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Last night, British TV host Piers Morgan bet Oprah Winfrey £100 that he’ll score the first in depth interview with Michael Vick. (Side note: Does the interview 60 Minutes did with Vick in 2009 not count?)

Oprah upped the stakes and said, “Make it two.”

As it turns out, both of them were plotting to land the big interview. Yes, the public is quite fascinated by the Michael Vick story and his journey from beloved football player to hated dog killer to something new. Something the world seems to still be deciding on.

Morgan jumped right to the ask once the bet was made. He messaged Vick on twitter telling him that he would split the winnings if Vick would choose his show over Oprah’s. Since £200 is what each of these stars could afford to spend on toilet paper, it seems that professional pride is really what is at stake here. Personally, I’m betting that Oprah gets the interview.

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  • herwin

    i think it sucks to bet and make such a spectacle about who is first to interview this psycho killer.
    Will it be really an indept interview ? Will it really and fairly describe the horrific and sadistic deeds that that guy commited ?
    Ten bucks say it will be a “bad guy turned good guy and lets forget and forgive” kinda interview, and Vick will be the new hero of the day.

    My thoughts are with his innocent victims. Rest in peace, doggies..

  • Peter

    Still crying a River! Good job Vick proving that everyone can change for the better! It really burns the self righteous when they see the comeback you have made thus far!

    Only in America!!! LOL……

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