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In a perfect pairing of life and art, Vera Farmiga has signed up to star in the movie “Goats”, alongside David Duchovny, Keri Russell, Will Arnett and Minnie Driver.

The “Up in the Air” actress owns an off-grid goat farm in upstate NY with her rocker-turned-carpenter husband Renn Hawkey and their two children. “In another life, I was a shepherdess,” she said back in 2007. “I like being off the grid. I want to be self-sufficient and live off the land.”

In Farmiga’s new film “Goats”, director Christopher Neil was drawn to adapt Mark Jude Poirier’s book of the same name because yes, he too grew up on a goat farm. Here’s a synop from IndieWire:

In “Goats,” 15-year-old Ellis (Graham Phillips) prepares to attend a prep school far from his home in Tucson, where his mother (Vera Farmiga) has hired a goat herder (David Duchovny) to maintain the house.  For Ellis, Goat Man is his pot-smoking mentor and the only father he has ever known.  When Ellis moves to a prep school on the East Coast, where his father (Ty Burrell) was a star student, he must also confront the culture of his estranged father and his new wife (Keri Russell), as well as her friends, played by Minnie Driver and Will Arnett.

While the movie stars some seasoned actors, Neil believes that the goats will certainly be just as popular.

“I spent a lot of time in a goat pen as a kid. I can tell you from experience that they are oftentimes more interesting than human beings,” he tells IndieWire. “I felt like I knew these characters, knew them my whole life. My father was almost identical to goat man. I felt like these were my own family. I get to put everything to use that I’ve learned with themes that are not only universal, but personal to me as well.”

Oh yes, it’s safe to say that Farmiga is in goat heaven with this one. “When things get feisty, and I feel my career is less art and more business, then I sincerely think about just buying a staff and herding,” she said recently. Well, at least she won’t have to go far…

Look for “Goats” to appear sometime in 2011.

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  • James Sklar

    Interesting fact: Vera and I are both of Ukrainian origin and have the same exact birthday of 8/06/73.