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The following is a guest post from Captain Paul Watson of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society in response to an interview we posted late last week with Ady Gil and Pete Bethune.

That was a very interesting Ecorazzi interview with Pete Bethune and Ady Gil.

Just over a year ago, neither man seemed to have much interest in a cause that I have been prominently involved in for nearly four decades.

Suddenly Pete Bethune comes out with a book that merely drops the “s” from Peter Heller’s excellent book The Whale Warriors published in 2007. The hundreds of dedicated and courageous Sea Shepherd volunteers suddenly are trivialized by a man who was paid to skipper the Ady Gil and whose cowboy antics were not productive to the success of the campaign in any meaningful way.

Last year 74 men and women crewed with Sea Shepherd to the Southern Ocean and this year eighty-eight volunteers are presently on the three Sea Shepherd vessels Steve Irwin, Bob Barker and Gojira. Pete Bethune is not unique in boarding a Japanese vessel, Ben Potts and Giles Lane did it before him in 2008, nor is he unique in being arrested. He is unique in betraying his crewmates.

Bethune would have the whale warriors become irrelevant as he pushes himself front and center as the world’s most famous “whale warrior” or so it is portrayed by his promotional material.

The Ady Gil was lost because Pete Bethune had his crew on the aft deck mocking the whalers and not paying attention to their movements. Any naval inquiry into a captain who lost his ship in that way would have resulted in a court martial.

Bethune brought prohibited weapons onboard the Ady Gil against Sea Shepherd policy and despite what he says, without my knowledge. The decision to board the Shonan Maru #2 was his and his alone. Sea Shepherd supported the decision and assisted him in carrying out that decision but I am also on camera in Whale Wars advising him to not do it and to return to New Zealand to address the ramming of the Ady Gil. But we respected his courage in wanting to do the boarding and there were certainly strategical advantages to doing so. But I warned Pete that anything we do in the Southern Ocean is not illegal but once onboard a Japanese vessel, he would be subject to Japanese law. He replied as witnessed by my officers, that he was prepared for the consequences including going to prison.

Yet his courage faltered once he was subjected to interrogation and there he not only sang like the proverbial canary, he falsely accused me of “ordering” him to board the Shonan Maru #2 thereby giving the Japanese authorities a reason to place me under investigation for conspiracy and to place me on the Interpol Blue list.

Despite this, we paid a half a million dollars for his defense and he was released with a suspended sentence and a promise given to not return to the Southern Ocean.

Returning from Japan he was extremely ungrateful and demanding, and his demand to participate in the present campaign was refused. He retaliated by stating he would make accusations against Sea Shepherd and I, if he was not permitted to be involved.

I refused and he made the ridiculous accusation that I ordered him to scuttle the Ady Gil after it had been cut in half and after the Bob Barker had towed in for 36 hours. I of course did no such thing. In fact, on camera during an episode of Whale Wars, I clearly say that “It’s Pete’s boat, it’s Pete’s decision.”

Despite misinformation, Ady Gil never donated one million dollars to Sea Shepherd. He gave us a check for a million dollars but it was never cashed because along with the check were demands that we could not agree to as a charitable organization and thus the check was returned.

Ady purchased the Earthrace for one million dollars. Ady then chartered the vessel to Sea Shepherd for $1. Pete Bethune unfortunately had the power to choose his own crew and they are the men seen whining on the Whale Wars episodes because Pete told them they would only be away from home for a couple of weeks. The only Sea Shepherd crewmember onboard was Laurens DeGroot and he reported that he was worried that Pete was too much of a cowboy.

Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd did have a contract that stated that if the Ady Gil was lost, Sea Shepherd would name a second vessel after him. However when the one million dollars was not actually donated to Sea Shepherd this voided the contract and Sea Shepherd is under no legal obligation to name any vessel after Ady Gil. We did not name the first vessel Ady Gil. He gave his own name to his own boat.

Ady sent a letter to Sea Shepherd and I in November 2010 threatening a lawsuit if we did not name our new interceptor vessel the Ady Gil II. He gave us a deadline to respond. We notified his lawyer that the “contract” was no longer binding due to the donation not having been received. We have heard nothing since.

Pete Bethune also has no legal contract to be paid a half a million dollars. We paid that amount for his legal defense but we are not under any obligation to pay him for a vessel we never owned. He was paid $10,000 during the time he was incarcerated and the funds were sent to his wife.

Despite what Ady Gil stated in the interview, I told him that I had no intention of naming a boat after him and that we were not legally obligated to do so. I am not sure who he claims insulted him, but this interview is the first I have heard of him having been insulted by a director. I released his letter of intent to sue when he denied he had sent such a letter.

To sum up: The Ady Gil was not a Sea Shepherd boat. I did not order Pete Bethune to scuttle his own boat and anyone who has seen Whale Wars can see the truth about his claims. Sea Shepherd never received a one million dollar donation from Ady Gil and Sea Shepherd has no contractual obligation to name a boat after Ady Gil.

What we have now however is Ady Gil and Pete Bethune setting up two organizations of their own, the Ady Gil World Conservation Organization and Pete Bethune’s Earthrace Conservation Organization.

This is all well and good, but what is interesting is that their “projects” are all projects presently undertaken by Sea Shepherd. Pete Bethune is preparing a campaign to oppose the slaughter of pilot whales in the Faeroes. Ady Gil is financing anti-Sea Shepherd activists to go to Taiji to publicly criticize Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in the field. In short they are not only duplicating Sea Shepherd’s efforts but they are working to undermine those efforts.

This is not activism, it is obstructionism and it is being done for reasons of personal revenge because both men feel they have been hard done by Sea Shepherd.

Ironically it was not I who lost Ady Gils boat. Pete Bethune lost it. The official New Zealand Martime Safety Investigation stated that Pete Bethune was 50% negligent with regard to the incident. Yes, the Shonan Maru#2 deliberately rammed the Ady Gil but Bethune should not have left himself open to attack.

Ady Gil and Pete Bethune lost their own boat and they demanded that Sea Shepherd replace it, and we refused. That is the reason for their mutual animosity.

Without Sea Shepherd’s support, Pete would still be in prison. Ady Gil did not pay Bethune’s legal fees. Sea Shepherd did. As Ady said in the interview “no good deed goes unpunished.”

As for me, I have only one grievance. Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with his testimony that falsely accused me of ordering him to board the Shonan Maru #2. Pete admits this testimony but justifies it as necessary to his staying out of prison. That is all well and good for Pete Bethune, but such behavior is considered to be very ill advised, even craven, in many circles, especially in prison, and certainly provides me with sufficient reason to deny any further involvement with him.

In short, we paid Pete Bethune’s considerably expensive legal defense costs and refused to allow him to return to the Southern Ocean. And for that he accused me and Sea Shepherd of being morally bankrupt.

I don’t begrudge Ady Gil or Pete Bethune the opportunity to start their own organizations, but I do find it irritating that their approach to conservation campaigns is to piggy back on Sea Shepherd’s on-going campaigns in the Faeroes, Taiji, Japan and the Southern Ocean and to chastise our tactics and strategies when they both have zero experience in the field of marine wildlife conservation and it is for this reason that I feel justified in questioning their motivations.

  • romika3

    Watson: Please explain this to your funders

    The Public Record:

    1 – In 2000 Sea Shepherd reported income of $129,749 from consulting fees however there was no indication what sort of consulting this was, or for whom it was performed. Coincidentally, in the tax year immediately following, Paul Watson, who has long prided himself in not taking any salary from the society, began doing just that.

    2 – In 2002 the Sea Shepherd Society passed out $35,000 in grants. Despite IRS requirements to do so, the Society did not divulge the recipients of those grants.

    3 – In 2003 Sea Shepherd made a grant of $8,000 to OrcaForce International, a group supposedly started by Watson’s ex-wife. Even though the Sea Shepherd Society’s tax return shows this $8,000 amount as a contribution, at the time, the OrcaForce address was listed on the society’s web site as a Sea Shepherd International address.

    Over the years several instances have been identified where assets have been moved between Sea Shepherd and OrcaForce and although OrcaForce appears to have a Canadian address, investigation did not uncover any registration or structural information on this group in either the U.S. or Canada.

    4 – The liabilities of the Sea Shepherd Society jumped from $2,122, which was about normal for this group, to $222,889 in 1999. Most of this amount was related to a Mortgage at Washington Federal Savings and Loan however as far as could be determined, no details of what this loan is related to is available.

    5 — Although the Sea Shepherd Society does not have a large number of donors those who contribute do so in a very big way and many of these gifts are one time donations. This would appear to be a little out of the ordinary for an organization of this type since most non-profits rely on large numbers of smaller gifts to operate.

    Often, rather than hard cash, gifts to Sea Shepherd take the form of stock in major corporations. Contributions to the society have been made in everything from Harley Davidson stock ($122,000 from guitarist Mike Galesi) to Exxon-Mobile stock valued at nearly 100,000 gifted by a Ms. Whilhelmina Angel of Florida.

    The donation of Exxon-Mobile stock may have been purely legitimate, however it appears to be an odd gift for Mr. Watson to accept when one considers his comments at a speaking engagement just last month.

    “I won’t give one penny for Katrina relief. Ill give for the animals but not for relief efforts until the oil companies pony up millions for the destruction caused by global warming.”

    Although many of the Society’s contributors are from the U.S, there have been some Canadian donors as well, including one whom made her donation by way of Wappel Law in Toronto. This law firm works with non-profit organizations and boasts Tom Wappel the Liberal Party member for Scarborough Southwest, who recently voted in Parliament on a bill related to non-profit organizations, as a Senior Partner.

    6 — The following is a rather lengthy and complex set of cir****tances. Most of the items listed below might not appear interesting on their own, however when viewed together they are rather disconcerting.

    – One of Sea Shepherd’s biggest financial supporters is Ms. Ann Johnston, wife of Florida land developer Mr. Pritam Singh (not his original name). Mr. Singh, (original name Paul LaBombard) was banned from banking for life in 1995 and ordered to pay $1.2 million dollars by federal bank regulators for his financing activities on a Key West business. According to the Key News Journal, Singh has also been investigated by the FBI for his questionable business practices and a Key West attorney has filed a lawsuit against him, alleging almost 20 years of criminal activity — including racketeering and fraud.

    – Both Singh and his wife are very closely connected with both the Sea Shepherd Society and the Watson family.

    – The relationship between Johnston, Singh and Watson goes back a number of years. In September of 2003 Ms. Johnston’s signature appears, along with Watson’s and his wife’s, on a loan for property listed at the same address in Washington State as the Society’s headquarters. A Deed of Trust was filed in September of that year stating that a property in “Friday Harbor” Washington was used to secure this loan valued at about $221,000.

    According to a recent St. John’s Telegram article, the same day this transaction took place, in fact just 5 hours afterward, Ms. Johnston gave a 66% interest in the land to the Watson’s for $10 dollars. This gift was not to the Society itself, but rather to the Watson’s directly. Also at that time, Johnston granted the Watsons another option on property. The Watson’s secured additional mortgages of $50,000 and $30,000 on April 15, 2004. Within two months all debts were paid off in full.

    IRS returns for the Society in that year reported that Sea Shepherd had sold a property listed as “Friday Harbor land and buildings” for $165,938, reporting a loss on the transaction of $184,862. Is this the same property that was used just a couple of months before to secure a $221,000 loan?

    Although a search of San Juan County records did not reveal the “Friday Harbor” transaction having taken place, they do show a flurry of transactions involving both Paul Watson and Ann Johnston.

    – In addition to her involvement in a property loan, Ms. Johnston cemented herself as a premier contributor by making a donation to the Society claimed to have been valued at nearly 2.7 million dollars. This gift consisted of a company called “Northern Development Associates”, a for-profit business with holdings in Alaska.

    – Both Johnston and her husband Singh have not only shown great financial generosity to the Sea Shepherd Society, Mr. Singh has also been listed as a member of the financial and management advisory board for the Society, despite his less than spotless financial history.

    – When Paul Watson was elected as director of the Sierra club in 2003 he listed his home as “Misty Fjords Lodge”, even though he has admitted that he never actually lived there. This lodge, which was a part of the 2.7 million dollar “Northern Development Associates” gift, has been identified by Watson as a research facility however the lodge is registered with the US forestry service as having a permit as a fishing lodge. It appears to qualify as the only licensed fishing lodge inside Misty Fjords National Monument in Alaska.

    – A corporate search shows two relevant entities named “Northern Development Associates”. One of these is in Alaska (where the lodge is located), the other is in Florida (where Ann Johnston and her husband, developer Pritam Singh, live). Records show major overlap between both the names and addresses of many board members of the Sea Shepherd society, “Northern Development Associates” and various companies owned by Singh / Johnston.

    For example, records show that in 1999 Watson’s ex-wife Lisa Distefano, who has been connected with the mysterious OrcaForce organization, was a board member of “Northern Development Associates”. At the time her address of record was listed as that of Mr. Singh’s golf course development in Key West. In addition to Ms. Distefano, several other members of the Sea Shepherd Society board have shown multiple addresses and many of these can be traced directly back to Singh properties.

    – IRS documents also show that the non-profit, donation run, Sea Shepherd society made a series of loans to its wholly-owned affiliate, the for-profit “Northern Development Associates”, between 1998 and 2003.

    – Tax returns for “Northern Development Associates” show losses of $222,611 in 2000, $201,180 in 2001 and $127,633 in 2002. All the while, “Northern Development Associates” was receiving loans from the tax exempt Sea Shepherd Society to the tune of nearly $900,000.

    – In 2002, for the first time in history, Sea Shepherd’s tax return showed the Society had incorporated the losses of “Northern Developments Associates” into its own bottom line even though it was gifted to the Society years before.

    – On November 8, 2004, the Misty Fjords Lodge (the primary asset of “Northern Development Associates”), was sold to a newly-formed company, Misty Fjords, LLC, located at 6805 Overseas Highway, Marathon, Florida. Online records at the Florida Department of State’s Corporations Division name the President/Director of Misty Fjords, LLC as none other than Pritam Singh, the husband of the original donor Ms. Johnston.

    At the time of sale the property was identified by the realtor as being listed for $1 million dollars under the appraised value.

    – In April of 1999 the Sea Shepherd Society received a donation of a “Key West Home and Land” in Florida which the Society claimed was valued at $329,500. They re-sold this property less than 2 months later for $850,000 yet claimed an overall loss on the transaction of more than $265,000 due to related costs.

    According to sources, a search of Monroe County, Florida (Marathon, Key West) records show that Sea Shepherd sold a “Single Family Home” at 5 Crane Blvd., Sugarloaf Key, FL for $850,000 on June 2, 1999. A mapquest and 1999 satellite photo search find no structures at this location.

    Sea Shepherd reported $64,070 in expenses for maintenance at the Key West property as “Program Service Expenses,” indicating the money was spent to further the organization’s tax-exempt purpose.

    It is not known if Singh or Johnston were involved in this transaction since the name of the donor was not found in available documents however this information may be contained in Statement 1 of Sea Shepherd’s Form 990 tax return for fiscal 1998 submitted to the IRS.

    What does it all mean?

    Consider that this organization enjoys tax exempt status but appears to be involved very closely with questionable business interests. The Society and its leader have been involved in everything from intentionally sinking ships to booby trapping trees which loggers must try to harvest (the practice of which is suspected of seriously injuring at least one mill worker) and they’ve been involved in generally disrupting legal business enterprises.

    • Sean Spain

      Romika 3 your pathetic… and a TROL…. why are you even here? to undermine SSCS for what reason? why? don’t you have something better to do with your time? no wonder the planet is the way it is… people spend to much time bitching and not enough time taking action… ACTION ACTION ACTION!

      • romika3

        This post has nothing to with the Plant, it has to do with an organization that claims to be a conservation organization but is an eco-terrorist organization. Verify this by viewing video on YouTube but you have to do it soon as SSCS video are slowing disappearing from the site. I guess the new “terrorist” flag is working.

      • imforthewhales

        Oh are you still going hard at it on u tube romika3? I see your old mate Ednakookoo and you are now bestest bum chums on there…

    • Captain Paul Watson

      Normally I would ignore someone who is paid to post anti-Sea Shepherd propaganda as this Romika character has done. I mean what sort of person would go to this kind of trouble to attempt to discredit Sea Shepherd unless there is motivation? Being one of the ICR’s paid posters is of course motivation.

      Anyhow I can answer all of these ridiculous out of context manipulated statements quite briefly and very easily.

      The Sea Shepherd Conservation Society has been audited twice since 2000 by the United States Internal Revenue Service (IRS). No irregularities were found and there were no infractions or penalties. I notice you did not reference the audits.

      As a charitable organization we will defer to the assessment of the IRS over the propaganda of the ICR.

      The same can be said about this silly accusation of eco-terrorism. First there is no crime defined as eco-terrorism and we have not been charged with any infractions nor have we been reprimanded by Australia, the USA or the Netherlands or anyone else for that matter. We have not even been charged with anything by Japan. So for those who insist upon calling us such names all I can say, is “have me arrested or screw off with your tiresome impotent rhetoric.”

      The government of Japan demanded that the USA remove our tax status and it was refused. Why? Because interference with a U.S. charity by the government of the United States at the bequest of a foreign nation is illegal. The last time that happened was under the Nixon Administration. I can’t see Barack Obama going there.

      Sea Shepherd has never caused a single injury to any person nor have we ever been convicted of a felony crime. Sea Shepherd is an anti-poaching organization that specializes in targeting illegal activities that exploit marine wildlife.

      You can attempt to paint us up anyway you like but we will put our faith in the democratic system and the law and we will abide by the regulations of the IRS in the governance of our organization.

      The very fact that you petition Ecorazzi with this nonsense is indicative of the fact that the IRS has not given your silly accusations the time of day. The IRS does not deal in rumors, manipulated facts, and opinions and certainly does not make decisions for political reasons.

      Thank-you for further exposing what your agenda is Romika – troll for hire. BTW How much does the ICR pay you?

      • AnimuX

        The ICR doesn’t pay romika as far as I know. However, he is an admitted seal killer from Canada and continues to do nothing but flood Ecorazzi and other sites with posts attacking SSCS.

        He is consistently factually inaccurate and obsessed with Paul Watson.

      • boo radley

        I think Romika3 wishes he was Paul Watson.

        Anyway great post on here and its sad that Pete Bethune and Ady Gil cannot swallow their pride, admit their mistakes and move forward to help save wildlife alongside everyone else who are sick and tired of the Romika3’s of the world who, when they see a seal or a whale, see nothing but $$$$$$$$.

      • Bingo Bango

        you didn’t answer romika3’s questions at all, Paul, you just spouted your usual propaganda, “it answers all questions no matter what they are!”. And how in the world would YOU know whether someone was paid by the ICR, how do you have access to their payroll records? I’d ask the same of AnimuX. Boo, it’s even sadder that Paul can’t admit HIS mistakes. He’s the one who starts all this drama in the first place, and now he’s criticizing everyone else who wanted to speak their piece and defend themselves against what he did and said, by simply dismissing them as meaningless copycats. And then he gets his followers to complain about how “can’t we all just get along?” to try and sweep all the in-fighting under the rug when it starts to get out of hand like this.

        You sure like to call everyone “silly” for ever criticing you, Paul. Is it possible that maybe it’s you who’s in the wrong, and all these other people are telling the truth? Because the opposite seems highly unlikely, you’re not that important or worthwhile.

      • Michael Raymer

        Thank you Paul for clearing this up. Not that I gave it much credence but, romika likes his repetition. Without a reply from you, we were going to see that exact same post at least a dozen more times. When I get up enough scratch this summer to FINALLY send in a donation, this is what I’ll be donating for. And, oh yeah, the whales.

        I really enjoy it when you stop by. If your ego was as enlarged as some people claim, you wouldn’t take the time to personally come here. One more myth refuted.

        I’m afraid that I must take issue on one point-of-order, though. I, along with others, take serious issue with you addressing yourself as “Captain”. What the hell is wrong with you? Surely it has become clear by now that the correct title for you is “Admiral”. I understand that you are used to running just one ship, but times have changed, me boyo. You have three ships to direct, you refer to them and their respective crews as “Neptune’s NAVY” and navies have ADMIRALS running them. After all these years, don’t you think it’s time for a promotion? I do. To my perspective, if I was still just a Captain after almost 4 decades, I’d be some kind of pissed. Please make this correction at your earliest convenience.

        Thank you.

      • Bingo Bango

        @ Michael Raymer: Remove head from Watson’s @$$, you need to get some oxygen to the brain. The man is so grossly egotistical that he can’t stop obsessing about what we’re all saying about him – THAT’S why he’s here commenting. He’s obsessed with what people think about him. Why else would he bother even READING the comments section on a commentary he wrote to “clear the air”?

        BTW, real admirals have what we like to call, in the professional world, “qualifications”. If you suck up any farther we’ll be able to see you waving every time Watson opens his mouth.

      • Kimitake Hiraoka

        Paul, how much are YOU paid by SSCS?

      • km

        Michael, no offense but if you and/or Paul believe he is an Admiral then wouldn’t he have been ultimately responsible for Pete’s actions in boarding the ship? And scuttling the Ady Gil? It goes both ways, no? I’ll admit that I don’t know how these things work but you do say that he has three ships to “direct”, as he did last year. If the army lingo is to apply then at least be consistent. If Pete was so bad then blame falls on Paul’s judgment. Paul’s lack of accountability for anything is baffling

        Also, if the Ady Gil wasn’t an SSCS ship, why would he put one of his top men on the ship? More importantly, why did he constantly refer to it as one of his ships? An article here says that Paul was quoted as saying the following: “Sea Shepherd has acquired a new fast vessel to replace the Ady Gil…” Kind of sounds like a SSCS ship. Or at the least, a ship under his command. I believe that it’s even listed on “the fleet” page of SSCS or at least was.

        Michael, how can you not challenge any of this? I was heartened by the fact that you hadn’t commented last night and I assumed it was because this release is full of contradictions. You can support the mission, which I do in some respect and perhaps more than his supporters because at least I question him, but to support this is sad. I thought you were sincere the other day but I get the sense that I was being played.

      • romik3

        “take serious issue with you addressing yourself as “Captain”. What the hell is wrong with you? Surely it has become clear by now that the correct title for you is “Admiral”. I understand that you are used to running just one ship, but times have changed, me” I am presently on the North East Coast of Canada, on the fringe of the North Atlantic, it is a beautful day and the sun is raining down and am spending my valuable time looking for a paper bag that I can throw up in as I do not want do any damage to the environment.

      • Michael Raymer

        If you guys want to attack Watsons credibility, you need to earn some of your own. You can accomplish this by first learning how to read. Secondly, you can figure out where your loyalties are. If you are in romikas camp, and you want to see the oceans devoid of life, and every animal species not our own fried up as McNuggets, so be it. But if you are on the side of the whales, you need to pull your head out of your own asses.

        Just because ADMIRAL Watson doesn’t suit you PERSONALLY, just because he doesn’t fit your profile, your stereotype, your vision, of what he should be; you whine incessantly like little school children who didn’t get the candy bar they wanted. Seriously, I’m embarrassed for you people. If this is how you view the world in general, by all means, stay at your computer. Walking outside would be a bad idea for you.

        And romika? ADMIRAL Watson gave you a direct answer. What do you and your “contacts” on the Super-Sleuth Spy Network have to say about that?

      • km

        Michael, I like you because your passion for this cause is huge so I don’t want to get into this further. I also disagree with you here but also disagree with the haters. The only thing I want to add is that Paul insults Pete’s crew above and calls them whiners. If I’m correct and I may not be, Larry Routledge is one of the those he’s talking about. They brought Larry on the campaign this year aboard the Gojira. Supposedly specifically requested him. If that’s true, they used him.

        I think I’ll stay away from these threads now. It’s true that the only people who post here are those with their minds made up. I don’t want to get that way. I hate pissing matches.

        Come visit me in the vegan threads :) I may even get you interested in some cruelty free products.

      • Brandon

        @Bing Bango, that’ hilarious, you say he’s obsessing over what we’re saying, it sounds like your projecting yourself on the captain. Ego maniac? You’re the one going ape shit with the superiority complex nonsense. Bingo we also don’t have records of ICR’s black market deals, but we all know it happens. The absence of evidence isn’t the evidence of absence.

        How did Paul start all of this? If you read the letter exchanged between Paul and Pete it’s obvious that Pete started this all. Pete was the first one to go on the attack on his facebook account, so how can you say Paul started this? @Bingo what would you call people criticizing you? Would you get warm and fuzzy feelings about them? It’s funny how you say that he feels it’s impossible for him not be be in the wrong, but at the same time you feel it impossible for him not to be in the wrong you hypocrite. “you’re not that important or worthwhile” with how invested you are in speaking on this it sure seems like that’s a bald faced lie.

        @KM, well you obviously don’t know how things work in the military. An officer or any person of higher ranking couldn’t possibly be found liable for the actions done by his subordinates against his advisement. Pete wanted to go, it was pete’s decision, but Pete LIED IN COURT ABOUT IT AND SAID HE WAS RELUCTANT BUT ORDERED TO BOARD!
        @KM Larry Routledge is someone PETE BETHUNE picked, Paul and other SSCS board/crew had nothing to do with Pete Bethunes crew, pete has said he didn’t even want SSCS members on his vessel. Pete brought a whiner who threatened to attack other sscs crew, and what did pete do about it? He laughed and facilitated the potential violence against other crew.

      • km

        Brandon, You realize that Larry is or was on the Gojira this season and invited by SSCS? What does that say about Paul’s judgment?

        Was there a mutiny or did Paul facilitate the boarding? I never said he ordered it or that Pete wasn’t lying. But are you sure that a superior would not be held responsible as you state if they facilitated it? And then lauded it and called the person a hero?

        When Pete facilitates violence by a crew member he’s accountable but when Paul facilitates an illegal boarding by a crew member he’s not? Again, is that how the military would see it?

      • Michael Raymer

        I said this below, but I’m also going to say it here. Don’t dispute Watson’s title of Captain out of one side of your mouth and then lay some all-encompassing responsibilty on him out of the other. And km, don’t call SSCS a military organisation when you pointed out to me that they are not. They are not the Navy, they are not the Coast Guard. They are an NGO made up of volunteers. By definition they are (largely) made up of liberal volunteers who probably would never join the military (although some have in the past, like Chris Aultman as well as others. Hats off to them from an 8 year Army man). So enough with this, “this is how the military would do it so this is how SSCS should do it.”

