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As mentioned yesterday, Jamie Oliver kicks off filming today for the second season of his Emmy-award winning series “Food Revolution”. In an effort to combat obesity, the celebrity chef will show families how to affordably re-create meals that use local and fresh ingredients only. As in the first season, he also wants to visit local schools — but so far, the Los Angeles Unified School District is refusing to allow his cameras into cafeterias; saying that they’re not interested in the “drama of reality TV”.

In an interview with the LA Times, Oliver believes their fear more stems from how their cafeterias would appear on television — nothing that his work has been honorable and that he came to Los Angeles with no preconceptions about its school food. “Ultimately, I still think what happens in schools in food is an incredible weapon or problem in terms of the obesity epidemic,” Oliver said.

A Los Angeles Unified School District spokesperson said that there would be no change of heart — which only adds to the mystery of what they’re hiding behind those cafeteria doors.

Undeterred, Oliver plans on filming his work with families, as well as supermarkets and fast-food establishments, for episodes set to air this spring.

via LA Times

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  • Josh Lamb

    Im 17, and I personally would rather have fresh veggies and fruit, from local sources. Instead of our usual warmed up pizza, our warmed up chicken and old rice. Come to San Diego! Point loma senior high, please.

  • melanie

    Being a Cafeteria Manager I can tell you right now from my school there is nothing to hide behind. The whole “Childhood Obesity” band wagon that everyone has jumped onto has very little to do with school lunches. 83% of meals are shared with the family. The lunches parents pack for their children are far more detrimental to their health. Sodium filled “Lunchables”, sugar filled “Go-gurts”, and a “Little Debbies” for dessert. At least we have fresh apples, oranges, banana’s,baby carrots, broccoli, cucumber slices, whole wheat bread, whole wheat buns, canned fruit in it’s own juices, turkey frank’s. Most things are made from scratch. No one ever asks or calls. People just like the media hype.