Super exclusive celebrity events — why do you taunt me?!!

On January 20th, Kat Kramer will host her third installment of “Films That Change the World,” an invitation only celeb-filled night where the animal activist and daughter of director Stanley Kramer screens socially important films. The idea is that Kramer wants to expose her famous friends to pieces of cinema that may change their views on a specific issue. In this case it’s animal activism with the film Elephants and Man: A Litany of Tragedy.

Among those who will be in attendance include Alec Baldwin, James Franco, Kathy Griffin, Billy Bob Thornton, and Lily Tomlin.

In fact, Tomlin has been a long-time elephant advocate and, according to her, getting involved with this special evening of awareness is crucial to the movement.

“I feel that once people are really informed and educated to the issue of elephants in captivity, they’ll know that they cannot possibly foster that practice,” Tomlin said. “We should stop bringing them into the country and taking them out of their habitat, putting them in small enclosures for our supposed entertainment. There’s simply not enough room in a zoo for an elephant. They suffer terribly mentally and psychologically in captivity. As more and more people become educated, they begin to contribute their support to this issue.”

Another interesting element to all of this is that Elephants and Man is currently seeking distribution, and perhaps all of these famous faces getting to view the film means that it may get picked up and put into theatres, where even more folks can be inspired to participate in animal activism.

PS- Anyone got an invite and want to hook a girl up?!

  • Johnathon Gallagher

    We believe that all intelligent, sentient mammals deserve their space on planet Earth. We homo-sapiens, “the most intelligent mammal,” should protect and foster all natural habitats and ecosystems with the utmost responsibility and consciousness. These magnificent beings simply deserve the quality of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Remember,we are guests and stewards of this fragile planet. JJG & RR