      • km

        Michael, that’s not fair. I stated that if the army lingo were to apply then be consistent and then Brandon told me that I didn’t know anything about the military and so I responded to him. He stated that Paul would not be held responsible for Pete’s actions if this were the military. I was surprised because I would think facilitating something would be problematic in the military.

        Unless you’re referring to something else? I probably did mention the Admiral/Captain thing elsewhere?

      • Michael Raymer

        km, I don’t think it’s fair that, while being an avowed anti-whaler, you seem insistent on finding as much fault with how Watson runs his organisation as you possibly can. And this is not just a knee-jerk response to your last post. I have spent the last couple of days being somewhat mystified by you.

        I’ll say the same thing to you that I have said countless times to others (in your case I want to make sure that you know that I say it with respect and as a friend): If you have that much of a problem with the way SSCS is run, start your own group. Acquire your own ship, fuel it, provision it, repair it and maintain it. Find a crew that is willing to follow YOUR orders and head on down to the Antarctic and show us all how it’s done. Confront a multi-million dollar industry that is backed and subsidized by one of the most powerful and influential countries on Earth and then let us know how “easy” it was. Show us how you would do this without error, without setback, without controversy. Let us know how things went as you provided leadership to people whom you were not paying a stipend to and who are not bound by any regulations. In the military it’s called the Uniform Code of Military Justice (UCMJ). In SSCS it’s not called anything because there is no legal recourse that can be taken. Either a given volunteer works out or you’re stuck with him until you get back to port and can kick him off the ship.

        It’s real easy to talk about all the things you’d do better/differently if you were actually doing this. You and I don’t live the day-to-day lives that Paul Watson lives. He has made decisions that I don’t agree with, but I keep that FACT in mind when I comment on them. And I don’t let all this extra-curricular nonsense let me lose sight of the fact that SSCS saves whales. I know this because the ICR tells me so.

      • devon

        give the whalers hell paul!

    • cristal

      Eco-terrorists? They are out in the oceans for months for the sole purpose of saving the lives of the whales. The real terrorists are those disgusting whaler’s. Who gave them the right to fish our oceans clean? Next thing you know the magnificent giant whales will be extinct just like the dinosaurs.

      • Jamie McCroskey

        The Minke whales are not and never have been endangered. The endangered whales are not given any attention by the sscs. They do not fish the oceans clean either, that’s just silly. Do you know the USA has a whaling quota also? Does the sscs ever do anything about that? NO. Why are the sscs followers so uninformed?

      • peppered steak

        It is unfortunate that we are dealing with a tide of pro-whaling propaganda zombies – from hired PR Junkies in New Zealand (Glenn Inwood), to various forum posters (DDPalmer, Hideyoshi T, Kimitake H etc) to the Japanese Fisheries agency the ICR which puts out blanket statements similar to what North Korea does in relation to the violent “eco-terrorists” (SSCS). Plus all the made up claims of injuries the Whaling vessel operators put out.

      • Michael Raymer

        As Boo Radley says somewhere else, SSCS is damned if they do and damned if they don’t. SSCS (in their opinion and mine) has a legal right to interdict whaling operations in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary. You can disagree with this all you want, but I don’t see them getting arrested for it. Where other nations conduct whaling, the law is less clear. SSCS enforces the UN World Charter for Nature in an established Whale SANCTUARY. And again, if they are breaking the law, arrest them.

        The areas where others conduct whaling, SSCS may not have as clear a legal mandate, so they will have to take a different approach. And I have to say, for all this, “Why are they there instead of somewhere else”” nonsense, why are you HERE, instead of somewhere else?

        We are not uninformed. We are much more informed than you apparently are, Jamie.

      • imforthewhales

        1) The whaling debate is about killing animals that are either endangered (as in the case of Fin whales or J-stock Minke) or likely in a dramatic and mysterious decline (as in the case of Minke whales) OR important to other nations whale watching industries (such as Humpbacks and Right whales).

        2) Some whales such as Blue whales and Right whales were hunted almost to extinction and are slowly recovering in population. Other whales such as Southern Minke have maintained a steady high population of around a million for around the last million years, yet have fallen to around 300,000 since the 1980’s! Clearly an animals ‘endangered’ status must be measured both in past and future threats as both are very different issues.

        3) As recently shown culling whales will not help fisheries. Whales are not eating all the fish, humans are eating all the fish. The oceans health is important to all mankind and it is irresponsible for one nation to put it at such great risk.

        4) Japanese whalers usually kill % wise mostly pregnant female whales, which in recovering populations puts the genetic diversity of the species at risk. Japans research has been a very low standard & its closed doors secresy and reliance on lethal sampling ilogical.

        5) The decline of Minke may be related to many different issues. Some that have been suggested are high infant mortality due to Crassicaudosis parasites, low fertility due to Brucellosis Bacteria infections in genitals, sunburn, eating plastic, ship strikes, bycatch, noise polution, ghost nets and the die off of around 80% of the krill that Minke eat. With these very real problems, and future potential ones as Antarctica melts the future of the Minke is uncertain at best. While the main cause of the decline is a mystery, it is folly to encourage whaling in any form.

    • Aussie Aussie Aussie

      Good reading. Well said. This fool cant keep lying forever he has slipped up so many times he is unravelling as we speak. This bit is so contrived.,. . of course he was CLEARLY HEARD on camera saying ….. “Its Petes boat” ..”Its Petes DECISION” ………. Watson is milking this like a man possessed ..this must be the PROOF that he did NOT give Pete the order to board.

      Watson being as cunning as a rat under the house would make sure he said ON CAMERA “Its Petes boat Its Petes boat Its Petes boat ” ” I didnt tell him what to do I didnt tell him what to do I didnt tell him what to do “.

      He thinks ahead. He wouldnt want Pete to say ‘he made me do it’ now would he.

      But he did make Pete do it .. .because he is the ”’master”’ and ””admiral”” of his fleet.

      HE alone gives the orders , not Pete not the crew not the cook. . HE DOES.

      The above is just one long ghastly lie in a long long string of base , vile fabrications and ghastly lies over many years. He is indeed a disgrace of a hunan being. Any one who speaks the truth must be on the payroll of the Japanese naturally or be Japanese. Why dont these cult followers see the truth or are they just too dumb and stupid?

      “I refused and he made the ridiculous accusation that I ordered him to scuttle the Ady Gil after it had been cut in half and after the Bob Barker had towed in for 36 hours. I of course did no such thing. In fact, on camera during an episode of Whale Wars, I clearly say that “It’s Pete’s boat, it’s Pete’s decision.”

      Disgusting Watson. Disgusting.

      • imforthewhales

        More bad news for the pro-whalers.

        AUSTRALIAN and international scientists will meet in Sydney on Monday to discuss non-lethal whale research.

        The inaugural Southern Ocean Research Partnership meeting is a $6 million initiative of the Rudd government.

        The partnership was announced at the end of last year in an attempt to debunk Japan’s controversial lethal whaling research methods in the southern oceans.

        New data collected by Australian scientists on minke whales would be the focus of Monday’s meeting, Federal Environment Minister Peter Garrett said.

        The data, collected by Australian Marine Mammal Centre and CSIRO scientists, focuses on whale populations in pack ice of the Southern Ocean.

        The scientists, using aircraft and high-definition infrared video cameras, have detected whales hidden from view by the ice.

        “The data collected and the research techniques involved will make a major contribution to global understanding of whales,” Mr Garrett said in a statement.

        “(It) offers a new perspective on the numbers and distribution of minkes in and around the Antarctic sea-ice.”

      • David

        Actually sounds like good news.

        The Australians have shown that Minkes can be hiding among the ice and missed by tradition population surveys. That means the Minke population has probably been underestimated by previous research.

    • Aussie Aussie Aussie

      Mistah Watson has been here and his hired help, those all on the Watson payroll. All feverishly writing PRO Watson comments in full- on damage control. YOu can run Watson but you cant hide. The pay must be good, even the hired help must see through him like so so many do .

      • imforthewhales

        somebody wake me when aussie shuts up.

    • Merlin

      So who is the source of Romika3’s allegations against Sea Shepherd? Let me explain:

      ACTIVISTCASH = Internet Scam site

      There is a site that some right wing pro-killers have been citing, called ACTIVISTCASH.COM This is a FRAUD SITE!

      Animal killers, hunters, neocons, the gun lobby, right wingnuts, seal-killers, etc have been citing and attempting to post this site and also citing “studies” by a supposed group called the “Center for Consumer Freedom” in order to bash people. Watch out! Note that it is an internet scam site. Any hunter, pro-seal killer, whaler, meat-eater, cigarette-advocator, etc using that site is discredited. If you see any user try to use that in their blog, article, comments, etc that user just debunked themselves by quoting a Fraud site.

      It turns out that the site named activistcash has been revealed to be a Front Group for the cigarette meat and big tobacco industry. It’s run by a guy who is a special interest lobbyist!

      The site is owned by a guy named Berman, who formed a shell corporation called the “CCF” that purports itself to be the “Center for Consumer Freedom” — this is actually a fake site operated by lobbyists for the Cigarette Industry, Meat Industry, and Alcohol Pushers.

      That site “ActivistCash” is run by the CCF, Centers for Consumer Freedom, and that group is run by a man who received over 660 million dollars in lobbyist money from big tobacco corporations to promote smoking.

      The name “Center for Consumer Freedom” is made up. It’s made to *sound* like its some kind of “consumer reports” site or something helping consumers, but it’s not.

      To give you an example, here are some of the Center for Consumer Freedom’s postitions and activities:

      The CCF and attempted to *denounce* Mothers Against Drunk Driving.
      This is because MADD campaigns against driving drunk, driving after drinking alcohol. And the CCF got money from corporations that sell alcohol. So the “Centers for Consumer Freedom” and ActivistCash fought Mothers Against Drunk Driving because MADD threatened to decrease the growth rate of their alcoholic bottled beverages corporation sales.

      Another one of CCF’s ploys was to declare to pregnant women to eat a whole bunch of mercury-tainted fish. The Centers for Consumer Freedom and ActivistCash sent out press releases, memos, and articles declaring that mercury won’t harm the human brain in a fetus, and that eating fish actually increased your intelligence, contrary to scientific and medical studies which show that eating fish containing methyl-mercury will damage the brain tissue of a mother’s baby, especially while it is a developing foetus. CCF told mothers to go out and eat plenty of fish, because CCF obtains lobbyist money from the Fish Industry.

      The CCF also tried to deny the latest swine flu outbreak.

      The CCF and ActivistCash also fight against the Humane Society, because HS is against infected slaughterhouses, and CCF receives money from the MEAT INDUSTRY. And for example the CCF is behind the false website PetaKillsAnimals which tries to spread information about peta, because peta advocates not eating meat, and the CCF receives funding from the MEAT & Slaughterhouse lobby.

      CCF also fights anyone who suggests that Meat can have ecoli, or salmonella, or can cause cancer. Because the CCF and Activistcash represent the restaurant industry which gets money from selling among other things… meat.

      The Center for Consumer Freedom also puts out flyers and posts articles on its websites denying that Obesity exists. This is because CCF and ActivistCash is paid by the Restaurant industry which doesn’t make as much money off thin people and makes more money off people if they eat a lot.

      Likewise, CCF and activistcash fight and smear any animal helping organizations, because they discourage eating meat. And they tell people that eating meat is healthy the same way they tell people cigarettes are good for you to smoke.

      CCF advocates smoking cigarettes.

      This fraudulent ActivistCash site is often used by pro-seal-killers as part of a scam to smear and bad-mouth charities that help people and animals, like Sea Shepherd, HSUS the Humane Society, IFAW, etc, ActivistCash will claim that charities, animal helping organizations, consumer help organizations, etc are only “in it for the money” when in reality, ActivistCash is the one putting out this fraudulent info, for the money.

      If you ever see anyone citing activistcash, and especially if that person posts another claim, such as they value people more than animals, you can immediately red-flag that user as a participant in a scam. These are people that advocate more smoking, which leads to lung cancer, fight against people trying to reduce drunk drivers which kill people, etc. And these seal killers who kill seals fit right in to that group of lobbyist scammers.

      Anyone who purports that they ‘care about people’ a lot more than animals, and then cites CCF or ActivistCash against animal organizations has just incriminated themselves, because what they have done is just advocated CCF which turns out to advocate alcoholism which hurts humans, and they advocate smoking. So what they’ve done is say they care for humans, and then supported a lobbyist group that entices humans to eat poison, contract cancer which kills humans, eat things that cause heart disease, and causes more drunk driving which kills people. Any person who tries to use ActivistCash to support anything is summarily debunked.

      Go look up this scam site on the web. You will see the report uncovering them.

      Like here:

      The consumer watchdog site PR WATCH also put out an alert on the CCF and ActivistCash exposing them.

      One of the PR peddlers working for ActivistCash is:
      Sarah Longwell of The Center for Consumer Freedom.

      It is run by Berman, of Berman Consulting Corporation, a known lobbyist group.

      ActivistCash is a front group for the Tobacco industry. They are lobbyists for Big Tobacco, Alcohol industry, and Restaurant Food Industry. In other words, Booze, Meat, and Cigarettes. The CCF advocates CIGARETTES which KILL PEOPLE! The CCF advocates MEAT and FAT which CAUSES CANCER & OBESITY. The CCF advocates ALCOHOL which contributes toD RUNK DRIVING AND THOUSANDS OF TRAFFIC DEATHS A YEAR.

      • romika3

        Melin: Not quite as that site picked it up. You have to find the original source of this information.

    • Mr Philips

      Ronika, the Japanese whaling fleet is losing, Sea Shepherd are winning. Nothing you can do about it.

      • frytoy

        Amen. All we see here is impotent rage.

      • imforthewhales

        The whalers are on the ropes..the pro whalers can create as much spin a they like but they cannot disguise the fact that they are losing big time.

      • Gary

        Seems like they can’t stop SSCS legally or physically so they can only try attacking personally. The good thing about that is no matter how much mud they sling the battle on the seas is being won by SSCS. I bet if you ask Watson if it was alright with him if he took personal attacks as long as the whalers were taking it in the pocket book he would say it was fine with him.

        So go ahead an ramp it up losers. Make sure the spittle flys as you speak and grind you teeth. The reaction you will get will be laughter at your effort.


    • Sandra Dattoli

      And your POINT IS: What?

      Captain Watson, who probably single handedly saved the whale species from extinction through his almost 40-years’-work, should not be PAID or be able to make a living from his life’s work?

      I mean really, where on earth is your common sense or even the evidence of ONE brain cell. Give me a break!

      • David

        Whale is not a species, it is a group of over 50 species. And Paul Watson is protecting a non-endangered whale species, so I don’t know why you believe he single handedly save them from extinction. Not to mention he has had a lot of help from the SSCS volunteers, so single handedly doesn’t quite fit anyways.

    • devon

      eco terroists? sea shepard aint hurting nothing. its the whalers that are the eco terroists. there killing endangered species such as the humpback whale. and there hunting in a sactuary. not only that but there going against and INTERNATIONAL treaty that BANS commercial whaling.

  • frytoy

    Why is this troll still allowed to post here? Blows my mind. A reasonable editorial policy that strives to weed out the most egregious BS would be most welcome. Ecorazzi, please change your comment system to require email verification, and ban romika3’s address.

    • romika3

      What’s the diffence between me throwing this out (PUBLIC RECORD) and Watson and his crew of eco-terrorists throwing crap at the fishermen of Eastern Canada.

      • frytoy

        Seals aren’t fish. That someone who skins seals alive for a living should be posting on a site geared towards people for whom this behavior is morally horrific is, well… trolling.

      • Sean Spain

        because all we see when we read your words iz DRIVEL! spineless DRIVEL… Romika 3… you talk DRIVEL!!!!!

      • boo radley

        Exactly Romika3, you have an agenda, that much is clear, but because you do post so much dribble, it has lost any meaning it might once have had. I am sure people can look you up on the seal fishery dot come site.

      • AnimuX

        I have to laugh whenever romika calls “sealers” front line fishermen as if there was anything vital to society in their industry.

        Sealers slaughter baby wild animals by the thousands by shooting and/or clubbing them to death in order to sell skins to the “fashion industry”.

        If they beat puppies and kittens to death they’d be thrown in prison but for some unknown reason the Canadian government supports one of the most brutal and completely unnecessary niche markets in the world.

      • romika3

        “Actually, I don’t torture and kill the helpless animals myself, but am a paid troll for a sealing industry advocacy group that has economic interests which have been damaged by these hero..err eco-terrorists.” This is an interesting post because as it was notposted by me!Who is the want-to-be Romika3, it that you Paul?

      • imforthewhales

        Lol, how the tide turns…still Romika3, it may as well have been written by you.

      • michael_23

        LOL. Sea Shepherd doesn’t “throw crap at the fishermen of Eastern Canada.” Killing seals is legal in Canada, so any action of that sort would result in arrest. The throwing of butyric acid is overlooked by the Japanese whaling fleet because they know their activities in Antarctica are illegal. With lies like that, romika3, you should work for the Canadian gov’t.

      • David

        “LOL. Sea Shepherd doesn’t “throw crap at the fishermen of Eastern Canada.” Killing seals is legal in Canada, so any action of that sort would result in arrest.”

        Like when Paul got convicted in Canada of a felony for throwing butyric acid at legal cod fishermen?

        “The throwing of butyric acid is overlooked by the Japanese whaling fleet because they know their activities in Antarctica are illegal.”

        That would be why Pete was charged and convicted of throwing butyric acid. Sure soen’t sound like they overlook it.

        With lies like that, michael_23, you should work for the SSCS. Or maybe you already are on their payroll?

    • Rob Andrew

      Yes, let’s censor all articles. It reminds me of a certain organization that doesn’t allow comments nor dissent. How Stalinist would you like to get?

      • imforthewhales

        Romika3 does a good job! No need to ban him or any of the other pro-whalers. They talk the talk and we talk back…everybody is happy with the current arrangement…sure beats holding hands and singing kum bye ya. If you want that then go over to Greenpeace.

      • Michael Raymer

        We can’t lose romika! He does a better job getting undecideds onto the anti-whaling side than the rest of us combined.

      • boo radley

        Lol, damn right he does. Three cheers for romika3!

      • romika3

        If that’s the case then perhaps Watson should dig into his retirement fund and send me a check.

  • frytoy

    Thanks Paul. Sea Shepherd = some of the few worthwhile people on planet Earth.

  • Kt

    I come from eastern Canada (pictou county btw) and half of my family is in Newfoundland (Portugal cove, bTW). If it wasn’t for sea shepard and the organizations like sea Shepard, we wouldn’t have the government regulating outlr catches and saving this now un-renewable resource. Only people from these family applaud their research and their fight and thank them for saving our fisheries so we can learn better practices so my grandchildren may have a chance to take part in the family business.

    • frytoy

      Kt, thanks for sharing your story and refreshingly enlightened understanding of the efforts of environmental groups. What benefits nature benefits all mankind in the long-run.

      • imforthewhales

        Great post…damn shame Canadian governments didn’t listen earlier and do something to save the Cod fisheries…Sea Shepherd tried.,.and tried hard… but were thwarted by the government itself and all the romika3’s out there. The people of Canada and newfoundland are now paying the price for allowing the rape of the oceans.

      • romika3

        The real issue is the methods employed by the SSCS and Paul Watson and their hidden agendas. The call themselves a conservation organization, yet they employ terror tactics to achieve their goals. SSCS states that their mandate to stop illegal poachers yet the SSCS spend years attacking the fisherperson of Eastern Canada who where participating in a legal and managed seal harvest. Watson is on the record as stating that he seeks issues that have the greatest media and money making potential (interview with Barbara Frum CBC) and that distorting data and to lie in the media is acceptable (Watson’s book, Earthrace).

        Another technique employed by the SSCS is to promote the demonizing of a culture and a people. Just look at some of the comments directed to the Japanese in the previous post. His pattern is predictable attack where it is safe (i.e. international waters), create an incident, flood the media with video and press releases, and then sit back an collect the money. Here are some questions. Most of the whales harvested by the Japanese are minke whales that have healthy sustainable populations yet he never mentions this in the media in fact when asked on Larry King about the populations of whales he was supposedly protecting he couldn’t answer the question! Why is the SSCS not in Iceland where endangered fins whales are harvested? The bottom line SSCS is about one personal glory, a TV show, and they have done little but cause whalers, sealers etc to dig their heals in. Nobody will to yield to an individual, organization, or organization that uses them, demonizes them or attacks them.

      • imforthewhales

        Romika3, you keep talking about hidden agendas…what are they exactly? So far you have never revealed what these “hidden agendas” are, despite harking on about them constantly, so perhaps there are no hidden agendas and you are just jumping in with some more of your * pro-seal “spam in a can”?

        Are you referring to the same video that you seem obsessed about, the one from 1983 or so when Paul Watson was talking about Greenpeace? ( BTW…why haven’t Greenpeace sent a ship to the Southern ocean this year?)

        If so why have you attempted to twist this around to suit your own agenda? this one is getting waaaay old Romika3.

        SSCS and Paul Watson are in the business of saving whales. But guess what? unlike the whaling trolls and the sealing trolls on here, SSCS and PW are here to put themselves out of business.

        Once the killing stops, then SSCS stops.

        If you were serious about putting Paul Watson and SSCS out of the business of saving wildlife…then you need to stop baby seal bashing and stop promoting the killing of innocent, sentient beings. If you were serious, that is…

  • Malius

    Captain Watson and the crew of the sea Shepard are true hero’s of righteousness and its no surprise corporate whores try their very best to discredit them.

    Thank You Whale Warriors, me and my family salute you.

  • Kt

    So YES eastern canadians applaud Paul Watson. And NO the majority do not believe he is a “Eco-terrorist,”
    We believe he’s one of the millions who may save the cod and save the lobster and Save te salmon and save the seals, so maybe we will have some left in 10 years

    I LoATH people who use the maritimes of Canada as an example. HOW DARE YOU!

    • romika3

      Sorry Folks but Kt, is not from Eastern Canada. The SSCS has nothing to do with the managment of Canadian Fish Stocks nor have they influence policy in any way.

      • imforthewhales

        Perhaps that is why there are no fish left in Canada?

        Its a shame you guys stand behind your hobo clown politicians and shout down the realist politicians and groups such as SSCS who are trying to save things for you.

      • Rob Andrew

        I’m afraid the primary reason for depleted fish stocks were the European factory ships that until the exclusion zone was implemented, fished at will to within 12 miles of our coast. If you look at the history of East Coast fisheries, you’ll find no such vessels existed in our inventories. Strictly European. Additionally, East Coast fishermen were obliged to fish under quotas. Europeans ignored that. Even then Euro trawlers violated the exclusion zone many times, resulting is more than one case of Naval vessels actually firing on them during chase to stop and arrest them. Want to point a finger at someone? Point it at Europeans and at those who did not aggressively implement measures to keep Euro trawlers out until it was too late.

      • imforthewhales

        > rob

        It makes no difference who did what.

        What matters is that it happened…and the Canadian fishermen let it happen and refused to take action to stop it..or allow others to take action to stop it.

        Oh the fishermen probably put their faith in their politicians to sort something out, but we all know that the oceans got raped whilst others stood by collectively and did precisely nothing.

        Canada set the worst kind of example in its poor management of its oceans and its fish stocks.

        Shame on them.

        It allowed foreigners to come to its shores and take what did not belong to them.

        Now, having seen first hand what happens when you take no action, the sealers and the “front line fishermen” want Sea Shepherd to stand back and allow Japan to rape the Southern ocean of its whales.

        Now in Australia and New Zealand, Paul Watson and the SSCS get a whole heap of support, and its not just coming from the general population but they get support from the politicians as well…and importantly from the indigenous population.

        Do you think Australians and New Zealanders are really going to allow the ocean rapists to take what does not belong to them? Do you really think that they want the southern ocean & the International whale sanctuary to become another Canadian wasteland?

      • peppered steak

        It is unfortunate that we are dealing with a tide of pro-whaling propaganda zombies – from hired PR

        Junkies in New Zealand (Glenn Inwood), to various forum posters (DDPalmer, Hideyoshi T, Kimitake H etc) to the Japanese Fisheries agency the ICR which puts out blanket statements similar to what North Korea does in relation to the violent “eco-terrorists” (SSCS). Plus all the made up claims of injuries the Whaling vessel operators put out.

      • Rob Andrew

        Take a moment to reflect on your last post. Do you realize how contradictory it is? On the one hand you just up and blame east coaster and then say it doesn’t matter who caused the stock decline. You then come up with what has to be a crack inspired”It allowed foreigners to come to its shores and take what did not belong to them.” which, no guff, was addressed in my comment. You do realize that seizing a vessel beyond a recognized limit ( the economic exclusion zone had not yet been implemented and not something Canada could do easily unilaterally) is piracy?
        Are you stuck in the past or something? DFO has been recognized internationally for it’s progress in species management. might like to live in an era 40 years ago but I prefer to work forward.
        Now…I’ll give you an opportunity to prove your last point. Give me a link to a neutral polling organization that has conducted a RECENT ( the last year)public opinion poll from both countries regarding SSCS popularity.
        I await this proof of support. If you’re going to make a statement, be prepared to back it up or it means nothing.

      • imforthewhales


        Fact of the matter is you let it happen…and Australia NZ and other supporter countries are NOT going to let the same thing happen.

        Yes , stopping the raping of the oceans is hard.

        Just look at what SSCS have to go through to save whales.

        Shame you didn’t pull your collective finger out whilst you had the time and saved yourselves.

        Fact is you were weak and ineffective.

        >Give me a link to a neutral polling organization that has conducted a RECENT ( the last year)public opinion poll from both countries regarding SSCS popularity.

        Rob…how about you do your own homework? I do not know where a poll exists that meets all your criteria. Either do you. I am satisfied that SSCS has overwhelming support in AUS/ NZ.

