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Woody Harrelson‘s commitment to an eco-friendly lifestyle is no mystery: the Cheers star is a die-hard vegan and has taken on many environmental projects in the past, including a poker tournament to promote hemp-based biodiesel. Now, Harrelson is championing the rights of a group of chimpanzees.

The subjects of the debate are 186 chimps used by the National Institutes of Health for testing of various products and procedures. The chimps were due to be moved from an animal sanctuary to a medical lab until Harrelson, along with PETA, intervened.

In a letter to the NIH, Harrelson wrote: “These aging chimpanzees… have endured decades of violence and torment, having been used in everything from space experiments to high-velocity seat belt tests. Only in the last few years have they enjoyed bedding, fruit, toys, the touch and companionship of other chimpanzees, and freedom from the knife. Will you please return the 14 chimpanzees… to these simple pleasures and allow them to continue the rehabilitation that they have more than earned?”

Harrelson’s letter must have made an impact, as the NIH canceled the move and will perform an investigation to “reassess the scientific need for the continued use of chimpanzees.” Maybe the NIH heard the stories about his encounters with paparazzi “zombies” and figured it would be best to listen to what he had to say.

  • don miguelo

    Ok that’s amazing. Rarely is heard such a swift eco-victory on the 1st letter…I am impressed and SO HAPPY these chimps will be saved from that torture, as well as others in the future!

    Now that’s something to really be proud of.

  • georgina

    He may be a little wacky but i love this Twinkies-eating-zombie-slayer man.
    About the Alamogordo chimps, yes, definitely a reason to celebrate for now. Still have to wait on the results of the NIH investigation which i hear could take up to two years, but for those two years the 186 chimps do not have to worry about being the subjects of painful testing that does nothing good to them or humans. The other 14 that were taken…that is extremely sad but hope they are returned to spend their time with the rest of the chimps.

    Ahhhh chimps…
    Ahhhh Woody…

  • Evlin Lake

    YEAH!!!! I LOVE YOU WOODY HARRELSON!!! Thank you for giving animals a voice! You enlightened genius you!!!