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Alright folks, get ready for some rather disturbing news that may make your fur stand on end.

Boca Tacos y Tequila, a Tucson taco restaurant, has a pretty poor reputation when it comes to green offerings, and that’s because they pride themselves on serving up exotic cuts of meat, including python, alligator, elk, kangaroo (no!!), rattlesnake, and turtle.

But starting Feb. 16, they’ll be offering a new animal du jour:  African lion tacos.

Owner Bryan Mazon started “exotic taco night” to drum up business, and serving lion is his latest maneuver to try and wrangle in customers. Horrifically enough it’s actually working, and orders have already been placed for lion night.

“I’m doing the African lion to get my name out,” Mazon stated. “I’ve never tried it myself, but this one really caught my eye.”

Okay, so that’s awful, but it actually gets worse: Lion meat in the US typically comes from lions who were former “pets” and have spent their lives in captivity at zoos, “sanctuaries,” circuses, and backyard cages. So, essentially, when the novelty of owning an exotic cat wears off, or when zoos need to make room for new babies, lions are sold at auction where they can be purchased for slaughter.

In response Patrick Webb, the president of the National Wildlife Humane Society, wrote a letter begging Mazon to reconsider.

“I am a very calm and logical person and make no knee jerk judgments on people,” he wrote. “I realize this is a publicity effort, and will not result in profitability in serving lion, but sometimes no amount of publicity is worth the potential negative effects on vulnerable species.”

Unfortunately, Mazon is getting publicity so in the end his goal has come to fruition.

But if this story made your claws come out the same way ours did, there are ways to fight against this— like joining the Facebook group to stop Boca Tacos y Tequila from serving lion meat, or going to the official Boca Facebook page and speaking to the people in charge.

What do you all think about this?

  • Karina

    More and more sickos in the world everyday!

  • Eli

    I want to cry but that won’t make any difference. Disgusting.

  • Whoever…

    Why not start serving Fat Americans Tacos instead!?

    People are disgusting!!

    Why not eat human flesh as well? If some cultures still do it, why not fight human overpopulation by eating other humans?


    And some of the comments (made by human trash) on the boca facebook page are outrageous:

    “Chris Roth here is the thing… its being eaten. not thrown away. if africans can eat the lion meat, way can’t i?”
    “Rick Hamilton If a Hyena can eat a lion, so can I.”
    “Nick Pennock I will go to BOCA on Lion Taco Wednesday. I will order a Lion taco. I will eat it. I will cut up the dead remains of a Lion with my teeth, I will swallow it, then I will have the acids in my stomach break it down before I release the undigestable waste out of my anus in a solid waste log. I will do this because I am a …MAN who is at the top of the food chain!!! AMERICA!!”
    “Brandy Hyatt To all the protesters…..How about a nice tall glass of Shut the fuck up….served with a side of LION!!!”

    After this I can only add… I’m all for ALF, PETA, SS and so on!! I only think they’re too soft.
    If I was in charge of such organizations then people would know what ‘eco-terrorism’ would really be like!

    Humans… What a pathetic species! I’m going to laugh out loud in the coming years when millions will be wiped off the face of the earth!!!

  • Michael Raymer

    While I’m not a fan of PETA by any means, this is one of those times when I hope someone has an “accident” with a couple gallons of kerosene.

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  • Joe

    Your articles mentioned that some of these animals spent their “lives” in “sanctuaries” so why are they still not there? I thought that was a place were animals are offered safety. Am I off the mark?

  • beforewisdom

    It seems like Arizona is the new Texas.

    In a race to the bottom to see who is the most backward and mean at the same time.

  • Joss

    To Erin La Rosa; kangaroos are a pest in Asutralia, I should know as this is my home. I frequently eat kangaroo. Here it is maketed as the “green option” Anyone in Australia can go down to their local shop and buy it, and it is delicious.
    To Whoever and Michael Raymer; are you guys for real? You guys are calling for terrorism to be inflicted on a restaurant because you don’t agree with the menu selection? Whether you agree or not, obviously it is not illegal in America to sell these meats. To say
    “Humans… What a pathetic species! I’m going to laugh out loud in the coming years when millions will be wiped off the face of the earth!!!” just shows your lack of humanity. Get some meds man