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Needless to say, we’ve been rooting this year for Colin Firth to receive some award nominations.

Sure, we love the guy’s acting — but in a new twist, whenever he hits the red carpet (especially during awards season), his beautiful wife Livia Giuggioli (Firth) shines the spotlight on gorgeous sustainable fashion.

Last year, in partnership with UK Vogue, she launched the Green Carpet Challenge — promising to wear only ethical and sustainable fashions on the red carpet during awards season. For the 2010 Golden Globes, she wore a stunning upcycled Christiana Couture wedding dress, saying she’s never received “so many compliments for a dress in one night.” For SAG, it was a “milk fibre” dress by US designer Casey Larkin and made from (you guessed it!) a milk casein protein. During the Paris Premiere for Colin’s “The Single Man”, she choose a Linda Loudermilk black suit with 50/50 bamboo and wool herringbone. And finally, saving the best for last, Livia chose an upcycled Orsola de Castro gown “salvaged from the waste bins of some very prestigious labels”.

This year, Colin Firth is once again nominated for Best Actor in “The King’s Speech” — and he’s largely predicted to sweep. So naturally, with the spotlight even brighter, Livia is back with the Green Carpet Challenge and blogging away over on Vogue. “We’ll be bringing you lots of eco and sustainable style from a huge number of events in rapid succession culminating with one of the Big Ones: The Golden Globes,” she writes.

Livia has already kicked things off this year with the premiere (once again) in Paris of “The King’s Speech”. For that red carpet, she choose the bold move of refashioning one of Colin’s suits that had been attacked by moths.

“Before Christmas, after the moth incident, I paid a visit to their headquarters,” she writes. “I am glad we left the piece with them rather than witnessing it being chopped up and reconstructed. I have watched Junky Styling and their amazing tailors perform their wardrobe surgery before – and it’s strong stuff. Collars are dismembered, panels sliced apart. Hems become collars and front panels become hems. It’s extraordinary!”

“But the results are stunning. And in Paris, Colin’s loss – he was pretty furious at the moths – was the Green Carpet Challenge’s gain.”

We’re excited for more updates in the coming months as awards season unfolds. For now, check out some additional pictures of Livia’s sustainable fashion choices from last year below!

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