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I have really rather enjoyed following Jessica Simpson‘s transformation from a chicken-of-the-sea-omnivore, to this lean, mean, green loving machine who is willing to open her mind to vegan possibilities, all thanks to her cruelty free fiance, Eric Johnson.

Now, we told you we were a bit skeptical of this courtship at first, as Johnson is an NFL “free agent” (aka unemployed) and we assumed he was after her money (or something?). But really, his presence in her life seems to be having only positive effects, and this makes us very happy!

For example, Simpson hosted a vegan Thanksgiving this year, and is experimenting with a vegan diet, and now the singer is reportedly taking vegan cooking classes! How cool!

The 30-year-old announced her engagement to Johnson in November, and allegedly has invested in a number of animal-free cookbooks, but now she’s amping up her vegan-game to impress her fiance.

If anyone ever watched the Newlyweds reality show that Simpson starred in with then-husband Nick Lachey, you’ll remember that cooking was never a strong suit. “She hardly ever prepared meals when she and ex-hubby Nick Lachey were together,”a source told National Enquirer. “Jessica is determined to be more of a domestic goddess this time in regards to her marriage.

Hey, second time’s the charm, right? And perhaps the singer is taking her responsibilities a bit more seriously since it seems that she’s ready to start a family.

“I definitely see myself having a family with Eric, so that’s exciting to think about,” Simpson stated.

  • Abby Bean

    She might also impress him by not wearing fur.

  • kb

    I looked up Nick Lachey not simpson. Put her info on her page. They have not been a couple for a long time. Nick was quoted as saying Vanessa was the love of his life. Let’s move on!!

  • Karina

    Lol Abby, completely agree.

  • herwin

    Abby, please can you tell me if she stills wears fur or when was the last time she did wear fur ?
    Would it be possible that “maybe” she stopped wearing fur ?

    For me, all my thumbs and my toes are completely up for Jessica Simpson. Seems she is like one hell of an openminded girl who isnt afraid to take up something new like meatfree cooking and even have a tofurkey x-mas !

  • Polyglossus

    It’s great to hear that she is picking up vegan cuisine :) I hope she keeps it up!

    And yes: she could impress him by not wearing fur! And me too.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    Herwin there was a picture of her over the holidays in Aspen buying fur at a fancy store. Pretty pathetic. I think she’s worse than Gwynth Paltrow when it comes to hypocrites and they both make a bad name for blondes and women in general. At least Paltrow has some talent though. Simpson? none that I’ve ever seen.


  • finn

    There is a picture of her wearing a leather and fur trimmed coat from January 2011 here:

    If you click the picture of the coat next to her picture, you can read the description:”… jacket with fur-trimmed hood, leather yoke and slash pockets.”

    It also looks like she may be carrying something made out of fur in the pic.

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