      • Rob Andrew

        Nah, you see the onus is on you to provide the proof. I wasn’t the one who made the statement. If you can’t prove it we’ll just take that statement as being a PW. “If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then … make it up on the spot.”
        — Paul Watson, in Earthforce: An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy
        Great, now lets move on to an issue I have with a statement you just made “Fact of the matter is you let it happen” . Nope. I most certainly did not. For that matter the Canadian government didn’t either. I really think you should start understanding what an economic exclusion zone is and when and how ours was implemented and what transpired before that. Prior to 1977,ICNAF(International Commission for the Northwest Atlantic Fisheries) was in charge of quotas in the North Atlantic. Sorry to burst your bubble Kid..but that’s not a Canadian Institution. See that “I”… it stands for International. The cod stocks were already in trouble at that point, before the exclusion zone was established in 1977. Canada influenced fishing provisions of the United Nations Convention on the Law of the Sea, which received international approval in 1982, and came into force in 1994. Canada also initiated the United Nations Treaty on Straddling and High Migratory Fish Stocks. Have DFO made mistakes? Sure.Have other countries animal management departments made mistakes? Sure. The one thing you can do, however is learn from them. Unfortunately you seem to be still living in the past. It’s always easy to criticize someone’s or an organizations past mistakes but it’s never easy to actually come up with your own fix for the problem. You can whine all you want but not offering a solution and being stuck in the past makes your contributions meaningless.
        Now if you’d like to go tit for tat…how about them whalers the last two years…I see your Australian or New Zealand governments are doing such a marvey job at stopping them.
        You know what?It just struck me that you use pretty well the same terminology as a fella called Michael McDade aka Seal Shepherd. Bizarrely the same.
        One thing is certain here. You’re incapable of debate and enjoy resorting to personal attacks. That’s generally the mark of a bully or someone who rips the legs off cats. Let’s just agree you can’t prove any of your statements and you can have a little rest.

      • imforthewhales


        It is clear that whatever protocols were in place to protect stocks in Canada, they were highly ineffective.

        Unfortunatly for the Canadian fishermen, they put too much faith in their politicians to get things right.

        Australia and NZ are no different in regards to the whales.

        Yes the laws are there to protect them, but the politicians do not enforce them.

        Trade between Japan and AUS/ NZ is on the large side, they do not want to see any of this go down the gurgler.

        SSCS is an organization that is there to make sure Japan adheres to the non commercial whaling directive of the IWC.

        Australia and NZ support SSCS, in fact there are elected politicians in parliament who support SSCS.

        SSCS ships can come and go as they please from AUS and NZ ports.

        Japans whaling ships cannot.

        Australia does not attempt to take Paul Watson’s ships and turn them into rust buckets ala Canada.

        Australia does not attempt to detain Paul Watson ala Canada, and one only has to read the daily press to see the huge difference in attitude towards SSCS by Canada and between Australia/ NZ.

        SSCS ships fly various flags…Gojira is in fact registered in Australia, and other ships in the SSCS fleet fly the flags of various towns and provinces, including the Aboriginal flag.

        Paul Watson himself has stated that Australians are some of the most passionate anti-whale poaching people in the world.

        Yes the support is there…you don’t need to look too far to see it.

        On teh other hand, Canada tried to remove the solution to overfishing…SSCS. Now you have no fish left.

        AUS and NZ are not that silly. They support the solution and the solution ..the well regarded, highly supported solution, is SSCS.

        *Michael McDade*

        I have never heard of him, but he sounds like a smart fella. if you are implying that I am MM then you are barking up the wrong tree.

      • Rob Andrew

        SSCS has yet to get anything right regarding north Atlantic fisheries or even eco systems.
        SSCS is not in the SO to do anything but solicit donations and make a TV show. They certainly aren’t effective at doing what they say they are there for since no illegal whaling is taking place.
        It seems that Japanese vessels can come and go as they please too. Would you like a photo from a Hobart cam? Can a SSCS vessel come to Canada? Only once.
        SSCS has done a bang up job at leaving rustbuckets around. Look up Robbers Passage. Nice leavings thanks. At least the former Mowatt will be used safely by her new owners.
        Watson can come if he pleases, you scared that he can’t? Too funny or has he committed a crime that I don’t know about?
        PW has stated that Aussies and Kiwis are the most passionate antiwhalers on the planet? Ya think I believe one word from a man that we already established ““If you don’t know an answer, a fact, a statistic, then … make it up on the spot.”
        — Paul Watson, in Earthforce: An Earth Warrior’s Guide to Strategy” …You have a short memory or something?
        SSCS has never been to Canada on behalf of fish stocks. Only seals and at least one misguided attempt at tree spiking.

        Ya think Michael McDade is a smart fella eh? I guess that shows how much you actually know about the organization you claim to support. You better get reading on their site. Your not knowing is actually pretty funny but it also shows the lack of knowledge you have about SSCS. It really doesn’t surprise me.

  • Victoria Alesandro

    Watson how dare you suggest that people are in Taiji for personal revenge. You are really delusional to make this all about you. Words cannot describe how much I detest the way you operate, turning man against man for your own self promotion. You are a disgrace to conservation. And for the record, you do not have a monopoly on conservation campaigns worldwide!

    • frytoy

      Man has turned aginst himself and against nature, and Sea Shepherd are some of the few souls brave enough to fight to retore the balance, without cooperating, compromising, and capitulating to the very economic interests which created the rift. Mother nature is being obliterated by the forces of greed. To have even a chance to save her we must enter this war, not of her creation or ours, and fight with everything we’ve got – that’s what these 74 souls are doing at the ends of the Earth – what are you doing? There is no other way.

      • romika3

        fishfry, the SSCS is bobbing around the Southen Ocean making a Reality TV show with the hopes of boosting tee shirt sales.

      • frytoy

        Hardly. That’s why you’re obsessed with them, huh? Because they’re ineffective? Anyway, that would beat the hell out of the evil you’re trying (and failing) to do here.

      • imforthewhales

        *fishfry, the SSCS is bobbing around the Southen Ocean making a Reality TV show with the hopes of boosting tee shirt sales.*

        Hmmm…sounds like eco terrorism to me wot! The ICR have nothing to worry about.

    • Claire

      You’re just bitter that Michael Dalton fell out with Paul and the rest of Sea Shepherd leadership.

      I thought Michael was heding to Taiji to do something different than what the Cove Guardians were doing. All I’ve seen is him and Ady Gil observing, just like the Cove Guardians. Oh and going for joy rides on Ady’s boat. So much for the different strategy!

      • Over it

        @ Claire
        I was in Taiji…the only group that is NOT working on solutions is ironically Sea Shepherd.
        And before you accuse me of bias…I am an SSCS supporter.

    • Sean Spain

      Grow up Victoria… take a walk outside and watch the sunset…. does the world of good…

      • Tricia Wiles

        Watson suggests that people are in Taiji for “personal revenge”. He IS really delusional & detestable, turning man against man his own narcisstic self promotion. He IS a disgrace to conservation and does not have a monopoly on conservation campaigns worldwide.

        Sean Watson has demonstrated above that it is he whom requires maturity.

    • Suzanne

      Victoria is beyond bitter…. She seems incapable of actually reading what someone writes and only sees and reads what she wants to see. Paul is not “suggesting that people are in Taiji for personal revenge”, that is ridiculous. This is what Paul wrote: “Ady Gil is financing anti-Sea Shepherd activists to go to Taiji to publicly criticize Sea Shepherd’s Cove Guardians in the field. In short they are not only duplicating Sea Shepherd’s efforts but they are working to undermine those efforts.” This is a fact. They have reported inaccurate data and made claims that they were doing things when they weren’t… ie: the situation with Misty… all while they were celebrating for days in Osaka for New Years.

      Pete and Ady are welcome to do anything they like to save the planet, but when they constantly sling mud and simply “piggy back on Sea Shepherd’s on-going campaigns in the Faeroes, Taiji, Japan and the Southern Ocean and to chastise our tactics and strategies when they both have zero experience in the field of marine wildlife conservation and it is for this reason that I feel justified in questioning their motivations.” …. we all should question their motives.

      Maybe they should just go soak their heads in Ady’s hottub! I could post hateful and ranting messages sent to me from Victoria but I won’t, she makes herself look bitter all on her own.

      • romika3

        Faeroes, Selected because the traditional harvest, which supplies the bulk of the protein for the people of the Fareores, turn the sea red and makes for great fund raising photos. The whales harvested are not endangered and have healthing populations.

        Taigi: Same as above

        Southern Ocean: In international waters and therefore safer than operating in waters around Iceland etc. Can get away with alot and makeup alot thus good footage for TV. The bulk of the harvest are minke whales that ahave healthing populations.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Sadly, there are more than a few of these unfortunate kinds of bitter & twisted people out there that are somewhat lacking in life skills and in need of a reality check & some education.

      • crumpets are yummy

        Romika3, have you been hitting the bottle again?

        Perhaps the excitement of SSCS finding the Nishin Maru is just too much for you?

      • kujirakira

        Now Suzanne, don’t get grumpy just because videos of your daughter and husband “molesting” hard-working Japanese men have been translated into Japanese so all could see how morally bankrupt and sick your family is.

        “molesting” is a word chosen by Scott West himself and according to him it fits what he and his daughter were doing perfectly.

      • Suzanne

        @kujiarkira… guess you have to post your nonsense here since you are blocked most everywhere else. Saw You Tube shut you down… lots of hard work on your part down the drain. Too bad you won’t get those hours of your life back.

        It is amusing that your post had absolutely nothing to do with the issues at hand. But then why would it?

        If Elora had an issue with her video it would not be up for all the world to see on HER You Tube page. It is not your video. Feel free to go to Taiji and make your own.

        I will speak slowly since you are clearly not to bright… L O S E R

      • kujirakira

        Nope, just checked — my youtube account is still up with subtitled videos.

        But it’s interesting to see how Ashamed you and your family are.

        “for all the world to see ”

        If you were fine with the world seeing it, why are you so upset when people add Japanese subtitles to it so the people of Japan can see how your family acts?

        “It is not your video”

        Elora expressly gave us permission to use it — prior to realizing how embarrassing her actions and words were.

  • Hufingraz

    Why don’t you tell your supporters some more lies? You make me sick. I can’t believe that I ever gave your organization any money. Every time you post something, you prove to the world that you are the lying, slimey bastard that everyone from your past says you are. Oh and you need to change the title of a few of your posts on Sea Shepherd’s website. You claimed that zero whales were killed and that the whalers were on the run. But the Japanese were killing whales right under your nose, while you chased around a decoy, the “Sun Laurel”. You can’t be honest about anything. It is sorta messed up actually, almost compulsive.

    • frytoy

      Could you seem even more pleased that the forces of evil were able to torture and kill magnificent creatures for profit? Anything goes in bolstering your sick worldview and furthering your propaganda…

    • AnimuX

      Obviously Hufin hasn’t been paying attention. According to Japanese officials in both public statements and private discussions (leaked) Sea Shepherd has had a measurable impact against Japan’s whaling catch for several years and is increasing political pressure on the Japanese government. Not to mention raising awareness by bringing Whale Wars into the living rooms of millions of households world-wide.

      • imforthewhales

        Hufingranz..I would bet you a thousand dollars you have never given anything to Sea Seheperd in your life, ( show us the receipt) …are just another sealing dimwit, stuck inside your log cabin besides romika3 during the cold northern winter and have nothing better to do that to post additional rubbish/ spam / propoganda on here in the hope that next year you might get 15 dollars per seal skin instead of ten.

      • romika3

        “are just another sealing dimwit, stuck inside your log cabin besides romika3 during the cold northern winter and have nothing better to do that to post additional rubbish/ spam / propoganda on here” inforwhales, how do you heat your log cabin????

      • imforthewhales

        I don’t have one romika3, nor do i need one, its 45 degrees outside :)

        How do you heat up yours? Do you take turns rubbing each others legs?

      • km

        Yeah. Screw those “Japs”! What is their place? Camps again? Or nukes? Wouldn’t nukes be better? We could just eliminate them that way. Cmon, let’s push for that. If they’re gone, the oceans would be perfect because what’s happening is all because of them. In fact, I believe the world would be like it is in Avatar if there were no Japanese.

        You’re an embarrassment to SSCS and prove what their critics claim which is that some people support SSCS because they believe the SSCS is anti-Japanese. Which they are not.

      • crumpets are yummy

        km..indeed the world would be a far better place if the Japanese were not fishing tuna out of existence and slaughtering the giants of the deep.This is what the critics need to wake up to…that the Japanese cannot be living this unsustainable lifestyle where they take everything and leave nothing behind for anyone else except only carnage, desecration and blood in the ocean.

        What the Japanese find acceptable, other people do not find acceptable.

        Personally if I find a robber in my house then i am either going to take a swipe at them with the baseball bat or ring the police…i am certainly not going to stand by whilst he raids my home and eats everything out of the fridge!

      • km

        So the Japanese take EVERYTHING? Really everything? No other nationality is engaged in fishing or whaling? Those sneaky Japanese disguising themselves as Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans. MKay was right. They can’t be trusted. As MKay has said, they have snuck around EVERY law since WWII. A bat is not enough. After all, they are destroying this planet.
        You are pathetic. I stated that I don’t think SSCS is racist. A listening in reading comprehension may do you well.
        By the way, if you comment on Ady and Pete’s article and disagree with them, does that make you a pro-whaling troll? How does trolling work? When someone posts in a public forum and you respond to them, are you then a troll? Has Michael designated this website as one for only those who believe Paul can do no wrong? I had no idea!

      • Hufingraz

        I have been paying attention. I know Sea Shepherd is making a difference. But that does not mean that Paul Watson is not a liar. He blatantly lies to his supporters. Why would anyone support someone that can’t be truthful to his own supporters. Only a brainless sheep would follow a morally corrupt Shepherd. Can you say “BAHHHHH” AnimuX?
        Paul is the biggest hypocrite of all time. HE EATS MEAT, yet he is trying to say the whale hunt is cruel. Have you seen the “Earthlings” movie? Have you seen “Food Inc”? Animals in slaughterhouses get treated worse than any animal on this planet. Yet that doesn’t seem to bother Paul when he is sinking his teeth into a big, juicy steak.

      • km

        And I need a lesson in writing.

      • Hufingraz

        Do you want my address, so that you can send me my $1000 check or would you rather do it through PayPal? My name is Nathan Mutch. I am sure anyone that works for Sea Shepherd, can check the records for 2008/2009/2010. I spent thousands in that time period. I can also send a copy of my receipts to your e-mail if you would like. I will be waiting for you to make arrangement for payment. Or are you just like Paul, and have no intention on paying debts owed?

      • imforthewhales

        I am sure anyone that works for Sea Shepherd, can check the records for 2008/2009/2010.

        I don’t work for Sea Shepherd so have no access.

        Do you have a receipts? One would think so!

        Fact is you are a sad pathetic individual…I very much doubt that you are who you claim to be anyway and are more likely to be looking forward to the spring when you can go baby seal bashing again.


      • David

        Can we all pitch in and send imforthewhales to school so he can learn to read?

        Hufingraz said “I can also send a copy of my receipts to your e-mail if you would like.”

        iamforthewhales said in his reply “Do you have a receipts? One would think so!”

        I mean how clueless can he be?

      • imforthewhales

        Lol…I’ll tell ya what is clueless…supporting an organization with money that you cannot stand and are prepared to attack on an on-line discussion.

        How clueless can you get?


        Or even pretending to support an organization that you cannot stand, or expecting me to post my email address on here for all the pro-whalers to spam…lol

        No doubt David , you think that this is perfectly acceptable in your own little bubble world…doubt you will see the funny side of it.

      • km

        imforthewhales, why not make up an email address for this purpose and then if Nathan doesn’t provide you the evidence then you can say so? I bet some version of imforthewhales@gmail or something is available.

      • Hufingraz


        WOW!! Now I know what I am dealing with. You are delusional. You drank way too much of the SS Kool-Aid.

        You said, “I very much doubt that you are who you claim to be anyway.”

        Google Nathan Mutch & Hufingraz. You will see that the two names coincide. Google will also bring up the articles on Ecorazzi, when I used to comment IN FAVOUR of Paul Watson & Sea Shepherd. I am also sure that one of the Ecorazzi staff could confirm who I am. But do the work yourself Imforthewhales, and just Google it.

        You said, “I’ll tell ya what is clueless…supporting an organization with money that you cannot stand and are prepared to attack on an on-line discussion”

        Well Imforthewhales, I will try to explain this in the simplest way possible because I can tell that you are not the brightest bulb on the Christmas tree. I DID support Sea Shepherd for a little over 3 years. It was in those 3 years that I gave money to Sea Shepherd & DEFENDED them in online discussions. In the Fall of 2010, once Paul started acting like a mega scumbag, and started attacking other organizations & people, I then decided to cut all ties with SS. I started seeing how slimey & morally corrupt Paul was and did not donate a penny to his organization since then. In my opinion, Paul’s ego has overtaken his passion for the cause.

        KM is also right. You don’t need to post your own e-mail address if you want to see my receipts. Setup a free Hotmail or Gmail account. Then after I send you my receipts, you can delete the account. You sound like Paul Watson, trying to backpaddle out of paying debts owed.

        Also, for the record, I am AGAINST the seal hunt. It costs us Canadian taxpayers boatloads of money and only supports a very, very small percentage of Canadian fishermen.

      • imforthewhales

        Hufingranz, you want a thousand bucks,( ???) then set up a web-page and post the link here, clearly showing your receipts from sea Shepherd.

        Betchya don’t do it! In fact I’ll even double my bet that you don’t. Because you are just one sad and lonely troll on here spilling your bile for everyone…in fact you are one sick puppy and are probably trolling away in your mummy’s basement.

        Prove me wrong.

        Please clearly show the receipt numbers so that I can check with Sea Shepherd that they are authentic. Yes, I can check these so don’t go making stuff up now!

        Cant wait for the excuses.

        All I can from the google searches…see is a fake web-page with what appears to be the Holy Grail character, and a lot of anti whaling guff from ecorazzi.

      • Hufingraz

        You are obviously retarded. Why would I spend hours setting up a website, when you could take 5 minutes and setup an e-mail address? YOU were the one that wanted to see MY receipts. I don’t trust you now anyways. You will never pay up. Just like Paul Watson. You will just keep making excuses. Next thing you will want, will be for me to hack Ecorazzi’s server and directly post the receipts here.
        But if you do really want to see my receipts & the receipt numbers, setup an e-mail and I will gladly send them to you. You won’t though because you are scared to see the truth. You are scared to see that this “troll” actually did give Sea Shepherd, thousands of dollars over a 3 year period. You are so delusional, and your mind is so warped, you actually believe that Paul Watson is a good, honest person and that he could never do wrong.
        I can tell from the rage coming from your posts, that you are the sad, lonely troll, posting from his mommy’s basement, not me.

      • imforthewhales

        One would think. Hufingramps, that a couple of thousand bucks would be well worth a few minutes your time. Easy money…opportunity lost.

        Anyway you have proved that you dont have any receipts…I was just waiting for the excuses.

        Less monkey stuff from the whacko anti SSCS mob and we would all be doing much better.


      • km

        Nathan, can you set up an email and then email your alleged proof from that email to that same email and then share the email address and password so imforthewhales can access it? You could delete the emails in a day or so or change the password so it’s not out there forever. Unless there is some security issue I’m not thinking about in you doing it this way? One thing I can think about is that it’d be available then to anyone so perhaps that’s a risk.

        Nathan, sorry to butt in again as I don’t know you and also have no idea if you’re being honest.

      • boo radley

        km…I don’t think anyone should be holding their breath.

      • Hufingraz

        Ok, just to prove you wrong, I am going to build a website to post the receipts. I will post the link for the website by tomorrow evening. I would try to have it ready for tonight, but I am busy today. I am going to edit out my mailing address & credit card info on the receipts(which is understandable, considering that I am putting it out on the web). But I will leave all other information visible, so you can do your fact checking.
        In the meantime, since you said you can check with SS to see if my receipt numbers are authentic, here are a few from the last year or so, to get you started —>
        July 29th, 2010 – SH484583
        July 2nd, 2010 – SH481169
        December 8th, 2009 – SH462320
        August 30th, 2009 – SH453622
        It definitely would have been much easier for you to make a fake e-mail, then me building a website. But oh well, I will definitely take alot more pleasure in doing things this way, especially when it shuts you up and I get my $2000.

      • David

        Hufingraz, the easiest way may be for you to scan the receipts and set up an account at flickr. Then upload them as pictures. That way you don’t need to set up a site just a temporary account.

        Of course as you have said, we all know that imforthewhales will just come up with some BS reason why he won’t pay. Heck I bey that if Paul himself told the whole world in a live interview that the receipts are genuine, imforthewhales would still not pay up.

      • Hufingraz

        right on. I never thought of Flickr. That would definitely be alot easier. Will post them today and the link on here.
        I also agree, Imforthewhales will not pay up and I believe that he will make 1000 excuses to get out of paying.
        But I don’t care. I will be happy, just to prove him wrong and to show him that I was at one time a SS supporter.

      • Hufingraz

        Here is the link for copies of some of my receipts —>

        There are 4 from 2009/2010. Proof that I used to support & donate to Sea Shepherd.

        So how you paying me? Check, money order or Paypal? I also accept credit cards.

      • Hufingraz

        You seem to have went quiet. What’s up with that? Did the truth hurt that bad?

    • Mr Philips

      Sea Shepherd promise to do their utmost best to end whaling without causing injury. They keep that promise. If that’s not what you want then don’t support them.

  • km

    I come at this from a very neutral viewpoint and am embarrassed for you Mr. Watson. You’re letting your ego get in the way of your work. From all that I have read, it seems that you believe that you’ve never done any wrong or made a mistake. What is worse though is that people believe you and allow you to continue this path your on. Your ego will be your downfall or, worse yet, the whales’ downfall. Let it go and be the bigger man. I am saddened by your supporters who allow and encourage your behavior. I am sad for the cause that you claim to support. Your haters and detractors, including those posting before me, may be ridiculous but you’re playing right into their hands. Why do you answer your critics if the whales are your only clients? You don’t see the people that you so liken yourself to always going on the attack as you do. They do what they do and take pride in the mission. If Ady and Pete are lying, then who cares? How does it affect anything other than your donations? If you want to be the almighty whale warrior that you claim to be then all you should care about is results. Your nonsense commentary, to any rational person, suggests that your mission is not just about the whales. I believe it probably was at one time. I apologize for the insults but maybe it is because I believe that you have it in you somewhere to do right. A backwards compliment perhaps, but a compliment nonetheless.
    And that comment that Pete would be in prison is beyond lame. As is the fact that the Ady Gil was not an SSCS ship. You advertised Pete and the boat as your own for publicity before and during the campaign and then for fund-raising purposes. You raised money from donors for Pete’s defense. And if you want to suggest that they’re in Taiji because of you, one wonders why you”re suddenly in Taiji following Louie and Ric’s success with The Cove. I know you were there years ago but you left. The more the merrier, no? And sadly, your Cove Guardians have been an awful example for your organization. The videos I witnessed were wholly inappropriate.
    As to the lawsuit, you publicized it, not Ady. You are responsible for all of this and the interview that Michael did because he approached Ady and Pete after hearing about the lawsuit. Maybe it would’ve come out at some point were Ady to sue but then a court of law would’ve decided.
    And who cares if Ady and Pete were not involved in the cause two years ago? You should be excited that they are now. Maybe you inspired them. I am guessing that the majority of your crew were not involved in marine conservation before crewing for you. If they go on next year to do something great, will you criticize them or take credit? I assume the latter so long as they don’t butt heads with you.
    I am the least confrontational person out there and am so saddened to talk like this to you. I am not a supporter of yours but I respect you as a person. Best wishes to you and your crew for a safe voyage.

    • crumpets are yummy

      km..coming from a neutral point, I am embarrassed for you. You are letting your ego take over your own postings and this site.

      From all that I have read, it seems that you believe that you’ve never done any wrong or made a mistake.

      What is lucky, however is that people do not believe you and allow you to continue this path that your( ‘re) on.

      Your ego will be your downfall or, worse yet, the whalers & sealers downfall. Let it go and be the bigger man.

      I am saddened by your supporters who allow and encourage your behavior. I am sad for the cause that you claim to support.

      Your haters and detractors, including those posting before me, may be ridiculous but you’re playing right into their hands.

      If you want to be the almighty pro-whale warrior that you claim to be then all you should care about is results.

      Where are they?

      Your nonsense commentary, to any rational person, suggests that your mission is not just about the whalers or the sealers. I believe it probably was at one time.

      I apologize for the insults but maybe it is because I believe that you have it in you somewhere to do right & change course, and realize the evil that you are supporting. A backwards compliment perhaps, but a compliment nonetheless.

      I am the least confrontational person out there and am so saddened to talk like this to you. I am not a supporter of yours but I respect you as a person. Best wishes to you and your whaling and sealing crews for a safe voyage on the path to enlightenment.

    • Mr Philips

      Captain Watson has done more for his clients, the whales, then any other conservationist in history. This is what it’s about, the whales. Its not about keeping you happy. I’d guess that you’ve never directly intervened to save one of these creatures. Until you do, you’re not in a position to criticize a man who has.

  • km

    One more thing, correct me if I am wrong but weren’t Pete’s antics what gave you the highest rated show? Didn’t you publicize that? He clearly generated some good ratings if AP did a show about him. I think what he did was foolish but you took advantage of his actions when it suited you. I guess you qualify your statement by saying “meaningful” but your definition of meaningful seems to be very fluid. You rave about your television show and how it demonstrates that viewers support you and that it raises awareness and debate. Wouldn’t it follow that the actions of a crew member that led to AP’s highest rated regular telecast contributed to your previously stated goals?

    • crumpets are yummy

      km…doubt you will get a reply as you are coming across as a bit of a pro-whaling troll..

      Paul Watson did not take advantage of Pete Bethune but supported whatever decisions Pete Bethune made. remember it was SSCS that paid Petes legal bills.

      * Wouldn’t it follow that the actions of a crew member that led to AP’s highest rated regular telecast contributed to your previously stated goals?*

      I’m sure it did, which is good for the whales and bad for the whalers…and the whaling trolls. But that is not the issue that is being debated. The issue is not petes antics but Pete’s behavior, ie distortion of the truth, after whale wars finished.

      BTW i think it is important for yu to understand that the Animal Planet “Whale Wars” series is not owned by Paul Watson, nor directed by Paul Watson.

      Luckily SSCS gets something out of the arrangement which helps them prepare ships and pay for food and fuel for their various campaigns. Running ships is an expensive business. The show also helps spread the message about what Japan is doing to the whales in the Southern Ocean to a world wide audience and this is one of the benefits of the Whale Wars series.

      Pete got a book deal out of the show last year, perhaps that money will be used also to further the conservation efforts of his group.

      If the Japanese whalers do not like whale wars the series then they really should stay at home and watch a nice vegan cooking show or two.

  • Holise Cleveland III

    That was beautiful! I don’t know whether to laugh or cry. I so love happy endings.

