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How come it’s always something?

Celebrity chefs Gordon Ramsay and Jamie Oliver are in hot water for serving endangered European eel at their restaurants. Despite the fact that the species was listed as endangered in 2008 after a 90% drop in its population, it was recently discovered that they were part of the menu options.

Alright, I get why Ramsay is entrenched in this scandal. The dude usually sucks, and we’ve told you all the ways; which include eating a raw puffin heart on camera (hiss!!), openly hating on vegetarians, and calling organic food “over-priced and boring.”

But Oliver? The crusader against unhealthy school lunches who helped pass the “Healthy, Hunger-Free Kids Act“?

Unfortunately, it seems to be so.

British newspaper The Sunday Times did an investigative report which found that both chefs, despite having campaigns to highlight the declining fish stocks, had eel on the menu. For Ramsay, who recently traveled to Costa Rica to expose shark finning, the eel made an appearance at his London restaurant Maze as well as at La Veranda, in Versailles, France. And it was also revealed that Oliver, who recently aired a sustainable seafood special in the UK called “Big Fish Night,” served the eel at his London restaurant, Fifteen.

After the paper contacted the chefs, the endangered eel was removed from their respective restaurants.

“Eel has occasionally been on the menu at Fifteen London but will now come off the menu until we have done further research into the state of eel stocks,” a spokesman for Oliver said.

While a spokeswoman for Ramsay stated, “We will be reviewing our position and removing it from the menu for now.”

We’re glad the endangered ell is now off the menu, but how did it get there in the first place?!

  • Caitlin Gambee

    I can’t believe they were doing this. Seriously, where’s the proof?

  • Keith Clarke

    Here I am to do as I wish
    To prepare and cook a tasty dish
    The herbs and the peppers along with the veg
    Adding the spices to give it an edge
    let natures products create new flavors from old
    then dish it out and eat it before it gets cold.

    Want to say I feel the pain of watching brain washed people treat the beautiful shark as though it was nothing but profit. Made me think how they would feel if there arms and legs were chopped of and there body dumped in a land fill site while they were still alive. These people are sic and nothing will stop them destroying the shark and when that has been exhausted they will find something else to profit from.
    If only the intelligent and compassionate people could stand together and put and end to this crime against the environment. Problem is we have the same kind of thing in Britain with illegal development and the destruction of our greenbelt land. Seems that money will always rule no matter what we do to try and stop it.

  • RAIN

    Robert Deniro’s restaurant a while back was serving some endangered fish on the menu. Cooks can me the most ignorant people on the planet. When it comes to serving up a dish for show or for clientel they will do whatever they can to impress them. Even some restaurants that claim to serve vegan options they have cheated on these items not really caring that the customer is vegan.

  • herwin

    endangered or not, “eel” is an extreme cruel product. Eels are catched alive and are rubbed in with salt in order to remove the slime layer of their skin. The salt burns in the sensitive’s eels skin and the animal dies a very slow and painful death.

    Gordon exposing shark fining is nothing but greenwashing his image, its a joke, he is a hypocrite, but a very clever one.

    And mr oliver ? the same guy who promotes foi gras and did stick a knife in the throat of a lamb on natioanl television ?
    now why would anybody be surprised that he serves eel and dont give a toss ?

  • Keith Clarke

    It seems ignorance prevails in our brain washed society. Food is something we can no longer take for granted. It will only get worse when the population of the countries grows to a level were they do not have the surplus food stock to trade. Must be another sign of the four horse men.

  • Patricia

    It’s not just the unaware, inconsiderate, arrogant, greedy, and cruel chefs doing the dishing that is the problem… it’s the people who are buying and EATING these items that keeps the demand for them going.

    Basic economics, and completely reversible if more people would develop a sense of responsibility and compassion when it comes to the beings who share this planet and how they are treated.

    Jamie Oliver ought to be ashamed of himself… seems he really is in it for the money alone… good to find out these things sooner rather than later after we’ve been lead to purchase all sorts of marketing goop from them in the name of “healthy eating” and “sustainability”…

    @ Herwin… I had no idea. I’m vegetarian, but omg… what is wrong with people???

    Keep wishing for change, for people to wake up… but perhaps now it’s going to be up to all of us that do ‘get it’ to move in another direction, away from those that don’t ‘get it’, into something sustainable we All create together, and stop trying to reach the rest of them once and for all… <3

    • herwin

      “marketing goop” :-P + 1.

      You know, there are enough vegan chefs “out there” who deserve and can use the warmth of the spotlights instead we only see the Jamie Olivers and Gordon Ramseys, and its just a mouseclick away to see the kind of foods these guys cook and promote like fois gras, lamb, veal, and eel, its just meat, meat, meat.

      When most people would have to choose between personally killing a lamb or going veggie, many people would choose the compassionate way and go veggie (at least for one day ;-) ). Not Jamie Oliver ; “glutony over compassion” must have been his motto when he personally sliced the throat of a lamb.
      The guy def doesnt come close of being a hero in my book.

      • BenCat1000

        very well said….

  • Angela

    I think the reason why the eels got in the menu in the first place is because it’s a traditional londoner’s dish.
    It’s just as cruel as lamb, pork or any other animal.
    I am actually quite surprised that Jamie Oliver has managed to portrait himself as a saint in the US, well done to his PR.
    Really, “greenwashing” is the right word.

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  • Keith Clarke

    The problem with all this illegal trading with endangered species is that there is to much power and money tied up in and around this disgusting business that nobody in a position of authority has the courage to stop it.
    We humans are supposed to be an intelligent species yet we can kill our own just for the of it.