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The Empire State Building may be an iconic part of New York, but right now the famous building is in a green state of mind.

It was announced that the building, which is the tallest in NYC, will undergo a multimillion dollar renovation process and is buying 100% wind power from Green Mountain Energy. A two-year contract was signed for 55 million kilowatt hours of renewable energy annually, which is expected to reduce energy use by 40%, and eliminate 100 million pounds of carbon dioxide emissions. Which, just to give you an idea, is equivalent to planting 150,000 trees— more than six times the number in Central Park.

“It was a natural fit for us to combine 100% clean energy with our nearly completed, groundbreaking energy efficiency retrofit work,” said Anthony E. Malkin, president of Malkin Holdings, which runs the building. “Clean energy and our nearly 40% reduced consumption of watts and BTUs gives us a competitive advantage in attracting the best credit tenants at the best rents.”

The initiative then not only benefits the environment, but hopes to draw in fresh tenants looking to improve their surroundings in eco-friendly style

Arah Schuur is the director of a conservation program at Bill Clinton‘s foundation and told USA Today that, “It’s the most recognizable building energy retrofit in the world.”

Hopefully this means that more iconic structures will follow the green trend!

  • herwin

    thats just awsome that such an iconic building goes green all the way. And with a nearly 40% reduced consumption of watts that makes a lot of economic sense. Dont talk about Mother Earth but explain how much money one can save when going green, and a lot of people and companies will follow. ;-)
    thanks for posting this topic !

  • Eric Southard

    I thought the empire state building was an office building, I didn’t know it had apartments

    • herwin

      if the apartments are on the highest floors, the view must be awsome. i bet when friends From Below are over the first half hour routinely will be staring out of the window !