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The Food Network’s Cupcake Wars pits cupcake against cupcake in a battle to win $10k and the opportunity for bakers to showcase their sweet treats at a one-of-a-kind gig. Last season, 23-year-old vegan chef Chloe Coscarelli won the prize money and catered an A-list party hosted by OK! Magazine, and now another set of vegan bakers are set to compete!

The deal is that each week on the show, four of the country’s top cupcake bakers compete in three challenges until just one decorator remains (and wins!). And now Sticky Fingers bakery, located in Washington, DC, is set to compete with their vegan sweets.

And it’s no wonder, with 100% vegan cupcake options like Cookies ‘N Cake, Peanut Butter Fudge, and Almond Creme. Yummy!

According to VegNews, Doron Petersan, co-owner of Sticky Fingers, said, “Vegan can be just as good if not better. So it was really exciting for us, and we took the opportunity very seriously.”

The judges of the competition will be Candace Nelson (owner of Sprinkles Cupcakes), Florian Bellanger (chef and co-owner of online macaroon company MadMac), and a guest judge. And past prize gigs have ranged from celebrity golf tournaments to star-studded parties.

Whether a special Ace of Cakes anniversary celebration, a star-studded magazine party or an A-list celebrity golf tournament, these Cupcakes Wars really heat up.

The episode featuring Sticky Fingers is set to air on March 8th, 2011, and we know who we’ll be cheering for!

  • Elizabeth

    Cupcake Wars did feature a partially vegan bakery once, Sugar Cupcakery from Cincinnati. When the owner mentioned they were 100% organic and had many vegan offerings, one of the other contestants rolled his eyes and made fun of her. It was ridiculously. Glad to see another vegan option on the show. Hope they win!

  • km

    I think vegan treats are tastier than regular treats and not just because they’re vegan. They are sweet without being too sweet. I don’t bake but whatever is used in place of whatever non sweetening agent out there is just flat out better. Anyway, this is great news. I love that vegan is becoming more and more mainstream and that the vegan alternatives are getting tastier and tastier. It’s not so great for the waistline but it’s good for the animals!

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