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Looking for a way to get all the latest Sea Shepherd news beyond your computer?

The anti-whaling org has just released a brand new iPhone and iPad app — further connecting supporters with all the latest info, pictures, and videos on their various campaigns.

“Technology continues to change the way the world receives information and breaking news. I’m grateful that we are one of the first non-profit conservation organizations to leverage this technology and send updates to our supporters [via iPhones] with the click of a button. Sea Shepherd is ready for this year’s campaign with the goal of financially ‘sinking’ Japan’s illegal whaling operations. This new tool will allow iPhone users to do their part by staying informed, sharing updates to improve awareness and raise funds, and help ensure our success to end this barbaric slaughter,” said Captain Paul Watson in a release.

Other non-profits should certainly take note of this new app — as many of the elements included provide an extremely efficient way to reach supporters. For instance, not only can you stay on top of Sea Shepherd events through a handy calendar, but there are also Facebook and Twitter feeds, easy donation opportunities, and instant access to a slew of other breaking news sections. In short, it’s a great mobile app for anyone looking to support the SS.

To pick it up (yes, it’s free), jump here.

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  • Michael Raymer

    Apps like this really help when pro-whaling trolls come up with accusations that they can’t back up or show a single shred of proof for. Y’know, like Mick did when he accused Animal Planet and Discovery Communications of
    ” goading SS into committing increasingly dangerous stunts in order to boost ratings for a TV show.”

    By staying informed, one can look at a load of crap like this and say, “Hey, that’s a load of crap.” And then, if you’re really in the mood for fun, you can call the person making such an absurd accusation a fabricator of lies, and know that you are right for doing so.

    This is cool. But if you don’t have the money for this app, no worries. Regardless of what kind of communication device you have, or who is on it, it will not change the fact that SSCS is (as we speak) issuing the whalers an ass-kicking of biblical proportions.

    • whiplash

      I agree with you M Raymer.

      Just like Hideyoshi Toyotomi, Kimitake Hiraoka & the Innwood PR thugs…Perpetual desperate comment posting – hoping to somehow keep a dying whaling industry limping along so a bunch of “brave” Japanese whalers can continue their important research. You have got to laugh, seriously. Show me a market for whale meat when theres thousands of tons in Storage!

      • romika3

        Well, an eco-terrorist organization with it own app, who will be next???