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The Golden Globe Awards kick off this Sunday, which means Livia Firth will be rocking a new green dress on the red carpet!

The wife of Colin Firth — who is nominated (and will likely win) for the Best Actor category — recently announced that she was continuing her “Green Carpet Challenge” started last year in partnership with Vogue UK. The goal is to wear only ethical and sustainable fashions on the red carpet during awards season.

While she isn’t giving away any pics yet, Livia did drop a post on Vogue describing what her dress this Sunday will be made of.

“I will tell you that it’s made from Tussah silk (also known as Peace Silk) – the process of making Tussah silk does not kill the silkworm in the process, unlike normal silk,” she writes.

While Livia doesn’t necessarily care too much about that part, she does like that “it is produced without the chemicals and waste inherent in normal silk production. It also gives a stunning lustre.”

Designer Jeff Garner of Prophetik is adding another unique green touch with natural indigo dyeing. He even grows his own Indigo plants in Tennessee!

“The thing I really appreciate about Jeff is that he thinks very deeply about problems in the fashion chain such as the heavy chemical pollution associated with dyeing and comes up with a considered response,” adds Livia. “His understanding of ecologically intelligent fabrics and processes is as extraordinary as his respect for the natural world.”

We can’t wait for this Sunday to see Livia hit the red carpet! Stay tuned!

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