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Get ready to do the happy dance in 3-2-1! Looks like Sarah Palin’s Alaska will not be renewed for a second season! WOO!

Although the reality show brought TLC a whopping 3.2 million viewers, the bad press and Palin’s potential campaign plans have killed any chance of a second season.

Like everything the loony “politician” touches, the show was littered with controversy, including one hunting expedition that prompted screenwriter Aaron Sorkin to write a critique on the Huffington Post.

“I don’t watch snuff films and you make them. You weren’t killing that animal for food or shelter or even fashion, you were killing it for fun. You enjoy killing animals.”

We’re not gonna lie, we’re excited that Palin’s show will no longer pollute the airways. We just hope this doesn’t mean she’s seriously considering running for president.

  • georgina

    Great that we will not have to hear anymore about this woman on TLC–although we will hear about her in every other TV channel–but i think that is because she will be very busy trying to convince everyone that she would be a great president to this country. YIKES!

  • Ina Mohan

    When do Americans finally realize that this woman is a really bad joke, and that she can’t be allowed to manipulate gullible brains with her stupidity any longer? The last I recall is that even Republicans were not in lock-step behind her after her fatal performance as wanna-be vice president. So how would that work out for a potential run for office? Is there any self-respecting Republican who would not confess that letting her run is the absolute last straw the party has to offer, while jeopardizing integrity and any remaining political clout?

  • Michael Raymer

    This comes as absolutely no surprise. I should have found some place where I could have put down a bet with odds that this ridiculous show was going to die a quick death. I hope she does run. I’m not going to vote for her anyway, so let her split up the Repubs like Hilary split the Dems.

  • herwin

    of course she is seriously hoping to run for president. problem though is that partly thanks to her own reality show on tv and generally making a spectacle of herself, more and more republicans openly say that she is a bad choiche.

    Oh, the Aaron Sorkin guy..great. meateater who ethically oposes a hunter, always mindboggling to see hypocrites at work. (or maybe the guy just abuses the hunting excuse to trash a political oponent ?)

    Sarah hunting on tv = lets trash her down.
    John Kerry who invites journalists for some photo ops on a hunting trip in order to try secure some extra votes from gun loving people = ok.


  • whitney

    I’d rather see her in some dumbass reality show than on the political trail.