    • km

      Holise – No disrespect but didn’t you post on Ady’s page today? I see that you’re passionate about the issue from your posts on Facebook and I admire that but you must believe Ady is doing something worthwhile or that his supporters are if you’re friends with him and posting on his page.

      • Suzanne

        km, Yes Holise did post a link for people to see the amazing and hard work that Nicole (SSCS Cove Guardian) is doing in Taiji. Hopefully the people on that page can see the link…. guess the rest is up to them to sort out as to who is doing what and who is not…. Did you really miss the point?

      • km

        So would you be comfortable with Pete and Ady’s supporters who believe they’re doing good work to post on your daughter’s page and leave it for others to decide?
        For the record, I don’t agree with your family’s behavior in Taiji and stated it above but that’s neither here nor there as to my question. You are a mother and I admire you for that and for supporting your family. My questions are just honest ones and ones I believe are fair.
        For the record, I personally wouldn’t befriend someone who I laugh at to push a cause. There are other outlets.

  • Coastaroller

    WOW! If the negative trolls on this website would put half this much energy into doing something good for the oceans, perhaps these atrocities would have ended years ago! I was always taught to listen to both sides of the story, and regardless of who you personally feel is right – unless it has a personal impact on your life – let the people involved worry about proving themselves. I mean, really, regardless of your thoughts on any of these men involved, should Paul not have been given a fair chance to respond to Ady and Pete’s accusations? And How can any one person posting on this board think that they even have a clue as to what went down, what the truth is, and how it should be distributed? Were any of you there, in person, as SSCS saved over 500 whales last year, despite losing a ship and the events of Pete’s imprisonment? TV show, or not, the fact is – less whales died because of their action, and personally I would rather support an organization that can prove time and time again, they are indeed effective. This has nothing to do with who’s right and who’s wrong, whether you believe Minke Whales are a sustainable resource or not, I mean – why would any country think that the whales are their property for the taking in the first place? Especially from an internationally recognized Sanctuary?
    I didn’t come on here to get in an argument with anyone, and I won’t respond should anyone attack my comments – I just have a hard time figuring out how people can be so high and mighty behind a keyboard, with the attitude of everyone being entitled to THEIR opinion. In the end – it is plain to see who trolls on these sites, and for the record – I personally support the efforts of Sea Shepherd, and I also respect the intentions of Mr. Ady Gil and Pete Bethune, after all – they say they are out to make change and do good for the Oceans, and I have no reason to believe otherwise. But, I have read the books, watched the movies, seen numerous documentaries, followed news around the world, and I am of the opinion that SSCS has done a lot of good in this World and I commend the organization for defending those who can’t defend themselves.
    I support many causes, but as everyone knows – there are so many, and I get questioned all the time why I support this, or don’t support that. And as many people have said, I also say – you have to choose your battles, and for me personally, this is one I am personally compelled to support.
    Perhaps the day will soon come when we see an end to these barbaric practices of killing innocent creatures, and maybe after the dust settles, I will to be able to tell my children and their children that back in the early part of the 21st Century, there were some really good men and women that went out and took a stand against the senseless slaughter of these animals so you could enjoy them today. The Paul Watson’s, The Ady Gil’s. The Pete Bethunes, The Emily Hunters, the Cove Guardians, Save Japan Dolphins, The Taiji Action Group, The Eyes on Taiji, The Earthrace Organization etc. If they all follow through with their promises, I truly believe this could be a reality. I know one thing is for sure, I won’t be wasting any precious time telling them about who was right, and who was wrong, and who ordered a scuttling, and who ordered the boarding of the Shonan Maru etc. I hope to tell epic tales of heroic activism and brave men and women that made a difference.
    So I can only wish for one thing out of this message, and that is that everyone should decide who they support, what they believe, and then just act on it, rather than wasting time trying to prove who’s right. If everyone does something productive for their cause tomorrow, we will most certainly take a step forward.
    Thanks for listening.

    • crumpets are yummy

      The Pete and Ady Gil thing is still being carried over from last year. They might have shown some respectful silence on the issues , however Pete seems upset that he is not the naughty show pony this year and Ady Gil is sorry for his ego.

      So both appear to consider it necessary to rock the boat a little.

      Which is rather sad as everyone connected with the whaling issue was hoping for better things from them and see them act with a bit more integrity.

      Whilst their actions have been disappointing as fas as SSCS is concerned, all of this is relatively unimportant in the grand scheme of things and will soon be forgotten.

      mind you, its always good to read both sides of the story and we should all be happy that all parties have contributed to the debate on here.

      Given all this information from all sides , we can now play judge and jury , make our minds up as to who is operating with the best intentions & best motives and support the party that you most agree with…or all three.

      I do hope that Pete Bethune and Ady Gil manage to get things together enough to make a difference out there, but they have a long, long way to go before they can be considered in the same breath as SSCS.

      For now, the real action is starting in the southern ocean, the SSCS plans are being effected now, they are already there with their ships and crews taking direct action and hopefully will be able to take down the profits of this massive whale killing machine.

    • David

      “I didn’t come on here to get in an argument with anyone, and I won’t respond should anyone attack my comments –”

      Yes because “I was always taught to listen to both sides of the story, and regardless of who you personally feel is right”

      So you were taught to listen but you refuse to listen. I am sure your teachers are so happy.

  • Hart Noecker

    Nobody talks, everybody walks. Pete forgot eco-warrior numero uno.

    • km

      Serious question but has anyone been put to that test before? Have all who have been accused of crimes answered for those crimes? That is, served sentences or whatever was called for. Is anyone “wanted” so to speak? And I don’t mean the Paul thing with Japan because I see why he won’t go there and respect that.

      • Holise Cleveland III

        Thanks, km! You just proved my point.

      • km

        You’re welcome I guess. Anything to help. I know you are passionate as we’re friends on Facebook. But I have to disagree with you when you say that Paul Watson isn’t vain. I don’t even think his supporters would claim that.

      • Holise Cleveland III

        You misunderstood, KM. Read the post below. There should be no rebuttal.

      • km

        Sorry Holise if I misunderstood you. I simply asked Hart a question. I assume he’ll answer when he has the time. I assume he has better things to do then check this website so am not expecting an immediate response. He might not even check back which is understandable too.

      • Michael Raymer

        “Serious question but has anyone been put to that test before?”

    • Holise Cleveland III

      I knew that! Hell, I thought everyone knew that! But there comes a time when true selflessness is proven or dis-proven for others to see.

      One thing is for certain, you will never see Captain Watson be so vain as to name a boat after himself, especially one for a truly altruistic organization: Sea Shepherd.

      So, here we have all the facts. There can be no legitimate rebuttal, yet there will be those who will attempt one. Why? Because that’s what they do. Look at that guy who was whining on Whale Wars for all the world to see. Well, I guess the whiners have to follow someone. They can’t be leaders unless they are lucky enough to crunch a boat on Animal Planet. So, they have to be followers and they have to be part of a soap opera club.

      • David

        “So, here we have all the facts.”

        So everything Paul says is true just because he said it? And anybody who says otherwise is lying?

        You are even more deluded than Paul.

      • boo radley

        David, is that not the pot calling the kettle black?

      • David

        No boo, I back up my statements with facts and I don’t expect anybody to take what I say as gospel, I expect them to check it out for themselves. You see people who can think for themselves and who do their own research tend to be much better informed and make much better debaters. That is why so many SSCS supporters rely on emotions and myths, because they just believe anything the SSCS says no matter how unbelievable.

      • boo radley

        From what I have seen, the SSCS supporters have a far better handle on the facts than the pro whalers who repeat things that have been covered before, spread disinformation and raise the same old tired subjects in an effort to turn people against SSCS.

        So far, it is not working?

  • cristal

    Thanks Paul Watson I am so thankful that there is a man like you in this world. Whales have a fighting chance thanks to you.

  • Mkay

    Look – all we have to do is just continue focusing on the japanese – once we stop them and make them fall into line, the rest of the whaling nations will stop. I support Paul because he is doing the right thing. I’m just hoping that the Australian Navy will send a ship to straighten things out!

    • Holise Cleveland III

      I would love to see the Australian Navy show up. Unfortunately, a den mother for the Girl Scouts has more balls than the Australian government. We have a better chance of seeing the Girl Scouts in the Southern Ocean. The Australian Navy is probably itching to go down there and give the whalers the enema they deserve, but it’s not up to them.

      • km

        Holise, you seem like a good guy but I’d watch who you’re agreeing with. Read his/her other posts. This person is clearly racist or pretending to be and you’re too nice to be associated with that nonsense.

      • crumpets are yummy

        km I think we are all a bit tired of the racist thing…nobody here is racist, however the Japanese whalers are indeed Japanese and the whale meat market is in Japan, there is no getting away from that.

        Please give everyone a break and cut it out.

      • Holise Cleveland III

        “There is nothing racist about opposing whaling. I am opposed to all whaling by all people anywhere. There is only one race – the human race.”~ Captain Paul Watson | Sea Shepherd Conservation Society

      • km

        And I said that SSCS wasn’t racist above. Mkay sure is racist as demonstrated by his/her statement above. I was being nice to you. Aren’t you a gracious fellow!
        Also, one can be against whaling and racist in spite of claiming otherwise. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

    • romika3

      “once we stop them and make them fall into line” sorry but that is not how you bring about change.

      • boo radley

        How would you stop the whalers then Romika3?

        What would be your “Plan of action”?

  • Nick

    This article just shows PW its getting his own medicine. He describes PBethune and AG. as invading his territory and blamming him, the same he does to other organizations! They are just like you, PW, but not as worst or so scandalous selfish as you! What a shame your money trobles all the time…and how soon you forgot all publicity you did with the Earthrace…and now denies.

  • Mkay

    Pete Bethune-san might as well be dancing and singing “Turning Japanese, I really think so” given his actions nowadays. He and Ady are traitors to the cause of conservation – the Sea Shepherds are better off without them – we don’t need their money or their actions. I wouldbn’t be surprised if Pete was having himself a Japanese whale dinner right now from his buddies that he says he still communicates with in Japan!

    • crumpets are yummy

      I think its a case of more dancers the merrier but everyone needs to be dancing to the same tune and not be tripping each other up!

  • Mary

    I just reviewed Sea Shepherd’s 2009 990 tax returns. They state they received a grant 10/1/09 in the amount of $1,000,890 for a ship. They state their legal fees were $83,000. Paul made $96,000. Here is the link. I believe this shows that Paul was not honest. They received Ady’s check for $1,000,000 for the ship and cashed it. Pete’s legal bills were not $500,000.

  • Mary

    A note. Pete was arrested 2/2010 and released 7/2010. His legal fees will show up in their 2010 990.

    • boo radley

      You seem to be on a crusade with this stuff mary ahem romika3, Paul Watson has already straightened you out in this regard…how about you move on?

  • SaraGirl

    This bickering between the sides needs to stop. It makes both sides look really bad. I was there the night Ady handed over the check. In reality the boat was already purchased and yes, it was decided that Ady would lease the boat for $1. (I was told that was for tax purposes for Sea Shepherd.) But Paul Watson and Ady both painted a picture of him donating a million and Paul naming the boat after him. It made a better story. Now they are using this to be petty.
    If we are to save the dolphins and whales then both sides need to shut up and move on. This is not a junior high playground.

    • Stephanie

      Exactly. Thank you and well put.

      All this bickering is only hurting the cause. Nothing makes me sadder then when Animal Rights groups (of ANY kind, even if focus on Marine Conservation) fight and point fingers at each other. Use that passion for your cause!

      I am more inclined to be on the side of Paul Watson due to the fact that Pete really does seem a bit unstable and that he lied to save his own ass in the end. But either way, this needs to stop and the butchering murders in the Japanese Whaling fleet need to be stopped FOR GOOD.

      • psychiatry 101

        I think that both of you are slightly self delusional end seeking to promote your own inflated egos here.

        It is not “bickering” to engage in the right of reply or to defend oneself against accusations, especially false accusations. Paul Watson is not pointing his finger at anybody, but going through things point by point using facts to paint the picture of truth and honesty. Truth is, by its very nature, not the servant of the ego. Truth does not exist for the purpose of making people happy, successful, or healthy as egos. Truth cannot be circumscribed by the bounds of the personality-consciousness. Truth leads the ego to enlightenment, which is what we are all seeking here. Truth is the triumph of reality via the dissolution of the ego-self.

        Only when the truth is revealed can people move on from the Pete Bethune / Ady Gil/ Shonun Maru 2 saga.

        Please do not take this search for truth as an opportunity to promote yourselves as being higher or mightier than thou, because simply, you are not.

        It is natural that you are feeling some anger and frustration if you are truly on the side of the persecuted cetaceans, however this anger can be repressed and appear later at an inappropriate time …rest assured that Paul Watson is already there and getting on with things, saving whales in the Southern Ocean against their oppressors.

  • I Luv Whales

    I’ve been on the water all of my life, sailed across the atlantic too many times to count. Enjoyed every day.

    Paul watson is a fake, a clown, an egotistical idiot with dollar signs in his eyes.

    Please people, DON’T DONATE TO Paul Watson, please. Donate to any legitimate charity of your choice, but don’t make this con artist paul any richer. He’s a complete FAKE. (Like when he got shot???? What BS!)

    • frytoy

      If you “luv”d whales you would be a supporter of the only effective intervention on their behalf. Liar.

      • psychiatry 101

        We all feel hurt or irritated when someone or something obstructs our needs or desires. Anger, though, is not truly an emotion. In its technical sense, anger refers to the desire to “get even with
        that is, to take revenge on—the cause of the hurt.

        In the I luve whales case, this fellow clearly has a need to get even with Paul Watson and typically that is because he so successfully obstructed the seal hunt in Canada and destroyed their markets.

        Paul Watson is a success and i luve whales is a failure, leading to his feelings of anger and revenge.

  • Mike Downs

    I thank Paul and Sea Shepherd for all that they do.

  • Merlin

    Check back in a few hours when I will be exposing Romika3’s source and motivation (just need to get to another pc where my research is stored).
    Great article Captain Paul !

  • Lola

    Its not childish behavior to defend yourself. Paul is simply defending remarks that Pete and Ady made the other day to ecorazzi. I dont mean any disrespect to Ady at all. But I wanted to point out something Ive noticed from my perspective, and I could be wrong. Both times now, Ady’s response has been about semantics. Last time he pointed out that Paul said that Ady actually filed suit. Claiming Paul was a liar and that Ady never filed. But Ady also never admitted that he did threaten to file…which would lead one to believe that he was filing suit again SSCS. So, Paul never lied.
    And now this time, instead of addressing anything else…Ady is pointing out that in the article Paul stated that SSCS never “cashed” his $1 million dollar check. Which Ady claims that he has proof of. However, the fact remains that the $1 million was returned to Ady. And in my opinion “cashed” means kept by SSCS and used. Which they didn’t, due to demands that they couldnt agree to. So, why even bother to banter about semantics. I dont get it.

    • psychiatry 101

      Its obvious that both Pete and Ady Gil are looking to blame others for their own faults. In psychiatry this is called projection.

      Psychological projection or projection bias is a psychological defense mechanism where a person unconsciously denies his or her own attributes, thoughts, and emotions, which are then ascribed to the outside world, such as to the weather, or to other people. Thus, projection involves imagining or projecting the belief that others have those feelings.

      Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.

      An example of this behavior might be blaming another for self failure. The mind may avoid the discomfort of consciously admitting personal faults by keeping those feelings unconscious, and by redirecting libidinal satisfaction by attaching, or “projecting,” those same faults onto another person or object.

      The theory was developed by Sigmund Freud – in his letters to Wilhelm Fliess, ‘”Draft H” deals with projection as a mechanism of defence’ – and further refined by his daughter Anna Freud; for this reason, it is sometimes referred to as Freudian Projection.

      ‘Emotions or excitations which the ego tries to ward off are “spit out” and then felt as being outside the ego…perceived in another person'[4]. It is a common process that every person uses to some degree.

      I think that Pete and Ady gil got such a shock when the Japanese rammed their boat that they have never really come to terms with it.Instead of blaming the Japanese ( who ended up feeding Pete Bethune whilst he was in jail, thus becoming his mother figure and this mother figure never gave him the adoration that he was seeking ) Pete is now wanting to blame someone and that someone just happens to be Paul Watson who is against Pete Bethnes adopted mother figure, Japan.

  • Grahame Jackson


    I must firstly thank you and your entire crew and all other SSCS supporters, etc for all the selfless work that you do to save the whales and dolphins. Well done on a job well done and I wish you all only success. Come home safely.

    Without getting into the specific details between yourself and Pete. As commenting on that would not benefit.

    In terms of seamanship. After having seen the video of the collision of the Ady Gil, it is clear beyond any doubt that the Captain of the vessel totally neglected his duties and by lack of action and by lack of failing to observe the basic Rules of the Road, placed his vessel and the enitre crew and himself at risk from an illegal vessel that he could otherwise have easily outrun. Seems more like illogical bullish bravado that common sense.

    You have my full support.


  • romika3

    Perhaps somebody can answer this question. There are many marine species at risk and endangered yet Watson,in most cases, chooses to deal with species that are not endangered and have healthty sustainable populations. Why is that? Is that becasue there is more money in the Canada Seal Hunt, than dealing with the six species of seals that are endangered. Is that because there is more money in attacking the good people of the Faraeo Islands who depend on thier harvest for protein. The harvest in the southern ocean is mostly minke whales that have a healthing population, yet SSCS never mentions this, if fact as pointed out in an interview on Larry King, Watson didn’t have a clue about the population status of any whale species that he claimed to be protecting. These and many more are “RED FLAGS”. Folks in my books the SSCS is not a conservation organization plain and simple.

    • romika3

      Perhaps I should add that the only work the comes close to what a conservation organization does is what the SSCS does in the Galapagoes Islands.Providing resources, education etc to a group.

      • imforthewhales

        High praise indeed from Romika3…however there are some major differences between Japan and the Galapagos.

        Most importantly, the Galapagos both need and want the help that SSCS provides.

        Japan , unfortunately, does not SSCS to help them.

        The Galapagos desire that SSCS help them enforce International conservation law.

        Japan merely wants to be left alone to bend & twist conservation law and bribe other countries to let it continue its rape and pillaging of the oceans.

        The Galapagos seas have not been totally ruined…Japan has not much left surrounding its shores and therefore seeks other seas to squander.

    • imforthewhales

      Have we not covered all of this already Romika3? There are so many demands on conservationists…the human species is so busy wiping out species off the face of the planet that it is hard to know where to start. SSCS are a marine conservation society…and they cannot be everywhere at once. However if you save one species , such as whales from being exterminated, or enforce their refuges in the southern oceans, then you might also save ten other species at the same time. Everything has a flow on effect. If you stop harp seals from being bashed to death and skinned alive,then ditto for other seal species…perhaps even in other countries. Stop the harp seal market and you might also stop the Namibian seal market.

      I think we all know that minke whales are not the only species of whale that japan hunts. Many of the species that japan is after are threatened species and/ or slowly recovering after commercial whaling decimated their populations.

      • romika3

        “and they cannot be everywhere at once” sorry but this is a common SSCS response and does not cut the cheese. Watson and his gang of pusedo-pirates selects issues based on media and money making potential, safety …… (see my previous posts).They are an eco-terrorist orgization that used terror and terrorits methods (see SSCS and Youtube video) to acheive their goals.

      • imforthewhales


  • Afriend

    Paul…let it go. It’s over. I support what you and SSCS do but this petty bickering back and forth is extremely distasteful. If you guys need to sort out your dirty laundry then all of you should do it in private, not in public. Stop with the continuded public retorts to PB or AG…it belittles your work and is a contridiction to your stance that you don’t care what other people think, Paul. Let it go, move on and end this fued once and for all. As for PB starting his own organization…everyone has to start somewhere Paul. If SSCS inspired PB to strike out on his own and try and help with efforts, why begrudge him that? If PB is “too cowboy” for you then perhaps you should have investigated him further before allowing him to be a part of the 2010 campaign. Point being, you evidently granted permission for the MY Ady Gil and PB to come along. In fact, you touted its addition to your “fleet” with much fanfare and were quite happy to use it’s demise for publicity to the benefit of SSCS. Don’t be hypocritical now and refute the fact that you even wanted the boat and PB to be a part of your efforts. You frequently point out that it is on video that you stated this and that. Well in addition to that which you say admonishes you from ordering the scuttling of the MY Ady Gil, there is video that also documents that you lauded said boat as having been acquired by SSCS and/or that it was SSCS’s new one million dollar interceptor vessel. You can’t have it both ways Paul. I know you are using your spin doctor expertise to try and put all blame on PB, essentially black balling him. But I pose you this question: Is it not better to just let all of this go and try and work together to end the senseless slaughter of whales and seals and other sea life? Cowboy or not PB is the type of man that garners attention by virtue of his tremendous personality. His “antics” certainly brought SSCS a LOT of publicity this past year, publicity that you embraced. So for the sake of the greater cause, everyone needs to stop the vitriolic dialogue and concentrate that energy on conservation. It’s better for everyone that way. As for Ady Gil launching anti SSCS activities…I’ve never heard of anyone launching an organization solely for the purpose of trying to STOP another organization from saving a species. This makes no sense whatsoever so I question the validity. If it is true then at best it must be that you and/or the SSCS’s board must have done something to make Mr. Ady Gil very, very angry.

    All my best to you and SSCS Paul. I hope that this bickering amongst you, Pete and Ady comes to an end and you can find a way to work together harmoniously in the near future, if only indirectly.


    PS I have contributed to SSCS and purchased SSCS clothing, patches, bumperstickers etc. (just for the record).

    • km

      :) Well said.

      • Afriend

        Thanks. All the pot stirring is getting really old. As an aside I do think it’s silly for people to argue that because SSCS ‘originated’ a particular campaign, that anyone who follows suit is playing copy cat. IMO that is convoluted logic. Were it not for others coming on board with various conservation acts over the years there would be little hope of making any impact whatsoever. Claiming domain over a particular cause and expressing disdain for those who want to essentially assist defeats the purpose and speaks to ego getting in the way of the bigger picture. Everyone just stop the high school stuff and work together. You don’t have to like everyone but you can at least acknowledge that greater numbers of supporters equates to a better chance of ending carnage against the planet and the creatures we share it with. JMHO


  • David

    Are Pete and Ady going to be given a chance to respond to Paul’s guest post with a guest post of their own?

    • Suzanne

      David, Do you realize that this post was in response to the interview they gave the other day? Apparently a lot of people missed that…

      • imforthewhales

        People didn’t miss that…they just pretend that they did…no they saw it, the pro whalers just look for any opportunity…like a cockroach spying a grain of rice under an old shoe…

    • David

      I fully realize that Suzanne. But that was an interview, Pete and Ady got asked questions which they then answered, and I assume that interview was edited. Paul had days to write a response with no limits, he could bring up anything he wanted and I doubt that his final ‘guest post’ was edited.

      I believe it would be fair to give Pete and Ady the chance to respond to Paul’s comments in their own unedited ‘guest post’.

      • Holise Cleveland III

        People say that the bickering should stop. Pete and Ady engaged in gossip about Captain Watson on this site. Captain Watson defended himself and SSCS. That should be the end of it. It is now up to Ady and Pete to NOT respond unless they want to keep this going.

        This is their chance to prove their maturity and concern for the movement by not causing this to go any further. The ball is in their park. Will they decide to just concentrate on conservation or will it be that much more important to them to come back with an “I’m rubber. You’re glue,” statement?

        I think that is is important to them that they do. They must save face, because they are not depending on attracting their own supporters. They are not trying to enlighten others to create new activist for the cause. Instead, they are dependent on turning Sea Shepherd supporters. They do not even have the creativity and self decency to come up with their own campaigns. They have to go where Sea Shepherd is going to get the limelight, so they can try to get more of SSCS followers.

      • Holise Cleveland III

        You want to see Ady and Pete come back with a response because you want more, more, more. The descent people want to see this end, but you and others want to fan the flames. May I suggest you purchase DVDs of Maury Povich or Pro Wrestling. You can watch people have it out and they don’t even have to be true professionals.

        Just look at the responses to this article. How many people are saying, “Well what about this? And, and, and what about that? Huh? What about him?” Blah, Blah, Blah! It’s over unless you make it otherwise.

      • David

        No Pete and Ady answered questions they were asked.

        “It is now up to Ady and Pete to NOT respond unless they want to keep this going.” By your logic Paul shouldn’t have responded. Oh except Paul can do no wrong, so it is OK for him to defend himself but not for Pete and Ady.

        “they are dependent on turning Sea Shepherd supporters.” You mean like Paul with GreenPeace for the last 30 years. Oh that’s right, it is OK when Paul does it but not when others do.

        “You want to see Ady and Pete come back with a response because you want more, more, more.” So Holise you are another of those SSCS supporters who has special powers and knows what others are thinking and doing. You would think with powers like that you could have helped Paul find the Nisshin Maru in less than 30 days.

        “May I suggest you purchase DVDs…” You may suggest whatever you want. But as I don’t have a DVD player I hope you won’t be disappointed when I don’t do as you suggest.

        “It’s over unless you make it otherwise.” Well there is a lawsuit out there so I hardly think it is over.

  • Wayne Jackson

    Thanks to the Guidestar organization, we can access the tax returns of non-profit organizations. Interestingly, the SSCS 2009 tax return lists a 10/1/09 grant for a ship amounting to $1,000,890 and $3,724,975 for another ship.

    If the 3 million is for the Bob Barker what vessel was the 1 million dollars for?

    • imforthewhales

      Wayne…boring…give it a break son.

      • Wayne Jackson

        So I assume Ady Gil somehow altered the SSCS’s tax return and included the million dollars that we’re being told was never cashed?

      • imforthewhales

        I would suggest you go and do your homework and come up with some facts rather than simply speculating.

        Admiral Paul Watson has already stated that the check was handed back…that means it was never cashed.

        Ady Gil has not refuted this.

      • David

        If it was never cashed it wouldn’t show up on their IRS filings now would it?

      • imforthewhales

        Does it say which ship it was for? Non?

        Could have been a ship in the Galapagos for all you know.

        What we do know that the check for the Ady Gil was never cashed.

      • David

        No, what we know is Paul said it was never cashed. Quite a different thing.

      • boo radley

        How do you know its a different thing David? Fact is that you don’t know…but you wish that you did.

