Not that she would, but… Oprah Winfrey could buy us all and paint our bodies in gold and diamonds. So when she calls, you better answer!

The talk show host-turned-media-mogul is calling on her fans to donate money to help the victims of a devastating flood in Queensland, Australia.

That might be because she’s the world’s most charitable celebrity (for real, it’s legit), but it’s more likely a result of her recent trip down under to film a number of TV segments to mark her final season of The Oprah Show.

The first installment of Winfrey’s “Ultimate Australian Adventure” aired earlier this week, and will continue the rest of the week.

But to raise awareness and acknowledge these tragic events, she told viewers that she’s sending, “thoughts and prayers to our Aussie friends in southern Queensland.”

She continued, “It is the worst flooding they have experienced in over a century… Our hearts continue to go out to the victims and their families…. We know Aussies are strong and resilient and are already starting to recover.”

Thousands of residents in Queensland have been forced to leave their homes, and the death toll has risen to 25 fatalities.

We told you that Jamie Oliver opened an emergency kitchen to provide food and aid to the victims and relief workers, but other celebs including Kylie Minogue and Mandy Moore have also sent messages to fans urging them to help in any way they can.

We think it’s great that Oprah is using the platform of her TV show to raise awareness!

  • Josh hemphill

    I would like to help but I don’t have alot of money. Is there anything else I can do to help.