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Based off of some of the feedback we got on our last post, it’s not a very well known fact that Russell Simmons is a vegan. But believe it or not he is, and is also outspoken about his beliefs, and during a recent chat with Don Imus on Imus In The Morning it turns out that the radio host is vegan too!

Who knew? Not me. But I certainly did like hearing both of them jive talk about it.

When Imus asked Simmons what he would say to someone who wasn’t familiar with what he does for a living, Simmons responded, “I’m an animal activist and a gay rights advocate.”

We like the sound of that! Then Imus asked if Simmons eats meat.

“No, I’m a vegan… I’ve been a vegan for ten years,” Simmons replied.

Then Imus interjected that he too is a vegan… It’s spreading (thank goodness)! And the two shared back and forth thoughts on veganism and the inhumane treatment of animals.

“It’s one of the worst karmic disasters in human history,” Simmons said. “Fifteen billion suffering farm animals.”

Imus furthered, “People, who, for example, go get a big ol’ bucket of chicken. The way those chickens are housed and slaughtered and tormented. I really think you’re taking on the karma of the chicken.” He then added, “These are tormented, tortured animals. They can feel pain just like you can.”

But here’s the horror-film twist, Imus has a cattle ranch! “I’m not against people who eat whatever they want to eat,” he stated. “But I do support humane slaughtering of animals, and the feeding and care of them.”

Now, some less zen vegans out there may have lost their cool at that point. But Simmons stayed calm and replied, “I’m just a person who doesn’t eat animal products… I would say the way they’re slaughtered is horrible.”

Check out the video below to hear Simmons’ full response to Imus owning a cattle farm and supporting the “humane” slaughter of animals.

  • herwin


    Maybe Imus isnt a vegan but just says it in order to sympatise or tune in with Simmons.

    As Imus must know, killing your cow or pig on the farm isnt allowed, ALL animal slaughter is done in slaughterhouses. That means, factory farm animals or eco cow, both are killed the same place the same way.
    (Jonathan Safran Foer describes this in his Eating Animals book)

    In short , “humane slaughter” is a myth.
    And a “vegan” with his own cattle farm is a contradiction in terms.

  • Whoever…

    There’s no such thing as ““humane” slaughter of animals”!!!

    I know that wanting/wishing that everyone would become vegan is wishful thinking but at least there should be a way – and please don’t crucify me for saying this – of raising animals and killing them in a way they wouldn’t suffer… I don’t know, maybe raising them in open natural spaces with good shelters to protect them from the bad weather and anesthetize them before they are killed…

    Unfortunately there will always be people who will eat animals, and although we veg*ans should do our best to promote veg*ism and educate people we should also motivate people who do eat animals to demand that the creatures they eat are raised and killed in a ‘humane’ way.

  • BenCat1000

    Come on..Imus is a vegan? with a cattle ranch? WTF?

  • Michaelb

    Perhaps he misunderstands the definition.

  • Sam

    Indeed, there is a cookbook from the Imus ranch that came out a few years ago with all vegan recipes:

    In Eating Animals they detail a person who works on a cattle ranch who is a vegan – the argument being like Imus’ that if they must be killed (as some people “must” eat meat) it should be done properly and with the least harm possible.

  • Jerry Cook

    Imus has stated on an earlier show that they do not sell or slaughter any animals on the Imus Ranch.. However, using them for calf roping is not within the definition of veganism..