  • Chris

    I wasn’t at all surprised to see Michael dEstries writing yet another post with anti-Sea Shepherd bias. He seems to have a serious personal agenda to defame or discredit the organization and it comes out time and time again on almost all the articles he writes about it on this website. I understand Paul’s motivations for wanting to clarify or respond to the things stated in the interview, but I also feel that this entire Paul-vs-Pete saga is counterproductive and makes everyone look bad. I really wish I could stop reading about it anywhere. Whatever happened, happened, and I don’t feel the need to keep revisiting all of the finger pointing, bitter accusations, and rehashing of the problems. I was happy to let this public debacle fade into history and focus on the positive and important news about ocean activism, rather than being dragged back into this murky in-fighting. The whalers and the those destroying the ocean should be the true focus of our opposition, not other activists, no matter how much they may have offended or wronged us. I look forward to letting the anger over this incident sink to the bottom of the ocean (or at least out of the public eye) where it belongs, and hearing about the great things that both parties are able to accomplish for the ocean! Thank you for your hard and dedicated work on this front.

  • Mkay

    I’m not racist – it’s just a fact that the Japs are not interested in abiding by any of the rest of the worlds laws or decency. Paul Watson will finish what the US could not do in 1945, thats for sure. The SSCS doesn’t need any more idiots like Pete Bethune an Ady Gil – if they want to donate money, then fine, but tell them to do it and shut up about it – we don’t want to hear their mumbling. Ady Gil talked too much when he was putting his name on our ship – he should just shut up now. Captain Watson knows what he is doing, and is the only one with the balls to do what has to be done. Go Sea Shepherds!

    • racist

      Lets get something straight here, Japanese are not Asians. This is indoctrinated into them from an early age.

      They are above Asians – this was well documented as they invaded the rest of Asia and treated them worse than cattle for slaughter.

      They are Japanese – elitist, proud and amazingly violent. It’s a cultural thing (just like the whale slaughter).

      They are very anti-cacausian (trust me, I’ve lived there and they are nice to your face). If you are not Japanese, you are NOTHING and no one is going to tell them what to do.

      A couple of things they do sit up an take notice of:

      1. Money
      2. Tuna
      3. H-Bombs
      4. Threats of sanctions from the United States

      Do they have a huge chip on their shoulder since the humiliating surrender at the close of WW2?

      Perhaps… maybe this is what this is all about – defacto war games between the East and West?

      Maybe “RESEARCH” should be painted onto the side of the aircraft that delivers bomb #3?

  • Lisa Cunningham

    Thank you, Admiral Watson, Captain Watson, Activist Watson…..and, Paul Watson (because you are all of these)for all that you have done for over 3 decades (over 30 years for the trolls). You are a true inspiration to many, many people. And, you are trying to save our oceans which means that you are essentially trying to save all of us. Because, without the oceans we will all die.

    Anytime there is someone trying to do good there are always naysayers. When that person is well-known and has successful strategies, there are always those who are leeches and try to suck the life out of the good things that are being done. They also try to take credit for things that they don’t do.

    I am a proud supporter of you and Sea Shepherd Conservation Society. I don’t see Ady Gil or Pete Bethune in the Southern Ocean Sanctuary…..nor any of the other trolls.

    ~~ For the Oceans, ALWAYS.

    • peppered steak

      More importantly Japan is slaughtering endangered whales, this is akin to poaching:

      The Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the Antarctic (JARPAII) includes 50 Fin whales (Endangered ESA & IUCN) and 50 Humpback whales (Endangered ESA & vulnerable IUCN) and of course hundreds upon hundreds of Minke whales (“The cockroaches of the sea” said a Japanese official).

      Even though they have a special permit for 50 Humpbacks, they seem to be leaving these alone (in JARPAII at least – this may be hard to prove, as who knows what they are slaughtering really) for the purposes of political bargaining.

      The Japanese Whale Research Program under Special Permit in the North Pacific (JARPNII) deserves a special mention here because it is the hunt that is not as well known as JARPAII. The North Pacific hunt consists of a much larger variety of endangered whales. They include:

      – Sei
      – Bryde’s
      – Sperm

      Along with a large haul of “common minke” whales.

      So it really does look like important science is being undertaken (NOT) when they are plucking endangered whales out of the oceans – the same whales struggling to get back to pre-whaling industry numbers which face even more challenges these days due to pollution, shipping ( & ship strikes), sonar tests (noise pollution, some of which can be lethal), loss of breeding grounds, climate change and loss of food sources (humans taking krill now too). And lastly, these science expeditions seemingly keep increasing their quotas of “samples needed” as Japan is longing for the day when they can begin full commerical whaling and until that day, they will continue to commercially whale under JARPAII and JARPNII.

      The ICR happily post data from these expeditions and show terrible images of slain endangered whales being carved up in the name of science. What an international disgrace. They are driving whales (and blue fin tuna etc) to extinction.

      • Mick

        @peppered steak

        “More importantly Japan is slaughtering endangered whales”

        So is America. They are and have been hunting endangered Bowhead whales.

      • sidewinder

        Nice cherry pick Mick,

        Indigineous whaling is it not? very small quota is it not?

        Not a highly mechanised, systemic slaughter of thousands upons thousands of whales to put in the deep freeze all in the name of Science is it not?

      • imforthewhales

        Oh are the Americans now whaling commercially?

      • Mick


        “Oh are the Americans now whaling commercially?”

        Nope, but they ARE killing endangered Bowhead whales.

      • Mick


        “Indigineous whaling is it not? very small quota is it not?”

        So, it’s okay to kill endangered whales as long as it’s “indigineous whaling”? So, Greenland killing Humpback whales is okay, too?
        It’s also okay to kill endangered whales as long as it’s a “small quota”?

        According to the IWC. America killed 50 Bowhead whales, from a population of around 14,000, in 2008. That works out to 0.36% of the total Bowhead whale population. In 2008 Japan killed 680 Minke whales out of a population of at least 500,000. That works out to 0.136% of the total Minke whale population. Although the numbers of Bowhead whales killed is smaller, the percentage of the overall population killed is over twice as much as the overall population of Minke whales that are killed.

      • riled up

        In the United States, whaling is carried out by nine different indigenous Alaskan communities. The whaling program is managed by the Alaska Eskimo Whaling Commission which reports to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration. The hunt takes around 50 bowhead whales a year from a population of about 10,500 in Alaskan waters.

        Yes – sad to see 50 bowheads killed every year. I’m sure their time will come when this needs to be reduced to ensure the catch it not sustainable. I’d prefer a quota of ZERO, but indigenous whaling seems to slip under the radar somewhat.

        The point above Mick was to point out that Japan takes hundreds of endangered whales every year commerically, not as any sort of indigenous hunt where they use every square inch of the whale.

      • angry

        god Mick,

        We are not talking about MINKE whales, we are talking about JAPAN’s systemic slaughter of endangered whales for science. Are you that pro-whaling sodomised?

      • imforthewhales

        Mick, this is another old argument..did you know that it was Japan that first encouraged the Makah to resurrect whaling in 1995. The World Council of Whalers i.e. aboriginal whaling advocates was set up and funded by Japan and Norway.

        The original plans for and by the Makah was to set up a commercial whaling operation. This was ended when the plan was revealed by virtue of the Freedom of Information Act in the U.S.

        The Japanese whaling industry is conducting criminal operations by targeting endangered and protected whales inside the boundaries of an established international whale sanctuary. They are also in violation of a global moratorium on commercial whaling by using subterfuge to claim their whaling is “scientific,” all while utilizing bribery to secure the necessary votes to support their bogus claims.

      • David

        “god Mick,

        We are not talking about MINKE whales, we are talking about JAPAN’s systemic slaughter of endangered whales for science. ”

        angry , which is it MINKE whales or endangered whales? They are two different topics.

      • angry

        EPIC Fail there DAVID trying to muddy the waters with an empty comment.

      • Mick

        @peppered steak, sidewinder, imforthewhales, riled up and angry

        “More importantly Japan is slaughtering endangered whales”

        “Indigineous whaling is it not? very small quota is it not?”

        “The point above Mick was to point out that Japan takes hundreds of endangered whales every year commerically”

        “JAPAN’s systemic slaughter of endangered whales for science.”

        Some basic facts to begin with. In 2008 Japan took 2 sperm Whales, 100 Sei whales and 50 Byrds whales in the North Pacific. In 2008 America took 50 Bowhead whales and Russia took 130 Gray whales and 2 Bowhead whales; Also in the North Pacific.

        What exactly is your problem with this? America, Japan and Russia are ALL killing endangered whales. They ALL use modern methods such as power boats and explosives. They are ALL taking about the same number of whales. They are ALL eating the whales, as well. So what’s the problem? Is it okay for America and Russia to kill and eat endangered whales, but not Japan? Is it wrong to kill endangered whales or not? Is it wrong to eat whales or not? Are you against killing whales or not? Because if you were TRULY against killing whales you would be opposed to ANYONE killing whales.

      • imforthewhales

        Japan is easily the biggest market for whale meat.

        Most of the other whaling, whilst regrettable, is done under the IWC allowance for native whaling.

        You can tie in the Icelandic industry pretty much with Japans …this makes Japan the whales greatest enemy by far. Japan is not whaling for the natives, they are whaling commercially for profit. So is Iceland…with a small local market as well.

        Once you shut down Japan then you can work on the rest..including the North Pacific.

        Unless you ant to donate a few ships to the cause Mick? Then people can take action much sooner.

      • Mick


        “Most of the other whaling, whilst regrettable, is done under the IWC allowance for native whaling.”

        So, Iceland and Norway are whaling under objection which is allowed by the IWC, too. Japan is whaling under the IWC allowance for scientific research.

        So what’s your problem? Are you against killing whales or not? Is it okay for natives in Alaska to kill 50 endangered Bowhead whales under the IWC aboriginal subsistence clause? But, it’s not okay for Japan to kill 50 endangered Byrds whales under the IWC scientific research clause? Killing endangered whales is killing endangered whales. Either you’re for it or against it.

      • boo radley

        Mick, i think you will find that Japan and Iceland are commercially whaling.

        Commercial whaling is banned, native whaling is not.

      • Mick

        @boo radley

        “Mick, i think you will find that Japan and Iceland are commercially whaling.”

        Boo, if you check the IWC website, you would find that Japan is whaling under scientific permit and Iceland is whaling under objection. Both of which are allowed under IWC regulations. Thus, both are just as legal as aboriginal subsistence whaling, which is also allowed under IWC regulations.

        So, are you against killing whales or not?

    • Bob

      There are 6 species of seal on the endangered species list. The SSCS doesn’t help any of them.

      Which species are they interested in helping? Why the over abundant harp seal of course! Let Paulie tell you why in his words:

      Because they are cute and you can make money of them!

      • boo radley

        Epic fail there bob, PW was talking about Greenpeace.

  • Mick

    @paul watson

    “Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with his testimony that falsely accused me of ordering him to board the Shonan Maru #2.”

    Perhaps, this is so. However, the arrest warrent issued by the JCG had nothing to do with PB boarding the SM#2.

    “The Japan Coast Guard obtained an arrest warrant in Tokyo against Mr Watson for allegedly instructing members of his group to obstruct Japan’s whaling mission and causing injury to Japanese crew, Japanese media reported.”

    “The warrant is for Paul Watson, the Canadian founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, on suspicion of assault and obstruction of business, Kyodo News agency reported, citing investigative sources.”

    • sidewinder

      Hey Mick,

      Japan is an international disgrace – driving whales and tuna to extinction.

      • imforthewhales

        “All through history, the way of love and truth have always won; there have been tyrants and murderers, and for a time they can seem invincible, but in the end they always fall- always-“- Mahatma Gandhi

      • angry

        Mick just loves the attention, because he is a attention vvhore! A paid troll, and propaganda puppet and so on.

        Zero facts and high emotion, thats what the trolls are all about.

      • imforthewhales

        Mick does a great job, the level of discussion would not be where it is without Mick and Romika3.

        They should be on two payrolls!

    • imforthewhales

      Mick that has nothing to do with what PW was talking about…in any case, “obstruction of business”….hmmm…damn right!

      As to the injuring of the crew..shenanigans…we all saw those ICR muppets shooting chili spray into their own faces and running back to mommy.

      • Bob

        Those were pulse fire extinguishers imforthefails. It’s ok, I realize that if you sea sheep didn’t have your lies you wouldn’t have anything.

      • boo radley

        Bob, did you see a fire? I sure didnt. Back to your bootíe knitting bob.

      • Mick


        “Mick that has nothing to do with what PW was talking about…”

        So, you’re speaking for watson now? Then what was watson talking about? How exactly did PB turn watson over to the “Japanese authorities”?

      • imforthewhales

        Who cares Mick..i mean seriously dude…all that matters is this..

        Paul Watson :Meanwhile, no whales were killed yesterday or today. The Nisshin Maru is still fleeing to the Southeast in the Ross Sea and we continue to follow them. The Gojira has departed from Hobart and is enroute back to the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

        The pro whalers can just suck on this for a while.

      • Mick


        “Who cares Mick..”

        Obviously, YOU do. Otherwise you would not be trying to deflect attention away from the fact that the arrest warrant issued by the JCG for watson had nothing to do with watsons claim that, “Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with his testimony that falsely accused me of ordering him to board the Shonan Maru #2.”

      • imforthewhales

        “Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with his testimony that falsely accused me of ordering him to board the Shonan Maru #2.”

        What is it about this comment that you don’t get? I’m sure you get it, I am equally sure that you are not happy about getting it.

        The rest is just reporting from Japanese interests and is second hand..about as reliable as Japan is to sticking to its tuna quota…even if the charges are real, they are simply trumped up political charges.

        They are probably the best that they could come up with.

        We all know from long experience how Japan makes stuff up to suit themselves.

      • Mick


        “Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with his testimony that falsely accused me of ordering him to board the Shonan Maru #2.”

        The arrest warrant issued by the JCG had nothing to do with PB boarding the SM#2.

        What exactly about my comment don’t YOU get, imforthewhales?

      • Michael Raymer

        “The arrest warrant issued by the JCG had nothing to do with PB boarding the SM#2.”

        And you know this, how? Do you have sources for this? Or is this just another choo-choo ride through Mick’s Fantasy Land? Are you ever going to back up one of your claims with a source?

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “The arrest warrant issued by the JCG had nothing to do with PB boarding the SM#2.”

        “And you know this, how? Do you have sources for this?”

        Michael, I provided TWO sources in my original post: Mick, January 26, 2011 at 8:06 pm.
        Please do EVERYONE a favor and read ALL the posts before hurling insults at people.

      • Michael Raymer

        Yeah Mick, guess what? I read the sources and there is nothing in either of them to support your claim. Not one sentence, not one line. Once again, swing and a miss.

        And if I am “hurling insults” at you, I’ve earned the right. This is what you do. You make some BS claim and when someone calls you on it, you never provide proof, you change the subject and/or you disappear and wait for another thread to do it all over again. You pulled this crap with me a week or two ago and I’m still waiting for a reply.

        BTW, wait for it….wait for it….wait for it…


        “The Canadian national is suspected of ordering Peter Bethune, a New Zealand national and former captain of an anti-whaling vessel, to throw a chemical substance onto a whaling ship in the Antarctic Sea in February and commit other acts of obstruction.”

        Hmmm…what a coincidence! They mention Pete Bethune, who they have in custody at the time. Now where would they get the so-called evidence they need to issue said warrant if Bethune wasn’t talking?

        See you in a couple of weeks, Mick.

      • imforthewhales

        Oh was it all to do with throwing a bottle of seasoning for the whalers? Well they need something to go with their whale sushi ha ha.

      • km

        Michael, with all due respect, I think Mick and David are saying Japan isn’t accusing Paul of ordering Pete to board but of ordering him to throw things and obstruct business. Your quoted statement is consistent with that. There is no indication that the warrant has to do with the main dispute between Pete and Paul as to who ordered Pete to board the ship, if anyone at all. So even if Pete did make some false allegation that he was ordered by Paul to board the ship, the warrant has nothing to do with that order. They held Pete accountable for the boarding and are holding Paul accountable for all the other acts that Paul and his crew have done like throwing stuff on/at their ships. And Paul, as Captain or Admiral, is presumably responsible. I’m not sure what evidence Pete would have needed to provide. After all, there is a television show proving that the crew acts on Paul’s orders when throwing things or the like.
        I may be misreading something but that is what I always understood. Sorry for posting.

      • Michael Raymer

        km, I suggested this before and it doesn’t look like you tried it: go to the Search line, type in Sea Shepherd, Watson, Whale…whatever. Read the commentary from the past 18 months, 2 years, however much you have time for. My point? Trying to defend David and Mick is going to give you wrinkles before your time. And I won’t be the only one giving them to you. While David has shown the capability of conducting a constructive debate on occasion, Mick quite simply is not. He is the classic definition of troll. He has no credibility here because he chooses not to have any.

        Japan is a democratic country. They cannot just hand out warrants because the feel like it. It takes evidence and testimony. They issued said warrant while they had Bethune in custody. Why? Because he talked. I don’t know if you saw it but somewhere above I posted a link of Peter Hammerstedt in custody….not saying a word. Not taking the bait that the two simpleton Canadian cops held out for him. Hammerstedt is quite simply 10 times the man that Bethune is. (As an aside, I am so impressed by this young man and I really think he deserves more mention and credit than he gets. If I had only one reason to watch Whale Wars, he would be it.)

        “And Paul, as Captain or Admiral, is presumably responsible.”

        “After all, there is a television show proving that the crew acts on Paul’s orders when throwing things or the like.”

        V-O-L-U-N-T-E-E-R. Volunteer. These are all volunteers, they are told what to expect before they ever set foot on board one of the ships. And as you say, they now have a TV show that has eliminated all excuses. If they have a problem, or if they need orders to engage in SSCS tactics against whalers, how hard is it to NOT volunteer?

        Y’know, if you are going to use my words against me, you open the door for me to do the same with you. You guys are the ones claiming Watson isn’t a Captain, you’re the ones claiming he isn’t an Admiral. So you can just stop with the whole “Watson is responsible” line. I can say it, you can’t. Pick a story and stick with it.

        Don’t be sorry for posting. But you said earlier that you were not going to post anymore (on whaling threads), and here you are. That sort of thing hurts your credibility and the anti-Watson crowd doesn’t need to lose any more. If you’re here, then you’re here. If you’re gone, then stay gone. I don’t mean that as harshly as it came out but, there it is.

      • km

        Michael, I’m not disagreeing with what you’ve said about the volunteers. I just find that using the analogy is lame. If you use it, own it. Also, I’m definitely not saying that Pete did not lie. But those statements don’t support what Paul or you are saying that the warrant is for ordering Pete to board the ship. Maybe it is but I don’t recall reading that anymore. If there is something, that’s cool. Like the video you linked about nobody talks.

        To clarify, all I understood from those two sources and my own knowledge is that Pete lied about Paul ordering him to board the ship and that there is a warrant out for Paul for throwing crap and obstructing business. That is, as I understand it from all the information here, Pete’s lie about the boarding is not the basis for the issuance of the notice. Unless you are saying that Pete said that Paul was responsible for everything that everyone did like throwing crap and because of that he is wanted. Is that it?

        I shouldn’t lose credibility with you. I’m like Paul. I say that I don’t care and yet I can’t stay away. And you didn’t come over to the vegan articles. At least not yet.

      • Michael Raymer

        If I started posting on the vegan threads it would cause nothing but trouble. As I’ve said, I can support you guys without being one of you. And if someone accused me of being a troll by posting on vegan topics, they’d be right. And I’m not a troll.

        As far as the rest, I can’t connect the dots for you. Only you can do that for yourself. In this case, all it would take to shut me up is for Bethune to claim that he never said a word to Japanese authorities. For all his public claims, he has never claimed that. That makes him dead to me. And again, you said it yourself, the Japanese have a TV show to use for reference. Why did a warrant for Admiral Watson not get issued until they had Bethune in custody? While I believe in coincidence, I don’t believe they stretch this far.

      • km

        I didn’t realize what was happening with the vegan issue. As I’ve said, I don’t quite understand how people can be into one animal but not another but there are more who feel as you do than as I do, including members of my family. I don’t try and change anyone when it comes to that. I encourage shopping local or buying cruelty free or anything that might help.

        As to Pete, you may be right. I have no idea. I just never knew that people thought he spilled the beans on Paul. I’m not sure why he’d have to as Paul is shown on television doing just what he is accused of. Perhaps it was the fact that they believed that Paul ordered the boarding that pushed them to finally act. It could also have been everything that led up to it, like sinking of the Ady Gil and the butyric accid and the three Japanese sailors. It could be that if they were to hold Pete accountable then they believed they should also finally hold Paul accountable.

        I’m surprised you’re that bothered by Pete’s lie (s). Paul is guilty and the warrant doesn’t seem to stop him from saving whales. Why is Pete’s lie worse than Paul’s? And what if Pete gets a ship sometime and does what Paul does? And what if it didn’t interfere with Paul’s work? Would it be ok because he was saving whales? I’m not trying to catch you in anything. I can say that I wouldn’t support anyone taking the action that the SSCS takes, even if it was Sylvia Earle. I think it’s wrong. And I’m pro-whales.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, part of my “vegan” comment comes from the way herwin went froth-at-the-mouth ballistic on me the other day. I don’t need that sort of thing and I’ve always said that my involvement on this site is devoted to whales and dolphins. I read the other threads but I don’t get involved (much).

        You must be watching a different Whale Wars than I’m watching. Paul not only didn’t order Bethune to board the Shonan Maru, he specifically recommended against it. As I say in my recent post above, while I like using terms like “Admiral”, SSCS isn’t a military organisation. And if you watch the show, you see Paul giving very few orders. Rather, he asks for volunteers who are willing to do what he asks. And if a fellow “Captain” wants to do what Bethune specifically said he wanted to do, Paul goes along with it, even if it is grudgingly. And he has explained all this to a degree that I am content with the explanation and how it correlates with what I see on the show.

        There is video that clearly shows the three Japanese sailors zapping themselves with their own spray, whatever it was.

        I don’t care about Bethune one way or another. After what I saw on Whale Wars, I’m not impressed by him by any stretch of the imagination. And on the other thread, I specifically wished him and Ady Gil good luck in their endeavors. Personally, I think that Bethune is going to accomplish the one thing that Watson hasn’t, and that’s getting someone killed. That’s my opinion and only time will tell if I’m right.

      • herwin

        @ Michael.
        please show me some quotes where i did go “froth at the mouth”.
        You still seem to be emotional about the vegan issue. and have taken it very personal with a dose of misunderstanding.

        let me explain it again, ass i have done before. Being a meateater and at the same time defending dolphins and whales, many people do it, and in itself there isnt anything wrong with that, In fact, being involved with the protection with one animal, can be the beginning of extending that compassion to ALL animals.

        I didnt respond to you regarding whales or dolphins. I did respond because you made a very off the wall remark about pigs and cows and chickens, that these animals are not inteligent as dolphins, with the implication that its okay to eat these animals.
        Basically I responded that these animals are also inteligent.
        So, again, next time stick to the whales and dolphins and dont drag in other animals in this way.

        also stick to the arguments and dont get personal, it doesnt help your arguments..

      • Michael Raymer

        The following are direct quotes from herwin:

        How dare we compare cows, pigs, and chickens with dolphins ! Heavens forbid.

        @ Michael ,this is just for poking fun at you ; -(this is from herwin, who doesn’t like to get personal)

        oh ? you don’t ? You start sounding like a Greenpeacer.. -(this is also from herwin, who doesn’t like to get personal and who thinks the REST of us should keep insults to ourslelves)

        Michael, i think this whole Whale Wars is getting to your head.

        In other words, dolphins are inteligent and cant be eaten. Pigs, cos and chickens are dumb and can be kept in factory farms and be eaten. -(for someone who wants quotes, where did I ever say that?)

        Eating dolphins and whales is not okay but eating cows, pigs and chickens from factory farms is okay ? -(never said that either)

        See cows, pigs and chickens being killed (on internet videos) and terrible abused, and all you can think is “these animals are a lower kind of animals”. No feelings for THESE animals, eh. -(never said that either, never thought that, and I never said I have no feelings for these or any other animals)

        Latest gem from herwin, “ass i have done before.” That pretty much sums it up.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “The Canadian national is suspected of ordering Peter Bethune, a New Zealand national and former captain of an anti-whaling vessel, to throw a chemical substance onto a whaling ship in the Antarctic Sea in February and commit other acts of obstruction.”

        “They mention Pete Bethune, who they have in custody at the time. Now where would they get the so-called evidence they need to issue said warrant if Bethune wasn’t talking?”

        Were would the JCG get the evidence to issue a warrant alleging that watson ordered his crew to throw chemicals onto and obstruct the ICR ships, you ask? Hours of video taken by both the ICR and AP, for one.

        Michael, I know you’re slow, so I will explain it to you. The point isn’t whether PB talked or not. The point is PB DIDN’T turn watson over to the Japanese authorities by boarding the SM#2 as watson is claimimg.

        watson: “Pete Bethune TURNED ME OVER TO THE JAPANES AUTHORITIES with his testimony that falsely accused ME OF ORDERING HIM TO BOARD the Shonan Maru #2.”

        Mick: “The arrest warrant issued by the JCG had nothing to do with PB boarding the SM#2.

        The two sources I cited and the source YOU cited all confirm that the warrant issued by the JCG was NOT because PB accused watson of ordering him to board the SM#2.

      • Michael Raymer

        “The point is PB DIDN’T turn watson over to the Japanese authorities by boarding the SM#2 as watson is claimimg.”

        Seriously? You’re calling me slow? How on Earth do you connect those dots? Are you reading ANYTHING that….well, anyone is writing? Where in anything that has ever been written anywhere has that claim been made?

        The testimony that Bethune gave to the Japanese is the basis for the warrant.

        The “Hours of video taken by both the ICR and AP, for one” have been around for years. What’s so special about last season? What is the one difference between last years events and the events of all the previous anti-whaling campaigns? The one difference Mick, is that Bethune was taken into custody and talked under interrogation. One of the defining characteristics of being slow is ignoring the obvious.

        And, I’ve asked this before and still haven’t gotten an answer: Since when did Bethune become your bestest buddy? Last year he couldn’t tie his shoes without a negative comment from you people, now you can’t wait to use his name for even more of your BS accusations.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “The testimony that Bethune gave to the Japanese is the basis for the warrant.”

