you are veggie the amount of agricultural land needed for your needs would be about 25%, also transportation is far less.
      Factory animals = overproducing toxic (because of the hormones, medicine residues and chemicals) manure ; overuse of drinkable water.

      last but not least, nuts arent an “alternative” to cancer-giving and animal cruel “meat”, nuts are just delicious and healthy unlike “meat”.

  • BenCat1000

    Love macadamia nuts….

    I like the way she says: “Of course, that includes the wild pigs that have grudgingly agreed to let Granny (that’s me, I still can’t believe it), the kids and their pals share the place with them and the wild turkeys”.

    Sounds like a great life….

  • http://facebook kathy staley

    love the nuts. only roseanne would buy a nut farm .we are so much a like;

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  • Beth

    Hey Roseanne- I miss your show! I watched every episode and thought it was great! North Carolina wants you to come back!! My friends all loved your show as well. Mahalo.