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We could watch Betty White sleep through a cement wall and still laugh— the woman is just that good!

Luckily she keeps popping up all over the place, like her recent appearance on The View where she went on to discuss her upcoming projects, because there’s no way her adoring fans (me) will let her stop.

The 89-year-old has had a pretty fantastic year; she was named Chairman of the Greater Los Angeles Zoo Association, was interviewed on Inside the Actors Studio, the Associated Press named her “Entertainer of the Year,” she was awarded the role of Honorary Forest Ranger, and was recently interviewed by Barbara Walters for her annual “Most Fascinating People” series.

It was during that interview that White revealed an interesting penchant.

“You said to me in our interview, that the truth is you like animals more than people,” Walters told White during The View segment.

“That’s true,” White replied. “I don’t make it a secret!”

She certainly doesn’t! White has been a long time animal rights activist, and an outspoken advocate for the furrier species.

The ladies then asked the octogenarian (look it up) why she prefers animals to humans.

“They never lie to you,” White answered. “You know when they tell you something, they mean it.” The funny woman then added, “They just love you, it’s that simple.”

Check out the video from Betty’s interview below and have a good LOL!

  • Whoever…

    I hear you ;)

    I also prefer animals to people any day…

    Actually, most people who deal with animals feel the same way!

    Am I right? :)

    • boo radley

      yep, spot on!

  • NotHoney

    You are correct and so is Betty. I prefer non-humans to humans any day!

  • Del Jackson

    If you flushed Barbara, Rosie and Oprah down the “john”, the world would be rid of three repulsive “turds”. Betty has dignity, these females do not.

  • Michelle Maskaly

    I have to kind of agree ;-)

  • Karina

    You’re not the only one, Betty. I’ll pick animals over people any day.

  • Erin Elizabeth

    ok despite her stance on the elephants at the zoo I cannot help but love Betty White. She won me over. Plus my dear friend from grade school always said back then I’d be like Betty white in the show when I grew up lol :)

    Cheers to betty. she has a good heart