        Michael, I was wrong. You’re not “slow”. You’re INCREDIBLY slow.

        watson: “Pete Bethune turned me over to the Japanese authorities with HIS TESTIMONY that falsely ACCUSED ME OF ORDERING HIM TO BOARD the Shonan Maru #2.”

        Once again, “ORDERING HIM TO BOARD”.

        And again, “ORDERING HIM TO BOARD”.

        All three sources cited CONFIRM that the arrest warrant issued by the JCG was for watson ORDERING his crew(including PB) to obstruct the ICRs whaling operation and throw chemicals onto the ICR ships.

        “The Japan Coast Guard obtained an arrest warrant in Tokyo against Mr Watson for allegedly INSTRUCTING MEMBERS OF HIS GROUP to OBSTRUCT Japan’s WHALING mission and CAUSING INJURY to Japanese crew”

        “The WARRANT IS FOR Paul Watson, the Canadian founder of the Sea Shepherd Conservation Society, on suspicion of ASSAULT and OBSTRUCTION of business”

        “The Canadian national is suspected of ORDERING Peter Bethune, a New Zealand national and former captain of an anti-whaling vessel, to THROW A CHEMICAL SUBSTANCE onto a whaling ship in the Antarctic Sea in February and COMMIT other acts of OBSTRUCTION.”

        So, the warrant was not issued because watson ordered PB to board the SM#2, as watson claims.

      • boo radley

        Mick, whose side are you on?

      • Mick

        @boo radley

        “Mick, whose side are you on?”

        My “side”? I am on the side of reason, truth and common decency. Therefore, I must oppose SS and their supporters.

        For example, SS supporters often proclaim that, “killing endangered whales is wrong”. Yet, these same people condone and make excuses for the killing of endangered whales by native people. This is an unreasonable position to take. Not to mention illogical and hypocritical.

  • christina durling

    Oh i am so sad right now and well angry. I believe the cause is great but the people in the cause not always so great. This is a way to have so many learning about these causes to turn and run no one wants the fighting if u do watch a soap opera. I admire Pete Bethune, Ady Gil, and Paul Watson (although he is starting to irk me a lil) why not have more to fight these awesome causes. Who cares about who sink what and how it was sunk it was tragic people could of died. Whales and animals are dying unecessarily every day quit with the he said she said bull and lets work together seperately if need be but towards same cause. Own up you all could of handled this way better why get us involved in your personal attacks on each other quit posting on facebook hate to each other you are taking things way to far and drawing attention from what really matters. I have read all the different posts and ady and pete have told people not to say hateful things on their posts seems to me they just defending statements that needed to be made from paul directly to them it all mounts up to this get over yourselves and be kind animosity is starting between 10s of thousands on facebook between one group against the other it does NOTHING to help these animals u all swear u trying to protect and 1 more thing u dont think u owe ady a ty but u do i make my kids say ty for getting a cookie and he did and pete did help ur campaign and pete encouraged me to still donate to sscs despite u all not getting along and keeps us posted on how u r doing.Please let us all support each other if the oceans die so do we ALL of us!!!!!!!peace and god bless

  • AnimuX

    Despite all of the huffing and puffing between supporters of various groups and pro-whaling antagonists taking advantage of the mess, the fact remains that Paul Watson and Sea Shepherd have taken action to protect marine life for over 30 years. Even Japanese officials have admitted publicly that SSCS has forcibly reduced their annual quotas in the Southern Ocean.

    People tend to get hung up on petty personal grudges and continue bickering over who said what.

    Who cares.

    I’ll stick to supporting the cause and the people who actually dedicate themselves to bringing an end to whaling and other cruel destructive industries.

  • km

    Animux, like with Michael, I can respect and understand your position but you and Paul are not consistent in your claims that it is all about the whales. If it is just that, then let people bicker and do whatever. You should be happy as you believe he is making a difference. He should be too. I personally care about more than the whales. Please respect that. I cannot and do not support the negative aspects of his campaign like his attacks on other groups/individuals or his hypocrisy. Encouraging and supporting lying is a big problem for me. Taking advantage of donors is a problem. Whether he wants to be or not, he is a hero and an example to many and I think he is sending out a bad message.

    I have spoken too much and too often but that is the core of it all for me. If it’s about saving whales and he has been successful, then his messages should be positive and the results should speak for themselves. Instead, and I am not denying any success, he doesn’t seem satisfied with just that.

    At least for me, it is disappointing that he is not held accountable by people like you for the negative things he does. It seems his supporters have given him carte blanche to do or say as he pleases so long as whales are being saved. That’s dangerous for the rest of society that doesn’t care just about saving whales.

    • AnimuX

      Whatever. Paul Watson is not an elected official or a role model. I find it interesting that so many people pass judgment on Watson as if he owes them something.

      That’s the problem with an anthropocentric/egocentric focus on everything. People are simply obsessing about other people (or themselves) instead of focusing their concerns on the oceans and marine life.

      You and I don’t give Watson “carte blanche” to do anything. He does what he does and you like it or you don’t but we definitely don’t have any say in the matter either way.

      Watson has gone out to sea year after year for decades and continues to take action today. He’s been a controversial figure for decades as a result. He’s doing the same thing today that he was doing in 1975 when he first interfered with Soviet whalers. There is nothing new or unpredictable about it (other than the scale – but even Greenpeace was boarding whaling ships in the 70s), including the outrageous commentary.

      All I see here is a lot of bellyaching and whining about matters that have absolutely no effect on anyone commenting other than Watson, Ady Gil, and Pete Bethune (with the exception of the whales).

      Sea Shepherd is in it for the whales. So am I. Anyone who isn’t can just go on crying about how much they don’t like what Watson said about ‘xyz’.

      • boo radley

        The Pete Bethune/ Ady Gil saga is an interesting little side show to the bigger picture currently being played on the big screen.

        The pro whalers on here are enjoying themselves no doubt, but they forget a few points.

        One of these points is that it was actually the Japanese ship that was connected to the illegal whaling fleet that smashed into the Ady Gil. If they and not been there in the first place then none of this would ever have happened.

        Another point is that Pete Bethune was negligent in letting this happen.

        The third point is that while the pro whalers are busy pulling all of this apart, they are really wasting their time.

        The Japanese whaling system is on the ropes this year.

        When the ICR release their figures for this years commercial hunt, they are not going to be looking good.

  • km

    Why so negative with the “whatever”? I was respectful of you. And, again, if you’re in it for the whales, why are you commenting? Why do you care if we “cry” about Paul’s behavior? Contrary to what you say, it is possible to care about oceans and mankind. You think posting here means we can’t focus on the oceans? Dude, this is website about gossip. It invites these discussions. Why are you here? There are websites available for you to discuss oceans. You and Watson contradict yourself just by virtue of being here. Leave us to discuss the mankind part.
    And, while it can’t be proven, I would venture to guess that some of the bad behavior he seems to encourage in others like lying or hypocrisy hurts the oceans. That is, we ultimately want to draw people into our mission not repel them. Probably the number one rule in activism is not to undermine your cause. Focus on the cause and don’t let your ego get in the way of it lest you are fine with hurting that which you claim to support.

    • AnimuX

      I call it like I see it and I comment here when I feel like it.

      This website is indeed about ‘gossip’ but it also portrays serious matters, such as the plight of whales.

      People will be drawn in by their on consciences when they learn about the decimation of whales by industrial whaling. They’ll be drawn in by the passion of anti-whaling activists who, in some cases, put their lives on the line to enforce international conventions, expose criminal activity, or simply stand against cruel and destructive industries.

      They won’t be drawn in by a bunch of keyboard kommandos claiming superiority through a literary glory hole. You can find them on just about any internet chat forum claiming the world would be saved if only the people actually involved in a real physical effort would just ‘answer questions’ or really ‘do what I think they should do’.

      What hurts the oceans most is the detachment most people have from nature itself. Even on sites dedicated to environmental topics it’s too often just a side argument to complaining about activists or some other nonsense. That’s why Paul Watson is more controversial than over 25 years of whaling in defiance of international resolutions.

      • AnimuX

        How is one man, no matter what he says, more controversial than the fact that three industrialized nations basically said, ‘fuck the democratic process of the International Whaling Commission we’ll kill whales because we want to’, hmm?

      • km

        Duly noted but people like you who don’t say something to people like Mkay who hurt the cause by being racist or Sandra who ironically said people lacked brain cells and in the same sentence said Paul single handedly saved whales from extinction hurts the cause you purport to support. People will be drawn in and read that and be turned off or misinformed. Same with Paul’s lies. Hey kids, you can lie and attack people as long as you’re saving whales. Lost opportunity. Kids can’t watch the show because while it encourages conservation it encourages other bad behavior.

        Sure some people are drawn in but what if those turned off equals those turned on to the cause? Why aren’t you and other SSCS supporters concerned about turning everyone on to the cause? Why is Paul’s ego allowed to get in the way and why is it encouraged by his supporters? There is a detachment seen in Paul and others maybe like you from what many see as morals and concern for the fellow man that is as bad as the detachment you discussed. If you’re looking to draw in only misanthropes or naive people or celebs in it for the press a la Rodriguez, then you’re on the right track. But the oceans are dying. You and Paul have a responsibility to the oceans every day to not only draw people in but to also not turn them away.

        Embrace people like me. Forget the people like romika. People of her ilk aren’t curiously coming to this site or to the show for info on the oceans. Anyway, I can read what she says with a grain a salt. Your message though is also being diluted because you seem unreasonable. I apologize for saying that. As I said earlier to Michael, maybe it doesn’t matter as you “extremists” cancel each other out. Yet maybe if Paul became a man that people who love people and the oceans could respect, maybe then we’d have nothing to talk about. And maybe the people who care most about the oceans are the ones who call Paul out because they see the power he holds and are sad to see him piss it away and hurt the oceans at the same time. Isn’t it hurting the oceans when you push people away and to those like Pete who you believe don’t help the oceans like Paul does?

        Great chatting with you.

      • AnimuX

        So now you’re not satisfied to obsessively focus on Paul Watson’s remarks. You’re widening the net to catch all random comments made by anybody on the internet (to include making your own ad hominem attacks against them). Guess what? It’s all irrelevant.

        There’s no ego getting in the way of Sea Shepherd’s successful campaign against whaling and other industries that threaten to cruelly exploit marine life (no matter how many people try to blow the drama up and out of proportion). The organization has more satisfied contributors today than ever before in its 30 year history because the results are apparent. Even Japanese officials admit that Sea Shepherd has prevented the whalers from reaching their intended quotas for several years.

        Watson doesn’t have to perform like a hand puppet to satisfy his tiresome critics. He’s getting results just fine. In 30 years if Pete is still taking action for environmental causes then he’ll hopefully understand progress is a marathon, not a sprint.

        I support many conservation and environmental groups for different reasons and don’t dedicate my time to breaking them down over some controversial remarks. Regardless, people don’t have to like me or what I have to say either. It’s not about me.

      • psychiatry 101

        KM…the wheels of an operation such as SSCS cannot turn with the wrong type of people in it.

        It is better that SSCS retain the right sort of people and let the others go.

        In my opinion, roughly 80 per cent of the population is slightly mad or indoctrinated to such an extent that they have forgotten how to think.

        The passionate people and the intelligent (rare) people …those within the 20% are like oil on a wheel that make it spin and help that wheel operate to the best of its ability.

        The malcontents, those who have been badly raised, those who have been disconnected with nature all their lives, those who live by advertising telling them what to buy and those who have been told what their priorities in life should be and those with mother/father issues drag an organization down and are like thick black grease that clog the machinery and make it harder for the wheels to turn.

        Malcontents suffer two forms of debilitating psychiatry…superiority complexes and inferiority complexes. Feelings of superiority and / or inferiority can lead to resentment and hostility to those who are seen as being in command. This can lead to role deviancy, which is a kind of subtle passive aggressive stance such as non co-operation with colleagues. In Pete Bethunes case and to a lesser extent Ady Gils’, this has spilled over into something much more direct. It is clear that the only option Paul Watson had was to let these flapping sails go and tighten up the halyards. Paul Watson realized that these were people who were grease on the wheels when what he wanted was the oil.

        You do not want to draw everyone into an organization or send them on a mission…that would create a kind of chaos.

        It is all about quality control.

        Any successful operation or business knows and understands this concept. This is why people spend fortunes getting the right kind of people sitting around the table together.

        You DO want people connected to the cause, are passionate without being a cowboy about it, that know how to work alongside others and keep their own personal gripes to themselves & know the rules of engagement. What you need is the right kind of people doing the right kinds of things for the right reasons.

        This is why Paul Watson came on here with his original post, to clear the decks so to speak.

        It was done so that SSCS can move forward with the business of saving whales with some well oiled machinery.

      • romika3

        ” Even Japanese officials admit that Sea Shepherd has prevented the whalers from reaching their intended quotas for several years”, there lies the problem with this organization. Preventing has not brough about change but has pointed out in a number of articles and posts may have resulted in the halting of change and/or increased the reluctance to change.

      • AnimuX

        What’s hilarious is the way pro-whaling antagonists expect people to believe that after 80 years of violating whaling regulations, Japan is “reluctant to change now because of Sea Shepherd.”

        Japan has historically violated size limits, species protections, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries, all manner of quotas, and even facilitated “pirate whaling” (that’s front companies in foreign countries illegally killing whales in secret and then smuggling the unreported meat back to Japan).

        The International Whaling Commission has passed many resolutions calling on Japan to stop killing whales. Nations all over the world have publicly condemned Japan’s whaling programs. The USA even hit Japan with economic sanctions in 1988 over whaling.

        Jun Morikawa (author of “Whaling in Japan”) has clearly pointed out that Japan’s whaling continues because of entrenched bureaucrats (amakudari) who often leave their offices to take high paid positions in the commercial whaling industry they once oversaw as public officials.

  • km

    Of course I’m widening the net because it was you who raised the issue of people coming to this site and getting the wrong information. If they were to see that supporters, like yourself, do not approve of those remarks it would help the cause. Why would you only attack pro-whalers who hurt the cause? Shouldn’t you attack anti-whalers who hurt the cause? In fact, isn’t that more important or are you willing to tolerate idiocy and racism as long as those people support SSCS and the whalers? Doesn’t that demonstrate a detachment from humanity? Don’t you see how that turns people off to your cause and is fodder for the pro-whalers?

    And to your question about how one man is more controversial…, the answer is so obvious yet I’m sure you’ll chalk it up solely to people being petty or detached from nature. They’re all selfish, petty, and detached from nature because they’re bothered by a liar and someone who attacks other people. Even worse, they have the gall to come on a website and state that. They must really hate whales. Yet, how will you reconcile that with the fact that some of these same people support other groups like Black Fish or Greenpeace and the greater cause in general?

    You can disagree with South Park all you want and say that it demonstrates how popular or successful SSCS is but as the writers stated and maybe it’s a good representation of what some people think but they stated they were anti-whaling but way more against people going out and saying my cause is so justified I can lie about being shot and that that part made them sympathize with the whalers. Eliminate the lying and maybe you wouldn’t get that reaction. It’s so easy. That’s not to say the parody wouldn’t have happened but no lies no being called a liar. No turning people off to your cause and having them side with the opposition.

    But again, all you care about is that Paul is saving whales. And the ironic things is that you come to a site and challenge people and they answer you truthfully and then they are called obsessive for doing that. Don’t say anything. Enjoy the whale saving. Let us talk to ourselves then we’ll look obsessive but as long as you contribute then you’re doing what you accuse me of doing.

    • AnimuX

      What’s truly pathetic is the way certain antagonists often accuse people of racism among other heinous charges in order to skew the argument and demonize their opponents.

      Nearly as pathetic as their thin facade of neutral standing regarding whaling and activism. Like so many other pro-whalers they descend upon every single article about the Ady Gil/Bethune/Watson feud and rouse as much rabble as possible.

      km is having a particularly hard time dancing back and forth from leveling attacks at Paul Watson and attacking everybody else who isn’t playing along with the negative diatribes. All in an attempt to shape his own narrative against SSCS and anti-whaling in general.

      “Say you don’t support Watson! It’s your duty!”, he implies.

      “You should join in my personal attacks on everyone here who supports Watson! It’s for the cause.”, he implies.

      “They all must be detached from humanity!”, he claims.

      “Don’t interrupt me with your opinions!”, he demands.

      Blah Blah Blah Blah

      The only thing you’ve demonstrated here today is your personal intent to repeatedly attack Sea Shepherd, Paul Watson, and their supporters. Your tiresome argument is not original or well designed.

      Thankfully, regardless of antagonists bent on carrying out a protracted negative campaign against SSCS, Watson and his organization will deprive the Japanese whaling fleet of its intended quotas, once again.

      • boo radley

        Anti whalers are not racist, in fact they are trying to save the Japanese people from harm.

        What could possibly be racist about that? The best friends that the Japanese can have is an anti-whaler friend!

        Eating whale meat is dangerous to your health. Anti-whalers do NOT want Japanese people damaging their health.

        Whale meat is riddled with mercury, dioxins, DDT, and PCBs at extremely high, dangerous levels. This same polluted flesh is being fed to Japanese school children in their cafeterias and sold to unwitting families nationwide. Exposure to such high levels of mercury can result in permanent brain and kidney damage. Furthermore, mercury overdose can result in neurological and digestive issues. Studies have found that the whale flesh sold in Japan uniformly exceeds the the 0.4 micrograms/wet g mercury and 0.3 micrograms/wet g methylmercury limit set by the Japanese government.

        “Two main classes of pollutants have been found in cetacean meat: organic pollutants, including Organochlorines such as PCB’s and DDT, which are long-lived chemicals that tend to accumulate in fatty tissues; and heavy metals like Mercury. Heavy metals are not biodegradable. They have long biological half-lives and also accumulate in tissues. Mercury is of the greatest concern as it is transformed in the marine environment to methyl mercury, which makes it even more toxic.

        Toxins accumulate in the marine environment through industrial combustion processes, waste water run off and dumping of garbage, although there are limited natural sources as well. Cetaceans, like humans, are particularly susceptible due to our physiology, primarily due to the presence of fat cells that absorb and store chemicals.

        T here is data that correlates the presence of PCB’s, DDT and Mercury in humans, with learning and cognitive development disorders, weakened immune systems, reproductive failure, cancers and endocrine disruptions. Many PCB’s also are estrogen imitators which make them even more damaging to women, as high levels of estrogen have been linked with various forms of cancer.” – Cetacean Society International;

        “The concentrations of total mercury, polychlorinated biphenyls (PCBs), and organochlorine pesticides (SDDT, dieldrin, hexachlorobenzene [HCB], and SHCH) were determined in 61 whale meat products (bacon, blubber, red meat, liver, intestine, and tongue) purchased from retail outlets across Japan. Mean (range) concentrations of contaminants in all samples were: total mercury 4.17 (0.01–204); SPCB 1.14 (0–8.94); SDDT 0.98 (0–7.46); dieldrin 0.07 (0–0.35); HCB 0.06 (0–0.22); and SHCH 0.07 (0–0.19) µg/g (wet weight). The data were used to calculate estimated daily intakes (EDIs) of contaminants at two hypothetical levels of whale meat consumption. These EDIs were compared with FAO/WHO “tolerable daily intake” (TDI) values for each chemical. EDIs calculated for higher levels of whale meat consumption were in some cases exceptionally high and for many products exceeded FAO/WHO-TDIs for total mercury, PCBs, and dieldrin, with exceedance factor values (EDI/TDI) for total mercury, PCBs, and dieldrin reaching maximums of 175, 5.36, and 2.1, respectively. For sensitive consumers and those with high-level consumption (e.g., whaling communities), exposure to mercury and to a lesser extent PCBs from certain whale blubber and bacon and striped dolphin liver products could lead to chronic health effects. The Japanese community should therefore exercise a precautionary approach to the consumption of such foods in excess, particularly by high-risk members of the population.”

        So please, try and help save the Japanese from the whalers.

        Every time you help save a whale, you are helping to save a Japanese person.

      • Mick

        @boo radley

        “Eating whale meat is dangerous to your health.”

        So is eating albacore tuna.

        “The federal advisory said that nursing mothers and women who are pregnant or may become so should eat no more than 12 ounces of chunk light tuna a week. For solid white albacore, which is higher in mercury, it set a six-ounce weekly limit. Young children, it said, should eat “smaller portions.” No advice was given for men or older women.

        The maximum mercury ingestion the EPA deems safe is one microgram a day for each 22 pounds of body weight. If a 130-pound woman ate as much albacore tuna as the joint federal advisory allows, she would exceed that safe level by 40%.

        If the joint advisory had been available in 2003 and the Davises, following its advice about “smaller portions” for children, had given Matthew just half a can of albacore a week, he still would have consumed 60% more mercury than the EPA can say with confidence is safe.”

      • Michael Raymer

        Ummm, excuse me. Who said anything about albacore tuna? Why is this even being mentioned? We’re talking about whales here. Just like I said above, whenever Mick paints himself into a corner, he changes the subject.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “Why is this even being mentioned? We’re talking about whales here.”

        Once again, Michael demonstrates his inability to read and comprehend english.

        boo radley: “Eating whale meat is dangerous to your health.”

        Why? Because “Whale meat is RIDDLED WITH MERCURY”.

        Mick: “So is eating albacore tuna.”

        Why? Because albacore tuna is RIDDLED WITH MERCURY.

        So, if you think REALLY hard Michael, you might grasp that the subject of the discussion is MERCURY, not WHALES.
        By the way, do you eat a lot of tuna Michael?

      • Michael Raymer

        Hey Mick, you know what else has a lot of mercury? Thermometers. Why don’t you give us all a lesson on how we shouldn’t eat them either. And yet again, you haven’t answered the question. What does this have to do with whales? Since lack of comprehension seems to be contagious around here, I’ll ask again. What does albacore tuna have to do with whales? Can you please answer one question that has been asked of you? What does albacore tuna have to do with whales?

      • imforthewhales

        i think I know …the Japanese are busy wiping tuna from the face of the earth as well.

        I don’t know how much albacore tuna that they eat…but really, they should just stop that as well.

        All of this stuff is making the Japanese sick and as friends of the Japanese we are concerned about them and as friends should encourage them to look after their health.

        So no more whales for the Japanese or albacore tuna.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “What does albacore tuna have to do with whales?”

        Are you really THAT stupid? Okay, to answer your question AGAIN: Both tuna and whale meat contain mercury.

      • Mick


        “I don’t know how much albacore tuna that they eat”

        “ making the Japanese sick”

        It’s Americans who are eating mercury laden tuna and Americans who are getting sick from eating it. If you had taken the time to read the article I linked to, you would know that.

      • David

        “All of this stuff is making the Japanese sick and as friends of the Japanese we are concerned about them and as friends should encourage them to look after their health. ”

        So you support the whaling in the Southern Ocean? I mean the Antarctic whales have lower toxin levels than other whales and lower than most fish, so it is healthier for them to eat Antarctic Minke.

      • boo radley

        Would you like a pie with 50 grams of mercury or just 40 grams of mercury?

    • km

      I said Mkay was racist. Are you going to deny that his/her comments are not racist and therefore make him/her a racist? Accusing a group of people of something is not racist? Perpetuating a myth that a people are responsible for something that they are not is not racism? Did I say anyone else was racist? No, I did not. Did I specifically say that SSCS was not racist? Yes, I did. Did I make any other heinous charges? No, I did not.

      Don’t try what appears to be your usual attack against all the pro-whalers. It doesn’t apply to me. But I guess you are like them. When someone tries to reason with you, then you resort to the same broken record. Nice talking to you.

      • AnimuX

        You can and will probably go on ranting, day and night, but the fact remains you’re here for the singular purpose of demonizing Paul Watson, SSCS, and their supporters.

      • km

        Your point? What if I am pro people that are hurt by SSCS either directly or indirectly? What if I am against lying to children and against racism? What if I say the whales are my clients and that I think your actions ultimately hurt them? Thank you for saying I am not ICR. I actually respected that you corrected Paul on his claim and it is why I thought you would get what I was saying. That he made the claim in the first place, I guess is fine to him, although even you say it’s not true.

      • boo radley

        Calling some-one racist (falsely) has been tried before by the ICR trolls…nothing new there. They just can’t accept that the Japanese need to pack up and go home & leave the whale sanctuary.

        Every time one of the pro-whaler/ pro-sealers peoples on here use the term “racist” they should grab their mommas lipstick and write “I cannot handle the truth” across their foreheads, backwards. Why backwards?

        So that they can read it when they stare at themselves in the mirror.

        Who knows, maybe it will start to sink in?

      • km

        Listen, the editors of this blog removed Mkay’s post. Gee, I wonder why? Perhaps because it was racist? You’re pathetic. I’ll ask Michael to put it out there again and then I’ll wait for your apology. And if Michael says it was because it was racist, does that make him ICR too? What a scam then because then you are indirectly supporting the ICR by posting here. The ICR is everywhere!

  • AnimuX

    Ladies and Gentlemen, you can support the man saving whales in the Southern Ocean right now or you can support those talking about the man saving whales in the Southern Ocean right now.

    Regardless, Paul Watson is in the Southern Ocean saving whales right now and you’re not.

    • christina durling

      no its a group of people not PAUL WATSON saving whales right now thats the point and some cant go and do donate and without that support u have nothing i will continue to support the organization however he needs to stick to the whales and quit bickering and causing all this madness and confusion he is not doing the whales any favors by trying to get in a slander war with pete and ady on facebook if i was caught facebooking like that at my job i would be fired and he is paid (like he should be for that)so do his job then he and ady and pete can duke it out in a private court or something not on a public forum

      • boo radley

        “Projection reduces anxiety by allowing the expression of the unwanted unconscious impulses or desires without letting the conscious mind recognize them.”

        I like this bit.

        Paul Watson has had his reply to the matter and. rightly so. Having to go to court over this whole Ady Gil thing would cost the SSCS money and that means less whales saved.

        So Paul Watson is doing the whales are favor by speaking the truth and laying his cards on the table.

        So do not get upset because Paul Watson was forced to reply. Getting upset might make you feel better because you are anxious, but just remember that Paul Watson and SSCS are doing a fine job down in the Southern Ocean saving whales right now…at the end of the day, that is all that really matters and should make you feel much better about everything.

      • AnimuX

        And here we have the same problem once again. Anthropocentric and egocentric thinking.

        Yes, we know Sea Shepherd has a group of volunteers in the Southern Ocean with Paul Watson. However, you fail to give Watson credit where credit is due. He built SSCS up from nothing, kept it together and growing through many obstacles and has led the group into another whaling season making a measurable impact against Japan’s quotas.

