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Johnny Depp probably won’t be your BBM friend anytime soon.

The Pirates of the Caribbean actor recently gave an interview where he denounced our technology-fueled culture and choices to pick entertainment over our true selves.

“Sometimes I’d like to run away screaming from our technology-obsessed world, the invasive media, the madness of reality TV,” Depp said. “We’ve lost touch with the simple things of life. We’re losing our individuality.”

I don’t think Depp is alone in thinking that technology is not always a good thing, and how many of us have been out to dinner only to lose a friend’s attention mid-sentence because they are in the midst of an intense game of Angry Birds on their iPhone?

My own bitterness aside, Depp already lives a fairly secluded life. The 47-year-old resides in the south of France with his family— daughter Lily-Rose, 11, son Jack, 8, and long-term partner Vanessa Paradis— where they live quietly and grow their own vegetables. And when things get too real they can hop on a plane to their privately owned Caribbean island, which has previously won recognition for being solar powered and utilizing renewable energy.

“The island might sound extravagant, but I need somewhere I can breathe easily or just sit around and chat without someone taking my picture,” Depp explained.

Hell, if I had the money I’d buy my own island too, and lord knows the paparazzi aren’t chasing me down (yet).

But Depp credits his family with giving him the desire to be less reliant on technology and focus on the important things. “Anything I’d done before was kind of an illusion,” he said. “My daughter, the birth of my daughter, gave me life. Now, my greatest hope is that I’ll be fair to the people I love.”

I’d tell you my thoughts on Johnny Depp and technology, but my DVR has this really important episode of The Jersey Shore that I need to go watch…

  • Sarita

    I love Johnny, and I completely agree with him. I’m only 15, but I agree that this world has become technology-obsessed, and I don’t like it. Sure I like my phone and my laptop, but I know that I can actually live without them. I always tell myself that I was born in the wrong era because I’m not like other teens who are always online and texting. I would love to live a simple life. I also want to throw in the fact that I love the way he says he loves his daughter so much. My dad never talks about me like that.

    • Melisa

      your generation can make a difference in the world. Always keep dreaming and remember it is in ya’lls hands. Read my reply. Great outlook on life never give up hope.

  • herwin

    maybe its not running away from technology but from shallow 24-7 entertainment and obsessions that are covering our shallow lives..(except my live of course..)

  • Melisa

    Entertaining the thought with my 9 year old boy to live off the land and share goods with friendly neighbors, and no DSI, Cell phones, WII’s and tv was a wonderful experience. Coming from the mind of a 9 year old boy was even better. Maybe, we can teach our children the importance of reality within themselves (ourselfs) and they can bring it on in the next generation. They are our future, and when my son asked “mom how would we get the things we could not raise?”, and my replay was “trade with your neighbors”, he said “we would know our neighbors!” IT IS A SAD WORLD WE LIVE IN, But never give up hope!