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Weddings are filled with necessary decisions, even if you are royalty.

That being said, Prince William and Kate Middleton have already started steering the course for the rest of their lives; choosing to arrive at their wedding by car rather than horse-drawn carriage, considering the possibility of moving into an eco-mansion, and now the couple is deciding whether their A-list guests should donate to charity rather than buying them gifts.

The couple will have no problem starting their marriage financially, so it seems fitting that guests contribute to the charitable causes that Will and Kate have already started to champion.

A spokesman confirmed that the Prince and Middleton have been weighing the option, “It is something they are considering but no decision has been made yet.”

But we are likely to hear what their wishes are soon, as the wedding is fast approaching, taking place on Friday, April 29th, just a few months after announcing their engagement in November. The couple has been noticeably careful to avoid any showiness or ostentatious displays, perhaps in part because they are mindful of the current economic state of many households.

That awareness will hopefully lead the couple toward charitable donations instead of gifts, which has the potential to raise hundreds of thousands of dollars, if not more, for needy and worthy causes.

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    Usually engagement gifts are not expected at engagement parties. So if you do decide to bring one, don’t feel bad if the couple does not open your gift in front of everyone because they are just following proper etiquette, especially if other guests did not bring a gift. Offering the couple a nice bottle of wine or champagne is always a simple and sweet gift idea. It will show them that you are happy for them without going overboard. There are plenty of nice wines or bottles of champagne that cost less than $15. A heart-shaped wine stopper can be a sweet gift that they will be able to use long after the wine is gone and will remind them of your engagement gift.