        This has nothing to do with you, or your job, or your opinion on how the organization should be run. SSCS is doing just fine and accomplishing its goals without your negative input. If you think you can do better, let us know what you’re actually up to 30 years from now. Then we’ll see if you’re still complaining from the sidelines or proving your worth with a lifetime of dedication.

      • AnimuX

        And by “us” I mean everyone who experiences the displeasure of reading your tantrum.

      • christina durling

        hmmmm wasnt a tantrum and i did not say anything about paul not doing good things for whales just said stick to the good things stay away from the bad no need to publically try to slay me i have terminal cancer and if i could do more i would unfortunately i can only finacially help with campaigns and I do as for 30 years well i wont have those but at least I can say I did all I could while I was here and I dont appreciate the rudeness i was not attacking anyone even Paul knows that I’m sure and why cant people say something without some going to that nasty level. I am too glad that they are getting things done someone has to. I still feel that private issues of theirs amongst each other should be private

  • Over it

    For Christ’s sake…get over yourselves. Watson I once respected you. Stop acting like an immature teenager. Most of us stopped this “tit for tat” behaviour when we left primary school.

    • psychiatrist 101

      You appear to be having a period of self delusion and self doubt. Embrace your inner self.

      • Over it

        @ psychiatrist 101…And I suggest you’re squeezing your “outer self” just a little too hard.

      • Michael Raymer

        “Most of us stopped this “tit for tat” behaviour when we left primary school.”

        “@ psychiatrist 101…And I suggest you’re squeezing your “outer self” just a little too hard.”

        Most of “us”???

  • imforthewhales

    More stuff just coming in….

    A report from fisheries newspaper Minato Shinbun on Monday, January 24, 2011 discussed a press conference held on January 20 by Kyodo Senpaku, the Japan Whaling Association, and the Institute of Cetacean Research (ICR), where the three bodies outlined the many serious problems facing the whaling industry.

    Kazuo Murayama, the CEO of Kyodo Senpaku and the head of the Japan Whaling Association said “annual sales have decreased 30% during the first half of [2010] (fiscal year)” and mentioned that the JWA’s activities may be decreased as a result.

    The ICR announced that it has reduced the number of its executive directors to one (1).

    Yoshihiro Fujise, who was appointed as the first “proper” (he is a scientist promoted from within the ICR, not a retired FAJ executive) Executive Director of ICR since Nov 30 2010, also explained that

    One more time for the dummies…the financial model of covering the research costs by selling whale meat as a “byproduct” of the research no longer worked.

  • herwin

    what a bloody mess.

    Paul Watson is just brilliant and unique at fighting against the whalers and the other poachers and butchers at sea and the icefields.
    No doubt he is a true hero and an inspiration, thats why people adore him OR hate his guts.

    But OMG why in the world continue these public fights with other people ?
    Why the nasty slurry remarks like :

    “Just over a year ago, neither man seemed to have much interest in a cause that I have been prominently involved in for nearly four decades.”

    so what ?? who cares ?? At least they are now involved !

    “both have zero experience in the field of marine wildlife conservation and it is for this reason that I feel justified in questioning their motivations.”

    WTF ! Ady Gil is a vegetarian and has financially suported other animal issue causes like the Adopt A Turkey campaign from Farm Sanctuary.
    His motives seem pretty clear; the guy is a veggie and wants to support animal rights / conservation issues.

    Okay, i agree with the Pete Bethune issue. There are hunderds of dedicated volunteers who joined Seashepherd. Respect !
    That one guy (Pete B.) after his very first campaign writes a book glorifying himself as mr hero Whale Warrior is, urm, “ego at work” i would say.

    Maybe Paul watson should realise that former friends maybe arent friends anymore but that doesnt mean these former friends are now suddenly the enemy.
    Divorce is always painful but keep the ugly fights to the laywers and private, not public. No good come from it.

  • romika3

    Folks, if you read all these posts do you really believe that SSCS is a CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION? The answer is a clear NO. Regarding “racism” SSCS may not be racist but of you sample historical posts (forums, YouTube etc) you will find a large number of posts that are directed towards the people of Japan rather than the issue. This may be due to the fact that a large support base of SSCS on individuals that have be drawn to the organization by their “terrorist” approach. Whale Wars, YouTube are the way SSCS promotes this.

    • boo radley

      Hey Romika, how are the whaling accounts going? Not looking too healthy? You see, SSCS are out there conserving whales right now…conserving them for future generations…saving them from the pain of a Japanese harpoon. Saving whales from a horrid and bloody death.

      How are they doing this? By getting in the way of the whaling ships, thats how, and this is costing the whalers big money.

      I see sales of mercury tainted whale meat are down 30 per cent too. Mmmm….bad, very bad, for the Japanese whaling interests. They cannot kill whales and they cannot sell whales.

      All that filthy whaling money just going up in smoke. Just stand back a bit will you ? So that i can watch it burn.

      Why don’t you just admit it, that you have lost the whale wars, instead of continuing with your silly nonsense?

      SSCS is on the final chapter in shutting the illegal southern ocean sanctuary Japanese commercial whaling down for good.

      • romika3

        Excuse me, but this post has nothing to do with my post.

      • romika3

        “Why don’t you just admit it, that you have lost the whale wars, instead of continuing with your silly nonsense?” I am not at war as the SSCS beleived they are. (pesude- pirates living thier terrorist fantancies in front of TV cameras). My issue has aways been the methods employed by the SSCS. Thay state that they a conservation organization and have charitable status. Yet they are not what they claim to be. Sorry but those are the facts. By the way, I beleive that a number of posters on this forum are being paid or are working directly out of SSCS offices.

      • boo radley

        Romika3, rest assured that I am not being paid by SSCS or anyone to post here. I would be happy to admit it if that were the case. I am lucky in that I have a great computer with good internet and a strong interest in this issue.

        SSCS tactics, whatever they may be, seem to work.

        Which is great if you happen to be a whale or sympathize with them.

      • romika3

        Boo rickles: Did I say you were being paid!!!, funny you jumped up and said you were not!! How much do you get per post?

      • boo radley

        roadsicka3times, you did not specify exactly who you were talking to, your comment was very open, you were implying that anyone on here (on the anti whaling side of the fence) could be getting paid by SSCS…

        “I beleive (sp) that * a * number* of posters on this forum are being paid or are working directly out of SSCS offices”.

        I simply removed myself from the equation…why you think this is funny I don’t really know.

        Is there anyone on here that you specifically have concerns about?

        PS…believe…’i’ before ‘e’ except after ‘c ‘.

    • AnimuX

      Folks if you read these posts you’ll recognize that romika3 is an admitted baby seal killer from Canada. His career choice of beating baby seals to death with blunt objects has been criticized and protested by Sea Shepherd. That is why he dedicates so much time to denouncing Sea Shepherd.

      What’s most sinister is the way anti-environmental antagonists and industry fronts falsely compare people, who have NEVER attempted or threatened to kill, beat up, take hostage anybody, to real terrorists who murdered thousands of innocent people. These antagonists exaggerate and use words like “terrorist” and “racist” to evoke a negative emotional response in order to demonize environmental activists.

      • romika3

        Animalx, you response has not addressed my post has it? You folks always dodge the question by attacking the poster for redirecting. This along is a RED FLAG.

      • boo radley

        Unfortunately Romika3, your post was rubbish…Animux is simply pointing out why it was a rubbish post and why you posted it. naturally I realized it was rubbish from the first few words, and I also answered the question that you posed in the original which was as follows…

        ” do you really believe that SSCS is a CONSERVATION ORGANIZATION?”

        The answer is of course a resounding yes, and this was expanded upon in my thoughtful reply to you.

      • romika3

        Animalx: AS you have been tolk in the past by me and others, LOOK up the meaning of terrorism.

      • AnimuX

        Throwing stink bombs at a boat is not terrorism romika. No matter how you try spin it.

        Sea Shepherd has never attempted or threatened to kill, beat up or take hostage anybody. They throw stink bombs, not grenades. They shoot cameras, not machine guns.

      • Bob

        OK I’ll come over to your house and toss stink bombs at you then. Good to know you’re OK with it.

        Oh and killing baby seals is illegal in Canada. No surprise you are spreading lies, it’s what we expect from sea shepherd supporters

      • imforthewhales

        Animux is not killing whales though, nor is he inside a whale sanctuary…so why would you do that?

      • AnimuX

        Bob, Sea Shepherd is not throwing anything at anyone’s home.

        They’re physically interfering with a whaling industry as it defies international conventions and resolutions by killing protected whales in an established wildlife sanctuary.

      • Bob

        LOL! Lies, lies, and more lies.

        Japan is in perfect compliance with all it’s international legal obligations. Sea Shepherd on the other hand had one of it’s members convicted of assault last year for throwing a “stink bomb” that caused injury to several people. In 2008 the SS had one of it’s ships confiscated and several of it’s members convicted because of crimes committed in Canada. Here is what the judge said about them:

        “Their behaviour was so egregious it caused seasoned veterans of the sea to fear for their lives,” said Whalen. “No one is saying that the Sea Shepherd Society and its members cannot lawfully protest the seal hunt – they have every right to do that – but they do not have the right to flagrantly ignore the laws of this sovereign nation or endanger the lives of its citizens who are lawfully engaged in earning a living.”

        In other words they are TERRORISTS!!

      • AnimuX

        Unfortunately, pro-whaling antagonists continue to gloss over the long history of Japan’s whaling violations in their attempts to demonize activists.

        Japan is historically guilty of violating many whaling regulations including size limits, species protections, seasonal limits, sanctuary boundaries, all manner of quotas, and even facilitating pirate whaling (that’s front companies with foreign labor killing whales in secret without respect for IWC regulations to smuggle the unreported meat back to Japan’s markets – so much for tradition).

        The same pro-whaling antagonists continue to falsely compare people who have NEVER attempted or threatened to kill, beat up, take hostage anybody, to real terrorists who murdered thousands of innocent people. These pro-whalers exaggerate and use words like “terrorist” and “racist” to evoke a negative emotional response in order to demonize environmental activists and skew the debate away from real issues. Like the fact that three industrialized nations (Iceland, Norway, Japan) have continued to defy and subvert international conventions and resolutions.

      • imforthewhales

        Billy Bob…you had better put the XXX down and wake up from your dopey state of existence. Nice try but Romika3 has already been there done that before you…it just doesn’t work.

  • imforthewhales

    More bad news for the whale meat kings.

    Japan’s credit rating was cut for the first time in nine years by Standard & Poor’s as persistent deflation and political gridlock undermine efforts to reduce a 943 trillion yen ($11 trillion) debt burden.

    The world’s most indebted nation is now ranked at AA-, the fourth-highest level, putting the country on a par with China, which likely passed Japan last year to become the second-largest economy. The government lacks a “coherent strategy” to address the nation’s debt, the rating company said in a statement. The outlook for the rating is stable, S&P said.

    The yen and bond futures fell on concern the downgrade will push up the cost of borrowing for Japan, where public debt is about twice the size of gross domestic product. Vice Finance Minister Fumihiko Igarashi this week said the government must fix its finances to avoid a debt crisis that could trigger a “global depression.”

  • romika3

    So, are you saying that Paul Waston is responsiable for this? It’s an awful big leap, but then in Paul Watson’s book “Earth Force” it instructs his followers to lie and distort the data.

    • imforthewhales

      No romika3, I am not implying that SSCS is responsible for Japans financial woes. Although it may well have added to it by a certain percentage.

      What this means is will make it hard to keep subsidizing the whaling industry, especially if the Finance Minister keeps his promise to tighten the reins across the board.

      • Bob

        So imforthefails, as Japan becomes poorer it will not be able to afford to import food from other countries like Australia and the US. What will they turn to to feed their people? The oceans maybe? You think?

      • imforthewhales

        Yes Billy Bob, they will probably keep trying to take everything from the coeans…they do not have enough land to feed themselves…and groups such as SSCS will be there to stop them from taking everything from the oceans.

  • boo redley

    When is enough enough?

    The Japanese economy is in a shambles and has been for the past decade.

    Q For how long can the wheels of whaling keep turning?

    Q For how long can Japan keep paying overs for a whale meat industry that the people can not afford?

    The people of Japan are heavily in debt to the tune of 11 trillion dollars…and this looks likely to increase by about 5 per cent per year.

    What does a trillion dollars look like?

    • David

      The US debt is over 14 trillion dollars and has been increasing at almost 10% a year. And over 25% of that debt is held by foreign governments (Japan is number 2 on the list of holding US debt), while over 95% of Japan’s debt is held by the Japanese themselves.

      • boo radley

        That may be so David but the Americans are not wasting tax payers money on a commercial whaling enterprise with no future.

        It looks as though the Japanese whaling industry is already cutting costs. All the signs are there that they will continue to cut costs.

        SSCS are making it even more expensive for them to continue.

        Whale meat sales are also down 30 per cent.

        Triple whammy.

        The future is not looking bright for the Japanese whalers.

        What will all the pro-whalers do I wonder?

      • David

        No the US doesn’t spend money on whaling. But they do spend money on plenty of things that many people feel are as useless as you believe whaling is, and US politicians keep promising to cut spending an pork but it has yet to really happen. And I bet the same type of things are going on in just about every democracy on the planet. So why do you believe that it will be any different in Japan and why do you believe that Japanese politicians will act any different than politicians the world over?

  • Mkay

    This remark has been removed due to a violation of our commenting policy.

    • km

      “Like we said before, Paul Watson will do what the US couldn’t finish in 1945! The SSCS will show the world how to slap a jap and make them stop and pay for what they did – something that no other group, even the US, has had the courage to do.’

      And all this time, I thought you were anti-whaling. But since SSCS is involved in whaling and not nuclear bombs, this must mean you are pro-whaling. After all, 1945 was exactly when the US encouraged Japan to whale and even helped them retrofit ships for that purpose. They even sent them to the Southern Ocean. And now the US has reversed its position. And you’re mad at the US for not still helping the Japanese. So effectively you want Paul to change his stance and help the whalers and maybe even donate his ships for that purpose? I’m sure the Japanese are happy to have your support for their whaling. Maybe the AP crew will capture the congratulatory slap you want Paul and crew to give the Japanese government and you could use it as a screensaver. Better yet, maybe they’ll invite you to Japan for the ceremony and the renaming of the Steve Irwin and Bob Barker to Yushin Maru 5 and 6. Woohoo! Luckily the Gojira can retain its name because it’s Japanese already. OMG. That just proves this was always meant to be and now Godzilla will be on Japan’s side. So symbolic.

      My apologies for saying you were a racist. You’re so obviously not. You’re a Japanophile. You love the Japanese! I don’t think the pro-whalers ever considered having SSCS help them. You’re such a visionary.
      Mkay + Japanese people = BFF

    • romika3

      “Paul Watson will do what the US couldn’t finish in 1945! The SSCS will show the world how to slap a jap and make them stop and pay for what they did” This is a clear example how SSCS, its antics, its promotion of terror and terrorist tactics to bring about change, “Whale Wars” as a reality show that supports the use of terror. Watson, have to take a good look at what your organizatoin is doing and what it can bring to the surface. Is the role of a conservation organization? Sorry folks, what I have been stating for years about this organization and others like it is correct. It is time for government (in this case the US) take strong actions against the SSCS. It can begin with the removeal of thier chariatable status. Ask a simple question, how long would you put up with this in your own backyard.

      • AnimuX

        As usual, romika and other anti-environmentalist antagonists are grasping at straws to paint a false narrative. A random person on the internet (who doesn’t represent any group) makes an offensive comment and pro-whaling morons claim it’s evidence that an entire international organization is “racist” or “terrorist” or some other emotionally charged false accusation they’ve been pushing for months or even years.

        All of this is done specifically to demonize environmental activists and skew the conversation away from real issues, like the fact that Japan, Iceland, and Norway have been killing whales in defiance of international conventions for decades.

  • boo radley

    WTF was that all about? Can someone please translate?

    • km

      boo, if you’re referring to Mkay’s comment, I highlighted some of it. It was removed because it was a racist comment. Yet when I call Mkay racist, you and Animux attacked me and demonized me. Let’s see if you’re classy enough to apologize to me for as you said “falsely” calling someone a racist. You two automatically assumed that if I disagreed with Paul or challenged him, I must be lying.

      You also said this to me:

      “Every time one of the pro-whaler/ pro-sealers peoples on here use the term “racist” they should grab their mommas lipstick and write “I cannot handle the truth” across their foreheads, backwards. Why backwards?”

      Animux said this:

      “What’s truly pathetic is the way certain antagonists often accuse people of racism among other heinous charges in order to skew the argument and demonize their opponents.”

      Now, who is it that cannot handle the truth? Who is pathetic? Mkay also wants the SSCS to kill all the Japanese people. Pick your battles wisely. You’re the one who was defending a racist who thinks SSCS is out there for the purpose of decimating a whole race of people and is encouraging it.

      • AnimuX

        As usual, km and other anti-environmentalist antagonists are grasping at straws to paint a false narrative. A random person on the internet (who doesn’t represent any group) makes an offensive comment and pro-whaling morons claim it’s evidence that an entire international organization is “racist” or “terrorist” or some other emotionally charged false accusation they’ve been pushing for months or even years.

        All of this is done specifically to demonize environmental activists and skew the conversation away from real issues, like the fact that Japan, Iceland, and Norway have been killing whales in defiance of international conventions for decades.

      • km

        Ad hominem attacks? You call me a moron or pro-whaling? You can’t stand that someone honest doesn’t support your view of Paul so you demonize them when the proof is below that you are a bold faced liar. I have said TWICE on this page that SSCS is NOT racist:

        km, January 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm

        And I said that SSCS wasn’t racist above. Mkay sure is racist as demonstrated by his/her statement above. I was being nice to you. Aren’t you a gracious fellow!
        Also, one can be against whaling and racist in spite of claiming otherwise. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.

        km, January 26, 2011 at 10:29 am

        So the Japanese take EVERYTHING? Really everything? No other nationality is engaged in fishing or whaling? Those sneaky Japanese disguising themselves as Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans. MKay was right. They can’t be trusted. As MKay has said, they have snuck around EVERY law since WWII. A bat is not enough. After all, they are destroying this planet.
        You are pathetic. I stated that I don’t think SSCS is racist. A listening in reading comprehension may do you well.

  • romika3

    Mr. Watson:I know you monitor this site. Here is a proposition that will take some of the pressure off the whales in the Southern Ocean. The biomass of the Harp Seal, off the east coast of Canada, is predicted to reach 9.5 million animals and growing. This is clearly a sustainable resource, without a doubt. Your concern has always been the harvesting of resource where the full carcass is not utilized.
    As you are well aware the taste seal meat and whale meat are similar but not the same. Approach a reputable sea food processing plant and provide them with a 1 million dollar research grant to develop a seal meat product that will meet the market needs in Japan, replacing a portion of the whale meat market. A similar “mock” crab product was developed a number of years ago using a variety of fish species and is doing very well in the market. Mock whale meat, from process seal meat will help reduce the harvesting pressure on minke whales in the southern ocean. What do you think? Real conservation organizations look for ways and work with partners to reduce pressure on species. Can you do this? Do want to do this? You decide as like you stated “every whale counts”,” I will give my life for one whale”.

    • AnimuX

      I think the baby seal killers in Canada should pay closer attention to the fact that the majority of Canadian citizens want their government to stop supporting one of the most cruel and unnecessary mass slaughters in history.

      Such as those who can clearly point out the industry plans to sell seal meat to China without properly examining the animals for disease. Or the fact that heavy populations of seals do not negatively affect fish populations and, due to beneficial predation, actually help important fish stocks to recover.

      Unfortunately, anti-environmentalist antagonists are hell bent on destroying conservation organizations and their ongoing negative propaganda campaigns can be seen in action right here on ecorazzi.

      • romika3

        “the fact that heavy populations of seals do not negatively affect fish populations” so perhaps you think seals eat popcorn, get with reality.

        “due to beneficial predation, actually help important fish stocks to recover.” Really, where do you get this rubbish myth from??? from a box of Cracker Jacks!!!!

        Here is a video of seals eating cod(filmed Dec. 2010) Watson owes this man $15,000.00 put he won’t pay up.

      • romika3

        “without properly examining the animals for disease” All animals domestic and wild have parasites and disease. This is delt with through quality control at the market end. You folks have been brain washed.

      • romika3

        AnimuX, I have come to learn that you are employed by PETA and have linkes with SSCS.Thus your persistant, cut and past, messages!!!!!

      • AnimuX

        LOL, romika, seriously, I am not employed by PETA or SSCS. You really need to stop drinking. :P

  • romika3

    “Unfortunately, anti-environmentalist antagonists are hell bent on destroying conservation organizations”, Havn’t you heard. The SSCS is not a conservation organizataion. It is an eco-terrorist organization that uses violence and terror tactics to acheieve it goals, selects issues based on their money and media potential and its members are instucted by Paul Watson to lie and distort the data.

    • AnimuX

      This is the lie that romika continues to spew in every single post he makes because he is an admitted baby seal killer from Canada who has been the subject of Sea Shepherd protest.

      Like other anti-environmentalist antagonists, he continues to falsely label people as terrorists who have NEVER killed anybody, beaten anybody up, or taken anybody hostage (and NEVER threatened to either).

      Throwing stink bombs at a boat is NOT terrorism.

      However, when we look at people like the seal hunters of Canada, we can clearly see how violent they are in this video of sealers assaulting activists with the same weapons they use to kill baby seals.

      • romika3

        AnimuX, we all know about the events leading up to this video, taunting, harasment,interference, name calling, degrading slurs by members of the SSCS and then selective editing to make it look like an attack. If this was a real attack those city slickers would not be standing, but kneeling on the ice crying because they got a bleeding nose and a well deserved kick in ths arse.

      • Hufingraz

        No, that was a real attack. I know lots of Newfies(lived with a few of them) and the majority of them are pussies, who would never fight one on one. The only time they act tough, is when there is a group of them and they got a little Screech into them. Just like in this video. They also ain’t the smartest bunch over on the Rock.

  • romika3

    “Such as those who can clearly point out the industry plans to sell seal meat to China without properly examining the animals for disease.” Those work for PETA, HSUS and SSCS. Sorry to burst your bubble.

    • ednakano

      It is better to remove “SSCS” from whale warriors.

  • romika3


    • Michael Raymer

      “Shortly after Chinese and Canadian officials met about importing seal meat and oil, more than 40 Chinese animal protection groups protested the deal, calling it “insulting.” Animal welfare, along with environmental awareness, has been gaining ground in China, and activists are confident that once consumers know the reality behind seal products, they won’t buy into the cruelty.”

      “That’s why animal protection groups are calling on restaurants and consumers to boycott Canadian seafood. The U.S. is responsible for a large enough chunk of exports that the economic impact is sure to get the attention of the fisheries industry and government. The Red Lobster restaurant chain alone is the world’s largest purchaser of Canadian seafood, and one of their suppliers also owns a large seal processing company.”

      “Activists in Asia are working to ensure that seal products remain unwelcome in the Chinese market, and if we can get Red Lobster to join the seafood boycott, it could put enough economic pressure on the industry to end the seal hunt for good.”

      Click on the link if you want to sign a petition.

      • Rob Andrew

        Snore. The last boycott has worked eh? Guess not or we wouldn’t be having this discussion. Hmmm a country of 1.3 billion hungry people who have a vast variety of meats and sea food in their diet are now NOT going to go ahead with the deal? Uhh huh.
        Pork chop anyone?

      • Michael Raymer

        Mmmmmm….pork chops.

        Huh? What? Oh yeah, that stuff we’re talking about. I posted the link so that people could read the story. Maybe China will one day give seal products the boot like the EU did. It starts at the ground level and works its way up. Most avalanches start with a gentle nudge. In all socio-political endeavors, there are people that want the change they want RIGHT NOW! I try to remain realistic. It will take some time but, hopefully, it will happen.

        Isn’t this what you anti-SSCS people keep whining about? The actual residents of a given country are taking it upon themselves to let their feelings be known, peacefully. And you’re still crying about it? Is there anything you’re not going to bitch about?

      • Rob Andrew

        What part of varied meats and sea food didn’t you get? I hardly think they’ll turn down a nutritious and fairly cheap meal. You honestly think that the Chinese government gives a damn about anything outsiders say or dissent from within from a few out of a billion plus people?
        Uhh huh. Go get ‘em cowboy.

      • Michael Raymer

        OK, so we’ve established that there IS nothing you won’t whine about. Glad we cleared that up.

        “Fairly cheap”? Sending perishable goods from the east coast of Canada to China, and then distributing them throughout China is fairly cheap? No, I don’t think I’ll need to “Go get ‘em cowboy.” I think I’ll just sit back and watch.

      • Rob Andrew

        No, we actually established that you are doing the whining. I just have to sit here an interject a little truth to see you start dancing. Thanks for the entertainment.

      • Michael Raymer

        Ooooh, it seems I struck a chord. Were your stubby little fingers trembling when you typed that?

        And what “truth” have you ever attempted, let alone interjected? Here’s some of your truth: “a country of 1.3 billion hungry people who have a vast variety of meats and sea food in their diet”

        Ummm…which is it? How are they hungry with a “vast variety of meats and sea food in their diet”?

        Before you go accusing yourself of “truth”, you may want to try achieving coherence.

      • romika3

        ““Fairly cheap”? Sending perishable goods from the east coast of Canada to China,’ Well, get this I picked a package of frozen cod in a local supermarket and guess what “packed in China”!!!! What’s with you folks? What do you eat everday, you own s–t over and over again.

      • Michael Raymer

        Romika….at what point do you add 2 and 2 together? You have claimed to be in eastern Canada, and I have no reason not to believe you. And in your eastern Canadian supermarket, you’re buying Chinese cod? I mean, not only are they selling it but, YOU’RE buying it?!? This from a guy who keeps asking the rest of us to pull out a hanky for the “common frontline fisherperson”. Not only are you betraying your people, but your own supermarket is spitting in your peoples’ faces. And here you are, thinking you just scored a point on me.

      • romika3

        There is still aq limited cod harvest (quota) here on the East Coast. I expect that that product is Artic Cod that have been harvested in the Bering sea either by Chinese Fishermen or sold to China for secondary processing. The point I was making was that is its possible to market products like seal, fish etc across great distances. As an after thought I take back my comment of reeating s–t back as it really added nothing to my post, it was a slight below the belt.

