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Most of us have by now heard about the thousands of blackbirds that dropped out of the sky in Arkansas on New Years Eve. But those tragic deaths only tell a part of the story. Multiple other mass deaths have happened in the last month. Species that have been effected include various types of fish, penguins, blackbirds, pelicans, doves, bats, starfish, jellyfish and manatees.

An anonymous Google user created a Google Map tracking the events and pinpointing them. Reading the articles is difficult, but seeing them all plotted on the map shows the reality of the situation.

Although the map only plots recent incidents, the mass deaths are not new. Nor are they adequately explained by the scientific community. Experts say that these deaths are not unusual and that they are not linked — but no animals die in unison for no reason. The experts blame some deaths on fireworks, others on cold weather, perhaps some others on pollution. The truth is, no one knows why those blackbirds fell out of the sky. These are all just best guesses.

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  • mister jingles

    the end is near!!!


    I find these mass deaths interesting. Please could you or anyone keep me up to date on this subject.
    Natural, Unatural, Exained, Unexplained, Manmade, Cosmic or could it be Biblical?
    I believe that each of us have our own ideas but still it is important to trac these events and keep a watchful eye. Our own mass die offs could be on the horizon. I would like to be aware of that.

  • Joanna

    All the data indicating where these deaths occured is now completely gone. click the link above, and you will no longer see the blue indicators or the links validating them.

  • Hans

    What about chemtrails? Isn’t it possible that a mass fraud is being accelerated, by dumping chemicals in the air? Search for chemtrails on google or youtube and you will be shocked by the video’s and information that is found on this subject. In other words: is it possible that the new world order elite is pushing one of their strategies forward. Accelerating their -already written in stone (Georgia Guidestones)- plan to ‘seize the world’ into absolute slavery?

    Just a thought…