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Do you have a charity organization that could really use an endorsement from someone with a lot of pull? Say, an A-lister like, oh, I dunno, KATE MIDDLETON?!

Well, too bad! Because it seems that her future royal highness is already receiving bids to join charities as a patron, and according to a source from the palace it will take “months or even years” to sort through all of the proposals and build up which charities she will become a patron to.

An endorsement from a royal can put an organization on the map, and Prince William already has a roster of non-profits he has lent his time and name to— from women’s rights groups to helping the homeless— organizations that Middleton will undoubtedly join her fiance in visiting over the next coming months.

The luckiest girl in the world just turned 29-years-old on Sunday, and according to the palace source, “Her thinking is that she wants to commit.” They then added, “She wants to do something that she is genuinely passionate about.”

So, what’s the big hold up?

Well, a palace spokesman said, “Inevitably we have had approaches, but we are not making decisions before the wedding.” Then they explained, “Catherine wants time, once she is a member of the Royal Family, to come to a decision about what she wants to do. She wants to decide what her own interests are and develop those over time.”

Based off of some of her more eco-friendly decisions, from the possibility of a green wedding dress to the royal couple moving into an eco-mansion, we’re hoping that she becomes an environmentalist patron!