      • Michael Raymer

        One of the attributes of cod is that it is the best fish in the world for long term storage. It has been sought after for this very trait for centuries (including before modern refigeration). In other words, just because someone is transporting and storing cod cost-effectively, that doesn’t mean the same applies to other marine species.

        In any case, your (and Rob Andrews) comparison doesn’t apply. Americans can afford a higher price tag much more than an average Chinese. There is a reason why jobs and manufacturing get outsourced to China. They don’t get paid squat.

        So, between the difficulties and cost of sending seal products to China, and the work of activists within China to halt this practice, don’t go popping champagne corks just yet.

      • romika3

        “One of the attributes of cod is that it is the best fish in the world for long term storage. It has been sought after for this very trait for centuries (including before modern refrigeration).” You know nothing about the fishery nor the sea. Before modern refrigeration cod was salted and dried and then sent to markets in Europe and the Caribbean. Today many fish products are marketed to Asia including turbot, sea cucumber roe, etc etc. No problem when dealing with seal meat and associated products. An excellent source of protein, no additives, and a lean meat from a sustainable and managed population.

        And perhaps it may take the pressure off the whale meat market in China. The unfortunate thing is that Watson will have to find other fishermen to attack. Perhaps he might turn to attacking cucumber farmers. The cucumber is a managed and sustainable resource, the perfect target for the SSCS (Sea Shepherd Cucumber Society) and what a TV series they could make. Imagine attacking cucumber farms and freeing millions of cucumbers, throwing stink bombs at workers on the salad bars, and phoning families, who use cucumbers in their salads, treating to slice and dice them and their children. A there will be Watson, standing in the middle of all the action, wearing a green cucumber Captain’s suit with a big green cucumber stuck up his ———– (fill in the blank) and drooling.

      • Michael Raymer

        Well, so much for even attempting a civil conversation with you, romika. I’ll know better from now on.

        “Before modern refrigeration cod was salted and dried and then sent to markets in Europe and the Caribbean.”

        No shit, dumbass, that’s what I just said. This site won’t let me draw it for you in crayon, so you have to keep up on your own.

        We’ll see if seal products can be cost effectively shipped and marketed to China. I have my doubts. And since they are a relatively unknown commodity, I have further doubts that they will sell at a profit. Throw in all the people who are in active opposition to this and the fact that China is trying to get with modern sensibilities on the world stage, I’d say you have your work cut out for you.

        As far as your latest rant about Admiral Watson:

        “And if they don’t return, we will be in a position to move our operations to the North Atlantic to once again challenge the outlaw whalers of Norway, Iceland, and the Danish Faroe Islands.”

        Hey, you’ll get your wish. You guys have been pissing and moaning about SSCS not going after the North Atlantic whalers for years now. It looks like you’ll get what you have been asking for.

      • Michael Raymer

        Y’know, I usually don’t double post, even when I’m sorely tempted. But I keep coming back to your second paragraph like a moth to the flame, like a rubber-necker to a train wreck. I keep reading it in utter amazement.

        You honestly don’t know what a sea cucumber is, do you, you freakin’ retard?

      • romika3

        “But I keep coming back to your second paragraph like a moth to the flame, like a rubber-necker to a train wreck. I keep reading it in utter amazement.” glad you appreciate my leap from the sea cucumber to the terrestrial cucumber. Your slipping back into the name-calling mode, bad sign.

      • Michael Raymer

        “The unfortunate thing is that Watson will have to find other FISHERMEN to attack. Perhaps he might turn to attacking CUCUMBER farmers.” (EMPHASIS added)

        OK, why don’t you explain this “leap” of yours. All I see is the ranting of the ignorant. And I’m still waiting to hear more about your heroic “common frontline fisherpersons” buying Chinese cod from the local supermarket. As a matter of fact, I’m still waiting to hear anything at all from your “common frontline fisherpersons”. Why are you the only one here? For all your vitriol and BS accusations, why don’t we ever see others of your type in here? If Admiral Watson and SSCS are so hated in your part of the world, you’d think that your friends and neighbors would be in here backing you up. But all we ever see is you. Why is that?

        Methinks we have a chief with no indians.

      • romika3

        Gee, I can say the same for SSCS supporters. I only see posts from only four or five of the same individuals, nobody else, no body of any reputation in the areas of marine conservation, population dynamics, social or cultural science. (except myself). Maybe I am more than one, ever think of that, just like a split fish, two sides or perhaps a herd of harp seals trained to remember only one password and to cut and paste with one flipper tied behind their back. All pissed off at the ecosystem (laying around on the ice doing nothing but eating and reproducing) because they want to be more that they are, a pair of seal skin boots, a jacket wrapped around a sweet babe, a bottle of seal oil tablets hanging out in a cupboard, or perhaps a flipper pie being eaten in the middle of a Saturday night “time”. Image 9.5 million seals giving Watson the “flipper finger”

      • Michael Raymer

        Still waiting for an answer Romika.

      • romika3

        “OK, why don’t you explain this “leap” of yours” in fear of leaving you lying awake every night for the rest of the winter and staring at the ceiling wondering, in a cold sweat, the rational of the leap between whales and cucumbers here is the answer. There is no answer, it was a fly and you took it like a trout, hanging on and playing with in your mind for days. Now perhaps you can get a good nights rest.

      • imforthewhales

        Romika3, are you related at all to seacumbers?

  • km

    So it doesn’t get lost, Animux has accused me of the following:

    “AnimuX, January 29, 2011 at 3:30 pm
    As usual, km and other anti-environmentalist antagonists are grasping at straws to paint a false narrative. A random person on the internet (who doesn’t represent any group) makes an offensive comment and pro-whaling morons claim it’s evidence that an entire international organization is “racist” or “terrorist” or some other emotionally charged false accusation they’ve been pushing for months or even years”

    He did so because I called an SSCS supporter a racist for posting racist statements. Statements that were apparently so inappropriate that the editor of the site removed them twice. By my calling a racist a racist, Animux has accused me of calling SSCS a racist organization despite the fact that I have twice stated on this page that the organization is not racist. I have pasted my comments below. I have no doubt that if Animux replies to this post then he will continue ranting and raving about people who come to a gossip site to reply to a post by Paul about Paul. Apparently you are only safe from his wrath if you worship Paul. Because if you disagree with him or are critical of Paul or question his claims, Animux will call you a liar even when presented with the truth. And he’ll call you names.

    “km, January 26, 2011 at 3:57 pm
    And I said that SSCS wasn’t racist above. Mkay sure is racist as demonstrated by his/her statement above. I was being nice to you. Aren’t you a gracious fellow!
    Also, one can be against whaling and racist in spite of claiming otherwise. The two aren’t mutually exclusive.”

    “km, January 26, 2011 at 10:29 am
    So the Japanese take EVERYTHING? Really everything? No other nationality is engaged in fishing or whaling? Those sneaky Japanese disguising themselves as Americans, Australians, Canadians, Europeans. MKay was right. They can’t be trusted. As MKay has said, they have snuck around EVERY law since WWII. A bat is not enough. After all, they are destroying this planet.
    You are pathetic. I stated that I don’t think SSCS is racist. A listening in reading comprehension may do you well.”

  • Over it

    Take a look at all the posts in response to this article…everyone has conflicting ideas of who is right or wrong but I’m sure every single person who has posted has a common interest in the cause of marine conservation. No-one has a copyright on championing this cause, and no two people go about things the same way. The army, navy and air force are completely different outfits but in times of war they all contribute to the effort in their own way. How about we celebrate those differences and direct our energies to furthering the cause, instead of wasting energy on petty bickering?

    • Michael Raymer

      I suggest you actually look “at all the posts in response to this article”. “Every single person who has posted” has no common interests at all.

      • herwin

        @ Over It.
        brilliant suggestion, would do a lot of good for the anti whaling movement.
        @ Mick. your really have to respond (and disagree) to ALL posts, don’t you ? Even this simple post from a new poster who simply wants that diferences be put aside and focus on the anti whaling and the dolphin killings, instead of bickering and tit for tat stuff.

      • Mick


        “@ Mick. your really have to respond (and disagree) to ALL posts, don’t you ? Even this simple post from a new poster who simply wants that diferences be put aside and focus on the anti whaling and the dolphin killings, instead of bickering and tit for tat stuff.”

        herwin, that was Michael Raymers’ post, not mine.

      • Michael Raymer


      • herwin

        @ Mick :-P sorry !

      • Mick


        “sorry !”

        No problem.

  • Bob

    Oh here’s a big surprise. Turned out Paulie was lying when he said he was going to prevent the Japanese from refueling.
    This season is the same as all the others. Watson wasting millions of dollars on ships, helicopters and fuel and accomplishing nothing for conservation. Once again he has risked the lives of innocent seamen to create a reality show for gullible Americans. And once again he has failed to stop whaling. Nothing surprising to anyone who has come to see Paul Watson for the compulsive, pathetic liar he is. We are not going save the planet if we keep wasting a kings ransom every year supporting worthless charlatans. We have to start directing our efforts to the real conservationists and the real conservation causes.

    • imforthewhales

      good onya Bob…more pro sealer BS.

    • Wes Muller

      He is a liar! I enjoy the show, but at times I cringe from seeing all the wasted time, money, and effort spent on their campaign. It seems like no one in the crew knows anything about sailing. I liked Bethune because he was the only aggressive one. I also liked the helicopter pilot because he seemed like the only true professional on the show. I’m sorry Mr. Watson, if you actually did get shot with a bullet that lodged in your kevlar vest, the impact would have left some serious bruising, broken ribs, etc.

  • romika3

    Well folks, it looks like this season has been an epic fail for the SSCS. A survey of the internet, in particular YouTube and other social media indicates a major turn down in SSCS traffic. Copyright issues, the “terrorist” flag and perhaps disinterest on the part of the youth who thrived on the projected violence have impacted on the SSCS presence on YouTube. SSCS failure to create an “incident”, similar to their orchestrated sinking of the Ady Gill in 2010, has resulted in minimum media coverage and limited footage for “Whale Wars”. With exception to the odd chase by an inflatable this year’s series will be show of much about nothing. In fact, recent events in Arizona and the continued discussion around the link between government and NGO’s validating the use of violence to bring about change coupled with a “toning” down in the media may see the end of “Whale Wars”. What is even more disconcerning is the SSCS falling for the “big chase” blowing thousands of dollars to donor money up the stack of three boats as bunker sea or diesel fuel. Their carbon footprint is definitely significant. There is no doubt that there are management issues that relate to the harvesting of whales in the southern ocean and in other parts of the world, but having a bunch of “pesto-pirates” bobbing around in the ocean pretending to make a difference is not the way. The conservation movement no longer has room for organizations that use violence and demonization of people and culture to attain their goals

    • imforthewhales

      How do you feel now, romika3? Still feelin’ confident?

      • romika3

        My post has nothing to do with “feelings” they are the facts plain and simple.

  • Mick

    The ICR has issued a new press release.

    “At about 0910JST at least two of the wire ropes entangled in the YS3’s propeller.
    At 0928JST the YS3 sent a Mayday signal. The attack continued for a number of hours despite the
    mayday call. No attempt was made by the SS vessels to assist.”

    • Michael Raymer

      Yeeee-Hawwwww!!! It’s about time these prop foulers worked! A lousy season just got worse for the whalers. Unless the crew has a means to disentangle the props, the Yushin Maru #3 will have to be towed by one of the other whaling vessels. And since they can’t pull into Australia, they have an even longer way to go. This year is and will be a financial disaster for the ICR, who is already in deep trouble.

      Wanted: One fat lady with singing talent. Horned cap optional.

      • Mick

        @Michael Raymer

        “A lousy season just got worse for the whalers.”

        You do realize that disabling a ship at sea is a serious crime, don’t you?
        Not to mention continuing to attack a ship after it issues a Mayday call, is beneath contempt.

      • Michael Raymer

        And that is just too effing bad. You guys keep using the line that SSCS tactics just makes the ICR dig in its heels. Well look at what they stepped in now. Or, to put it another way, if you’re looking for sympathy, it’s in the dictionary between shit and syphilis. Prop fouling is not a new tactic. SSCS has been attempting it for years. So acting all shocked and shaken now that it has finally (FINALLY) succeeded isn’t going to do it for me. If your boyz have that much of a problem with it, they can stay home.

        Your boyz kill whales. They kill mama whales, they kill papa whales and they kill baby whales. They hide behind their bogus “Research” claim. They have employed concussion grenades. They have used an LRAD on a helicopter in flight. They intentionally rammed the “Ady Gil”, seriously jeopardizing the lives of the people on board. Cry on someone elses’ shoulder. Payback is a bitch!

      • imforthewhales
    • romika3

      An fouled prop in a storm can prevent a vessel from either quartering the waves or hoving to. The abilbity to do this can =lead to the foundering of the ship. The SSCS is an eco-terrorist organization employing terror and terrorist tactics.

      • imforthewhales

        Where would you hove to too in the Southern Ocean?

        I think that preventing the YM3 from quartering the waves is the general idea?

    • imforthewhales

      Awesome…one down , two to go.

  • Michael Raymer

    Ah, the plot thickens:

    “The Yushin Maru No. 3 deliberately turned into Sea Shepherd Conservation Society’s ship the Gojira today in an attempt to ram and destroy the fast multi hulled vessel skippered by Captain Locky MacLean.”

    “Both vessels were on a parallel course, with the Yushin Maru No. 3 on the starboard side of the Gojira. Suddenly the Yushin Maru No. 3 made a hard turn to their port in an attempt to disable the Gojira.

    Captain MacLean saw this in time to hit the throttle, effectively avoiding collision with the Yushin Maru No. 3 with the stern of the Gojira by a mere 10 feet.”

    “Delta boat operator Chad Halstead narrowly avoided being injured when one of the whalers threw a bamboo spear at the boat crew. Sea Shepherd crew recovered a few of these potentially lethal bamboo spears.”

    “With the Bob Barker escaping their grasp, the Yushin Maru No. 3 issued an international distress signal saying they were under attack by Sea Shepherd ships the Bob Barker and the Gojira. However, the Bob Barker was over seven miles away when the whalers issued their distress signal.

    Both the Bob Barker and the Gojira acknowledged the distress signal and radioed the Yushin Maru No. 3 to inquire as to the nature of their distress. They were radioed three times in Japanese and in English but refused to reply.”

    “Despite the fact that Sea Shepherd responded to the distress from the whalers and recorded and monitored this acknowledgment, the Institute for Cetacean Research issued a media release accusing Sea Shepherd of not offering assistance when in fact assistance was offered three times.”

    Soooo, Mick…..what excuses would you like to make this time? And what’s with these bamboo spears that the whalers have now resorted too? Let’s talk about these “serious crimes” of yours. You do realize that intentionally trying to ram a ship is illegal, don’t you(not that New Zealand or Australia is going to bust anyone for it)?

    Hmmm… for all this talk about people lying, it seems that the ICR has just LIED to you. How about some of that patented Mick-indignation over that!

    Sleep tight pookie.

    • romika3

      All SSCS press releases are questionalbe. In Paul Wastons book “Earth Force” he instructs his members to lie and distort the data.

      • imforthewhales

        The Captain of the YM3 is the same dude that was behind the wheel when the SM2 sliced Ady Gil in half and sending it to the bottom of the Southern ocean last commercial whaling season.

        It is clear that the Captain of the YM3 is not fit to hold a Captains licence and must be arrested immediately and tried for attempted murder.

      • romika3

        “the SM2 sliced Ady Gil in half and sending it to the bottom of the Southern ocean last commercial whaling season” here is an example of how members of the SSCS distort truth (facts), the Ady Gil accelerated into the Japanese whaling ship, it was not sliced in half, its bow (1/8 of the vessels length) was sheared off and it was Paul Watson who sent the Ady Gil to the bottom to increase media coverage and the bleed money from the pockets of youth, who are attracted by the SSCS promotion of violent to bring about change and boster tee shirt sales.

      • Michael Raymer

        “All SSCS press releases are questionalbe.”

        How “questionalbe” are they when they have independent film crews onboard, recording everything that happens? Not to mention the video evidence provided?

        The ICR is doing the lying. And they suck at it.

      • km

        Michael, not to defend the whalers but are you sure the SSCS are not lying too? Are you willing to stake your credibility on that? What if these “potentially lethal spears” turn out to be just sticks? SSCS lied about the Shonan Maru not answering the Ady Gil distress call. And about the shooting. I’m not saying they’re lying now but they have lied in the past, even with an “independent” film crew.

        I don’t believe everything from either side and I’m surprised any reasonable person would. You’re taking romika’s bait.

      • Michael Raymer

        km, if you want to remain fixated on the alleged shooting, that is your perogative. I have clearly stated several times that I have moved on. I will let you drag me back for just one moment with a question: How do you KNOW that he was lying about it? You seem to be certain of this. Please show your proof.

        “Just sticks”? Let’s see how you feel about someone throwing “just sticks” at you while merely standing on dry land. Now let’s see how you feel about it when onboard a small craft, moving at high speed over freezing water. And these “just sticks” were recovered by the SSCS small boat crew. So we’ll see these “just sticks” when the new season is aired.

      • km

        You’re correct about my being flippant in my comment as to them being “just sticks” but that doesn’t make them “spears” either.

        As to the shooting, fine. I can’t prove he wasn’t shot but I am willing to stake my credibility on the fact that he was not. That’s not the point though. More to the point is I don’t believe all the ICR prints is true and all the SSCS is false.

        Michael, I’m not the enemy and I’m not attacking you. If you consider what I wrote, you’d see that. If I could have phrased it better then I apologize.

      • km

        One more thing, the shooting accusation is a big issue to me. Accusing someone of violating laws by killing whales and accusing them of corruption are one thing but likely falsely accusing someone of attempted murder is very different. And having your crew go along with it makes it that much worse.

      • romika3

        “How “questionalbe” are they when they have independent film crews onboard, recording everything that happens? Not to mention the video evidence provided?” There the video does support the statement that the SSCS uses terror and terror tactics.

      • romika3

        ““Just sticks”? Let’s see how you feel about someone throwing “just sticks”, not differnt than throwing glass bottles full of acid.

      • imforthewhales

        The nut job crazy goon that they have put behind the wheel of the YM3 clearly attempted murder on the crew of the Ady Gil…he should be thrown into jail and the key thrown away.

        Thank heavens the YM is now dead in the water. The nut-job’ s wings have been clipped.

      • Michael Raymer

        km –
        First, I’m not saying or thinking that you are attacking me so, let’s put that one to rest.

        I think you need to watch the first season of Whale Wars again. I never got any impression that the crew was coerced to go along with the shooting story. If anything, Peter Brown (the one guy above all else who would be in Admiral Watson’s pocket) seemed skeptical about it. And let’s keep in mind that the actual bullet was turned over to Australian Police. Pretty ballsy thing to do if you’re faking it. Again, I’m skeptical myself, but without further evidence that he was lying, I have to make the assumption that he was telling the truth. I would give you or anyone else the same respect and benefit of the doubt.

        I would also remind you that the alleged shooting took place during a concussion grenade attack. Why is it so hard to believe someone might have taken a pot shot at Watson, when they are already resorting to such methods? And I’ll tell you this from personal experience, TV and film cannot and does not do the power of an exploding concussion grenade justice. If you are in a position to attend a police or military demonstration, and they are going to demonstrate one of these, you’ll see (and hear and feel) what I mean. From there, making the leap that some disgruntled crew member (these guys aren’t exactly Rhodes scholars and librarians) stuck his gun out a porthole is not implausible.

      • km

        I guess anything is possible and you bring up good points. It does

        I understand that you are against whaling and you support any actions by SSCS to stop whaling but because of that do you think these men on the ships are bad people capable of murder? I find harpooning whales no more offensive than hunting deer or, sorry to say, eating meat. Do you see their use of LRADs and concussion grenades as indicative of them being evil people? Is that worse than fouling propellers or throwing bottles? How would you have them defend themselves? The people on the ship are doing what I assume they see as legal, meaning whaling, and they are being harassed by a group that’s trying to disable their ship. I am by no means defending whaling and what may be bogus research but I can separate that from what I see as realistic and reasonable given the circumstances.

        I may not be explaining this well because it sounds like I’m defending them when I’m really trying to understand your perspective of them and why our opinions differ so much and hopefully lend some insight as to why I find the lies and characterizations by Paul so problematic. And that is that rather than the actions taken by him that are an issue for me. It seems like anything they do is wrong and unreasonable and anything SSCS does is okay and reasonable simply because the whalers are killing whales and that is wrong to you and perhaps illegal. Is it that you believe they are violating the law and SSCS has a right to do whatever they want? If so, what happens if the ICJ finds in Japan’s favor? I question the legality but, as to the whalers themselves, I assume they are led to believe it is legal and that SSCS is interfering with a legal operation. SSCS harasses, albeit somewhat peacefully, the dolphin killers in Taiji and that most certainly is legal.

        I may have gone off on a tangent but bottom line to me is save whales if you want. Throw bottles or whatever and deal with LRADs or whatever but don’t misrepresent or mischaracterize what you do or what others do. It doesn’t save any more whales and instead just foments hatred and validates lying.

        I usually am a person of few words but I very much want to understand your thinking that I feel like I have to explain mine way too much to see if any of it resonates with you.

      • Michael Raymer

        km, there’s a new thread up and this one has grown gi-normous. I’ll pick this up over there.

    • romika3

      Analysis of the attached video suggests that a mop handle was thrown at the SSCS inflatable. This scene will surely become the center piece of this seasons “Whale Wars” perhaps attracting the sponsorship of a floor wax company.

      • imforthewhales

        They are obviously sharpened punji sticks…perhaps they have been poisoned (?) these were in widespread use during ‘ Nam. Highly dangerous military grade weapons and thus a direct violation of the Antarctic treaty which forbids the use of punji sticks and other military weapons. One of the SSCS crew members nearly lost an eye!

      • romika3

        Looks like we are going to have to lock up our broom and mop handles in the gun cabinet as they are now classified by Paul Watson as military grade weapons. Wow what a great distortion of the truth.

      • Michael Raymer

        ” they are now classified by Paul Watson as military grade weapons.”

        Where does he classify them as military grade weapons? Where?

        We all see where romika gets his expertise about lying and liars. The man is a Ph.d in “distortion of the truth”.

      • romika3

        “Where does he classify them as military grade weapons? Where?” from you sir and are you not a puppet of Paul Watson?

      • Michael Raymer

        Ah, another question not answered by romika. Well played young man, well played.

      • imforthewhales

        Punji sticks…made of bamboo…were in widespread use during the Vietnam war and were a favorite weapon of the Viet Cong and the soldiers from the South.

        Thus, bamboo sticks have been used in war.

        Of course, you guys might know this from scenes out of Rambo, first blood.

        They may also have been used by the Japanese Samurai.

    • Mick

      @Michael Raymer

      “Ah, the plot thickens”

      Only for idiots, such as yourself.

      As to the alleged “ramming” attempt. watson has provided no evidence of that. The photos posted on the SS website depicting the bow of the YM#3 a “mere 10 feet away” from the Gojira were taken when the G was passing in front of the YM#3 during their attacks on the ICR ship. Videos and photos posted on the ICR’s website confirm this.
      As for the so-called “spear”. The YM#3 was moving very slowly. The SS zodiac boat was within feet of the YM#3 and a SS crewmember was raising some kind of weapon to attack the crew of the YM#3. A bamboo stick was thrown at the boat to ward of their attack. Due to the slow speed of the YM#3 this attack by the SS zodiac was after the props had been fouled and after the distress signal was issued. The video posted on the SS website supports this.
      The ICR press release clearly states that the YM#3 was under attack by two zodiac boats from the BB. It doesn’t matter how far away the BB was. Boats from the BB attacking the YM#3 constitute an attack by the BB on the YM#3.
      Photo’s on the ICR website clearly show the G attacking the YM#3 after their props had been fouled and the distress call was made. A good way for SS to give assistence would have been to stop attacking them.

      • Michael Raymer

        Hey everyone! Look! Mick just called me an idiot. And apparently he did it from the deck of the Yushin Maru #3. Either that or he’s a card carrying member of romikas’ Super-Sleuth Spy Network. Oops, I meant “contact”. Sorry, I didn’t see the decoder ring. Such an insightful analysis.

        Whine all you want, the whalers are on the ropes. Again I say that this year will be a disaster for them and hopefully it will be the last that we see of them in the Southern Ocean Whale Sanctuary.

      • imforthewhales

        The Japanese illegal whalers need to pack up whats left of themselves and go back home to japan..and take their bamboo spears with them.

  • romika3

    imforthewhales is the last of the paid “internet posters” hired by Paul Watson and the SSCS. According to an inside source the others have been let go for the season as there is little traffic on the net regarding the foolishness of the SSCS.

    • imforthewhales

      Lol @ romika…I am no troll, and as for Paul Watson paying me…I wish..

      I just come back here for a bit of a laugh at the pro-whaling propoganda, see what you guys are up to, and making sure that you will be alright when the end time comes.

  • AnimuX

    romika, the admitted baby seal killer from Canada, is just upset that no unarmed activists have been murdered lately. You see, despite all of his bullshit accusations about “eco-terrorism” the fact is that supposedly super-violent environmental activists have never killed anyone for their causes.

    A fact that contrasts with the numerous activists who have been brutalized and murdered over the years by poachers, governments, and industries.

    Just take a look at this video of truly violent, terrorist-like seal hunters in Canada attacking activists with the same weapons they use to brutally bash in the skulls of baby seals.

    • romika3

      So, what are you trying to say?

  • Joseph

    Lets stick to saving the dolphins and whales…. Thank you : ) …. That is what im here to do

  • Joseph

    Honestly I’m not interested in all this other stuff, please lets stick to saving these animals and get them out of captivity… That is priority number one to me

  • Elizabeth Sumner

    Sea Shepherd needs applauding,mankind think they own all life forms to do as they wish with them,yet mankind wants to live forever,but willingly destroys other species with no thought, I do not eat anything that had eyes, a brain,fins or feet. I live im strong, we do not needs cadavas that’s what they are dead. Im ashamed to be part of the human race. Kill a human and you go to jail,murder millions of birds,sheep,lambs,calves,etc,etc,etc, nobody says a word. DISGUSTINGLY CRUEL NO CONCERN Mankind wants big shake up.Look we ALL die, we have NO right to take any life. Cows at the abbatoirs cry for their calves I know as I have saved many from death,and horses etc.I don’t own any land But I love ALL of Gods animals.poor fish suffer terribly.